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How to Fix a Canon Printer That Won’t Stay On

How to Fix a Canon Printer That Won’t Stay On

Using a Canon printer comes with its own share of issues and problems. If you have a Canon printer at home, you know exactly what I am talking about – having the printer shut down as soon as you switch it on can be confusing and irritating. This raises the question – what can you do with a Canon printer that refuses to stay on?

When your Canon printer doesn’t stay on, you can do a couple of troubleshooting checks to catch the problem. Sometimes this happens if configurations are off or if the adapter and the power cord are not functioning correctly. In most cases, you can fix this issue by checking the connection to the power source or a lack of voltage. 

In most cases, taking a look at these areas will solve your problem. However, in the rest of this article, we will show you how you can do that and fix the issue at hand. If your issue is not fixed by the end of this article, we recommend that you talk to someone from Canon support or visit your local repair shop. 

How To Fix A Canon Printer Not Staying On

In order to fix any issue with your Canon printer, the best way to approach the problem is to try and find the cause. By knowing what is causing the issue, you can take care of the disruption and bring your Canon printer to the functioning you know and love. 

Issues With the Power Button

Sometimes, your printer won’t stay on because the power button isn’t functioning as it should. In some cases, this can happen because you pressed the power button too hard. At other times, you might run into this issue if you keep pressing the power button for an extended period. However, then you can resolve this issue by restarting the printer. Here’s how: 

  1. Unplug your Canon printer from the power source and your computer.
  2. Leave the printer for about a minute or so.
  3. Plug the cables back in, and then switch on your Canon printer.

Troubleshoot The Power Cord


Another common culprit that can affect how your printer functions are the power cord. The purpose of this cord is to keep your printer in a stable connection with the power source. Since printers aren’t typically battery-operated, you need to maintain this connection for the printer to work. If the power cord isn’t functioning well, you will be unable to use the printer and have documents ready. 

To check and see that the power cord is not at fault, first make sure the connection is secure. Sometimes power switches can keep moving if they aren’t fitting correctly within the main power plug. The next thing to look for is damage. Printer cables are usually pretty long-lasting, but they can sustain damage like any other cable. If there is damage, you will need to either replace the cord or repair it as soon as possible. 

Check Power Supply Requirements

If there is nothing wrong with the cable itself, the problem here could be your plug. In some cases, you might be using a printer connected by a power extension. Since most printers will work best when connected to a wall plug, you might want to try that out. 

The reason this can affect the printer’s ability to stay on is that each printer has its own power requirements. For example, there may be low voltage coming through the wall plug, which means the printer cannot sustain enough power to stay on. To learn about your printer’s power requirements, you can check the instruction manual. You will typically get an instructional manual when you purchase the Canon printer. 

Check The Printer Adapter 

One of the final reasons you may not think about is the adapter on your Canon printer. Any issues with the adapters on your Canon printer can lead to it having trouble staying on or printing anything out for you. Canon offers two types of adapters that you can get with the printer- either an external or a built-in adapter. 

The external adapter can be removed and replaced. However, you cannot access and replace the built-in adapter. If you suspect that there is an issue with your external AC adapter, you have the option of replacing it. If the problem goes away when you replace the external adapter, it means when you replace it, your issue will be gone. Finally, try restarting the printer and see if it works anymore. 

Contact Customer Support

If none of the steps we have gone through above seem to help, you only have one more option to explore. This is to contact Canon customer support. In some cases, the issue at hand is because of an internal mechanical or firmware issue. 

No matter how much you poke around at the power outlet, it just might be that the printer has seen some damage. Faulty wires can sometimes also cause an issue like this. However, in that case, it is always a better idea to contact customer support. 

The representatives might help you troubleshoot some more, or they may ask you to come to a service center. At the service center, they can adequately go in and address the errors affecting your Canon printer. In extreme cases, customer support might tell you the printer is facing too much damage and cannot be repaired. In this case, your only option is to replace this printer with a new option. 


Hopefully, after reading through this article, you are aware of a way to resolve your issue. Remember to always follow the Canon printer’s power and energy configuration guidelines. Always use the appropriate power outlet, and don’t let any damage get near the cables and wires. With all of these preventative steps, you can avoid running into an issue that will take you to the point of no return with your Canon printer.