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How To Spot a Fake DeWalt Battery

How To Spot a Fake DeWalt Battery

There are fake DeWalt batteries on the market. DeWalt batteries are very popular because they are dependable. They are the go-to battery for anyone who works in a trade that requires power tools.

When buying DeWalt batteries online be certain to only buy from a reputable DeWalt Store. Avoid buying DeWalt products online from unlicensed DeWalt Dealers. It is impossible to verify the product you are purchasing is what you will receive.

Buying fake DeWalt batteries has become a serious issue in our world of online buying and daily scams. This post will discuss how you can spot one of these counterfeit DeWalt batteries and why they should be avoided.

How to Spot a Fake DeWalt Battery

Spotting a fake DeWalt battery is easiest if you are able to physically inspect the battery. This is why it is not recommended that you buy DeWalt batteries online from unknown sources. Beware of ads that practically give the batteries away. These are often scams.

Of course, these scams can take place in our physical world as well. If we go to a yard sale there is the possibility that they may have purchased counterfeit products and are knowingly, or unknowingly re-selling them.

Places such as swap meets are hot spots for counterfeit products. However, it is also possible to pick up name brands, such as DeWalt, for amazing prices at these events. If you know what to look for, you will be able to spot the real deal.

Beware of Real Vs. Fake DeWalt Websites

The fake Dewalt websites appear very convincing. The logo is identical. The online store looks like a real store by DeWalt with a clearance section and a seasonal section. They claim they are the real deal, but when you inspect them closer, you realize something isn’t right.

The prices of the tools and accessories are so cheap! You might feel like you’re a little kid in a candy store and everything in the store is a penny. When you see prices like this, don’t be fooled! This is a scam website, and they are seen on:

  • The web
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • more

Should you buy from a fake website, you are risking more than just getting shoddy tools. You risk compromising your bank and credit card information, as well as your identity. DeWalt has a page where you can report these fake websites.

Check the Logos on the Batteries!   

The fake DeWalt batteries may look identical to the real DeWalt battery at first glance. But oftentimes there will be something amiss with the logos. There may be a slight spelling or grammar mistake on the battery or on the packaging.

Fake vs. Real, this shows just how similar the counterfeit batteries are to the real ones. The fake ones have:

  • two logos that are never found on the same battery.
  • There is a comma in the web address as well as a miss-spelling.
  • Where the battery screws together are less prominent than a real DeWalt.

Also, if you are very familiar with DeWalt batteries, you will probably be able to tell if the one you are inspecting weighs more or less than an original DeWalt. If you are uncertain, you can contact DeWalt Customer Support.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Fake DeWalt Batteries

There are many sites and videos that have tested fake DeWalt batteries and claim they are good.  The problem is that you have no idea how long these batteries are actually going to last, or if the one you buy will be defective.

The fake Dewalt batteries will void your warranty on your tools. These batteries can be dangerous. They may explode or cause a fire, making them extremely unpredictable and dangerous. The counterfeit ones may seem to work well, but they will not last as long as real DeWalt batteries.

Be safe, saving some money now could equal disaster in the future. If a battery catches fire in a home or in a vehicle the price could be overwhelming and could cost lives. When it comes to quality, you should always buy real DeWalt batteries.

Don’t Fall For the Scam of Fake DeWalt Batteries

From counterfeit websites to counterfeit tools and accessories, there has been a huge uprise in scams for power tools. These are found all over the internet. Even buying from a private local party can be risky.

Buying counterfeit DeWalt batteries might seem like a great idea, but they often have a short life span and at the worst could cause serious injury to the user should they malfunction. It is always within your best interest to buy authentic DeWalt batteries for your cordless power tools. Don’t void your warranty.