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How to Get Ryobi Battery Off Charger

How to Get Ryobi Battery Off Charger

Ryobi rechargeable batteries are a useful feature for your Ryobi equipment. However, sometimes it can be a little difficult to get the battery back off the charger, especially if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

Below you’ll read a step-by-step walkthrough on how you can get your rechargeable Ryobi battery off the charger. You’ll also get some tips on setting the battery back in the charger correctly and how to take care of your battery equipment. Read on and learn more about getting the most out of your Ryobi battery.

Hold the Ryobi Battery Correctly to Remove It

A major problem people run into when removing their Ryobi battery from the charger is holding it incorrectly when they try to unseat it. Since it isn’t obvious how the battery is locked in once it’s in the charger housing, it’s easy to accidentally pull the battery wrong in a way that will prevent it from coming loose.

To hold the battery correctly for unseating it in the charger, put your pointer and index fingers under the press tab at the far end of the battery. Once you have your fingers pressed against the press table, take your thumb and place it on the top of the battery over where your fingers are pressed. (

Press Fingers Together to Unseat the Battery

Once your fingers and thumb are in the correct position, the next step in getting the Ryobi battery off the charger is to press your fingers and thumb together in a pinching motion. This activates the press tab and allows the battery to pop out and disengage from the charging station.

It’s important to do this step correctly since the battery locks in whenever it’s placed in the charger. If you try to pull the battery loose without correctly disengaging it from the locking mechanism, this could damage the charger, the battery, or both.

Pull the Battery Out of the Charger

After pressing the press tab on the battery, pull the battery towards you. One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to unseat their battery charger is to jerk upward on the battery rather than forward.

When you pull the battery towards you with the press tab pressed, it should easily slide out of the charger. At this point, the battery should be charged and you can place it back in your Ryobi tool for use.

How to Put Ryobi Battery Back on the Charger

To place the Ryobi battery back on the charger, you perform the operation for removing it from the charger, just in reverse. After pressing your fingers and thumb together at the press tab end of the Ryobi battery, slide it back into the battery charger by lining it up with the charger and slotting it in. You should feel the battery click into place. 

Why Won’t My Ryobi Battery Charge on the Charger?

If you’ve placed your Ryobi battery on the charger and it won’t charge, there are a few reasons that this might occur. Here are a few potential problem areas to look at:

  • Does the charger have power? The battery charger isn’t going to effectively charge your batteries if it doesn’t have an electrical connection. The first one you should look at is to make sure that the battery charger is plugged in at the outlet and powered up.

  • Is the battery fully seated in the charger housing? Look at the placement of the battery in the charger itself. In some cases, you might not have locked the battery into the charger. If the battery is loose, it won’t make a good connection and charge up.

  • Can the battery still hold a charge? If a Ryobi battery has been discharged too fully, this will prevent the battery charger from being able to determine the battery’s charge level. If it can’t determine the charge level, the charger will not charge the battery to avoid overcharging and potential fire hazards.

Once you check the power and the positioning of the battery in the charger and neither of those things look like the source of the problem, the next step is to move on to checking the battery out. Use a multimeter to see the status of the battery’s charge and determine whether or not it’s defective.

Why Is My Ryobi Charger Flashing Red and Green Lights?

If your Ryobi charger has flashing red and green lights, this is usually an indicator that either your Ryobi charger or your battery is defective. In this case, either the battery or the charger usually needs to be replaced.

Ryobi Batteries Are Easy to Recharge

While some people may run into issues getting their Ryobi battery off the charger, it’s pretty simple once you know how to do it correctly. If you are having a problem getting your battery to charge even if it’s seated in the charger correctly, you may need to look into other technical issues.