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How to Mod a Nerf Retaliator: a complete guide

How to Mod a Nerf Retaliator: a complete guide
  • The blaster is sold in combination with a barrel extension, stock attachment, and an assault grip to improve blaster performance
  • Prior to any modifications, the Nerf Retaliator can fire 12 darts at a time at a rate of 3 darts per second
  • The Nerf Retaliator can originally launch darts up to a distance of 75 feet
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The Nerf Retaliator was released in the Fall of 2012 under the N-Strike Elite Series. Like many other blasters in this series, it quickly became the subject of custom mods.

With only one tactical rail located on the priming slide, there is very little room to improve the Nerf Retaliator’s performance through additional Nerf attachments. If you are looking to improve the blasting abilities of your Nerf Retaliator, then a custom mod is the best path to take.

Learn more about the Nerf Retaliator on Nerf Wiki!

There are hundreds of different custom Nerf Retaliator mods being circulated through the Nerfing community. However, finding the most effective and worthwhile mods could prove to be quite difficult.

Luckily, we have taken all the guessing if the mod will actually work out of choosing how to best improve your Nerf Retaliator. Below you will find the best mods to try on your Retaliator in order to get the most bang for your buck. Literally!

If you do not already own a Nerf Retaliator or are looking for a second blaster to modify, order one for yourself here!

Got your blaster and tools ready? Great! Let’s get started!

Pack-a-Punch Retaliator

The first modification you do in your blaster should be a spring replacement, as well as a few other small mods.

The springs originally in your Nerf blasters are not super powerful and are in fact a bit flimsy. By quickly switching out the spring you can improve both your blaster’s power and accuracy.

Before replacing the spring in your Nerf Retaliator, start by unscrewing the shell pieces and removing any of the unnecessary locks. These locks are required of the manufacturers in order to keep the blasters from becoming too dangerous for children. However, more responsible adults do not necessarily need these restrictions. Removing the locks will make the blaster more suitable for adult users to have fun with.

Now that you have removed the locks and prepped your blaster you can place the new spring!

Get your replacement spring for your Nerf Retaliator from Worker Mod here! This spring is 7 kilograms and comes with a few extra pieces to brace the blaster for the added power.

Watch the following video in order to learn exactly how to replace your Nerf Retaliator’s spring for a quick but effective mod!

After completing this simple mod your Nerf Retaliator is sure to pack a punch!

Assault Rifle Retaliator Mod

Nerf blasters are fun for adults because it brings all the fun of first person shooter games to life, and they do so in a safe fashion. However, the brightly colored shells and unrealistic shapes associated with Nerf blasters might make you feel slightly childish during your next Nerf war.

If you and your friends want to change the way your blasters look while improving their ability to perform, then a premanufactured mod kit is the right choice for you.

These kits are often custom designed by a well experienced Nerfer. after having tested the mod themselves, the mod kits are then 3D printed and sold to the rest of the Nerfing community to use and enjoy as well!

With the JGC Worker Mod Kit, you can transform your “pre-teen” blaster into an all grown up Assault Rifle look alike. Order the Worker Mod Kit for your Nerf blaster off of Amazon by clicking here!

Want a little bit of extra guidance while modifying your Nerf Retaliator? Follow along with how to install this awesome Nerf Retaliator mod kit in the video by Coop772 below!

Remember to still make it obvious that this is not a real gun by painting the end of the barrel orange or another bright color. While this might detract from the goal of creating a life like blaster, it is better to leave no confusion for anyone as to what is a real gun and what is not.

Another version of this kit that is super unique is the Worker Mod Transparent Kit for the Nerf Retaliator! Get this mod kit for your blaster by clicking here!

Call of Duty Barrel Mod

As aforementioned, Nerf blasters help bring first person shooter games to life but in a safe and fun way. With a few custom modifications you can turn your “childish” Nerf blaster into your main gun from your favorite first person shooter game.

In the mod below, you will see exactly how to turn your Nerf Retaliator barrel into a blaster from Battlefield, Call of Duty, Halo, and more!

Because your Nerf Retaliator comes packed with the additional blaster you do not need to purchase any extra parts. Because this blaster mod is simple its the perfect choice for a first time modder!

With a simple repositioning of your Nerf Retaliators muzzle you can take your blaster to the next level.

Watch the video below to see how this simple mod is done!

As mentioned in the video, because the blaster no longer directly connects to the barrel, darts will occasionally get stuck in the barrel attachment. While you can do as suggested and just remove the barrel each time this happens, you can also add your own custom mod to fix this problem.

This mod could include attaching a piece of PVC pipe to barrel. Be sure that the pipe is the same size as the barrel opening and apply a little bit of lubrication or lip balm to help the darts travel through this part of the barrel.

Finish of your life like blaster mod with a custom paint job! Learn how to paint your blaster the right way by reading this article: How to Paint a Nerf Gun the Proper Way: A complete guide!

Orange Mod Works Core

Another premanufactured mod kit for the Nerf Retaliator is the Orange Mod Works Core Kit! This kit features new and improved pieces such as a plunger rod, breech collar, barrel chamber, plunger case, a more powerful 7 kilogram spring system, and a totally cool metal trigger!

After modifying your Nerf Retaliator with the Orange Mod Works Core Kit your blaster will be able to fire darts at the amazing rate of 141 feet per second!

Order the Orange Mod Works Core Kit for your Nerf Retaliator off of amazon and get to modding here!

To learn more about everything included in this blaster modification kit and how to use it properly, watch the video below made by Orange Mod Works themselves!

The video is easy to follow and demonstrates each step of how to perfectly install the mod kit into your Nerf Retaliator blaster.

In addition to the Orange Mod Works Kit and the Nerf Retaliator you are going to need both a small phillips and flat head screwdriver to complete the mod.

A slight bit of warning, the Orange Mod Works Kit advertises that you should “mod at your own risk.” This is warning is included due to the fact that the more powerful internal system may cause damages to the blaster and its inner workings. This is likely a result that the blaster was not specifically designed to handle those parts. This is more likely to occur if the mod kit is not installed properly.

Pump Action Retaliator Mod

If you are using the Nerf Retaliator barrel attachment, then you have probably noticed how inconvenient it is to have to prime your blaster in two places before you can fire.

Fix this inconvenience with this pump action retaliator mod!

This mod uses a strong metal wire and some epoxy to connect both the top and front priming slides. Once these two are connected, you can quickly improve your battle blasting by using the front pump action system to prime your Nerf Retaliator.

This mod does require a bit of sanding to make room for the wire; however, it does not require any internal modifications and with a simple paint job could work seamlessly with the rest of your Retaliator’s exterior.

Learn how to complete this awesome Nerf Retaliator mod by watching the video below!

Combine this Nerf Retaliator mod with a Air Restrictor Removal and Barrel Extension mod in order to get the most out of your blaster. Read how to complete these mods in this easy to follow Nerf Retaliator Mod guide!

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