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How to Fix an AirPod Case that Won’t Close

How to Fix an AirPod Case that Won’t Close

One of the biggest benefits of buying Apple’s AirPods is that you do not have to connect the earbuds right into the wall to charge. Instead, using its handy carrying case, not only can you keep yourself from losing them, but they charge while stored inside, too. But what if the accompanying case won’t close properly?

If your AirPod case won’t close, this is typically because something is stopping the magnets from connecting. This could be anything from dog hair to small particles of dust. If your case doesn’t close, you can use compressed air to blow away any debris.

Typically, an Apple Airpods case won’t close for a few reasons. Some of these are:

  1. Dust or debris on the magnets.
  2. The Airpod ports are obstructed in some way.
  3. Rough use has caused physical damage to the case.

There could be other reasons why your AirPod case won’t close. If it was dropped from a significant height or the magnets do not match up, these issues could also prevent the case from closing, as well. Read on to learn more about fixing your AirPod case and what options you have if you cannot remedy the issue.

Why Won’t My AirPod Case Close?

Here, you can read about some possible reasons why your AirPod case won’t close and what you can do to address the issue.

Dust on the Connective Magnets

For the AirPod case to close (and charge your devices), there cannot be any dust particles on the connective magnets. Apple says that even the smallest speck of dust, dirt, or hair can protect the case from closing all the way.

Earlier, we mentioned that compressed air could clear away any debris––even particles that are not visible to the naked eye. A perfect tool for this would be the Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster. This product takes the same air we breathe and puts it under intense pressure.

Check for Obstructions in the AirPod Ports 

When you open your AirPod case, you will see two slots in which you insert your AirPods. You should be able to insert your AirPods with absolutely no problems. If you have to force or finagle the AirPods inside, this could be a sign of a larger issue.

You have a few options when clearing out any obstructions that prevent your AirPods from going in all of the way, some of which include:

  • Using compressed air: In addition to cleaning your AirPod case’s magnetic strip, compressed air can also be used to dislodge things. For instance, if there is hair stuck inside the ports, compressed air can dislocate unwanted bits and pieces.
  • Using tweezers: Shine a light inside the case’s ports. See if anything like hair, cotton, or tissue has gotten stuck inside. Then, very delicately, use a pair of tweezers to get it out.
  • Using a Q-tip: You insert your AirPods into its ports with the rod facing down. However, for whatever reason, earwax might have gotten inside the port. This is not an issue; simply use a Q-tip (do not get it wet) and swirl it around the port. This will clean away anything the prevents the AirPods from going in all the way.

If your AirPods are not secure inside their ports, you will have difficulty closing their charging case.

Consider Your Usage

Although Apple guarantees all of its products, they are not designed to withstand rough use. If your AirPod case fell from a significant height, was stepped on, or otherwise not treated with care, there could be a physical problem that prevents it from closing.

If your AirPod case has not withstood extensive use over time, you can buy a replacement AirPod charging case. When choosing a replacement, you will need to make sure that your new case matches the AirPods generation you currently own.

Contact Apple Customer Support

If you have tried to fix your AirPod case to no avail, you can always contact Apple’s customer support team. You can learn more about troubleshooting your device by:

  • Calling them at (800) 275-2273
  • Visiting an Apple store in person
  • Searching for a solution on Apple’s Support Communities

You can also click here and submit a query online.

If your AirPod case does not close, your AirPods won’t charge, or another defect impedes your satisfaction, Apple gives all of its products a one-year limited warranty.

This warranty does not cover products that have been damaged due to normal wear-and-tear. However, if you lose your AirPods’ case or need a replacement, Apple will send you a new charging case for a nominal fee.

In Summary

When it comes to fixing an AirPod case that will not close, the solution will ultimately depend on your problem. While AirPods are sweat and splash-resistant, they must be handled with care. As previously noted, the magnetic connections and the charging ports must be clear of any debris to work optimally.

To learn more about troubleshooting your AirPods, you can start here.