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How to Fix Most Common Problems in a Relationship?

All of us will find our self at least one time when we will face some problems in the relationship. Sometimes the fights will be more difficult and sometimes they won’t, but the question is how to deal with and what solution is there? Most couples have similar problems in relationships, and it is noticed that the same problem is repeated with most of the couples. So I decided to research the most common problems in a relationship.

How to Fix Most Common Problems in a Relationship? Relationship problems are normal and regular occurrences. Most of them are solvable, but some of them go a bit harder. The most important thing to deal in relationship is communication and openness to each other. Love for a partner is one of the best reasons to forgive and only way to save relationship.

We passed the moments when we felt great love, the abdomen, the excitement, the brains and the idealisation of our partner, and now comes the time when we are beginning to feel the foundation upon which we have built our relationship. If this is based on honest love, trust, mutual acceptance, and understanding, then you are a great lucky person who enjoys healthy and happy relationships. But if you are still unsure whether this is a stable or climatic relationship you need some things to consider. Remember that even married people have their own problems, so they need Marriage Mentor, and I wrote about this topic HERE , if you are interested.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes We Make in Relationship?

Problems in relationships are nothing unusual, and psychologists consider that it is most important to learn how to overcome them.


Many researches have shown, one of the biggest problems that appears in the relationship is criticising. It is quite normal for you not to think about some things, but do not always criticize your partner, it’s enough to regret it to bother you. For example, someone forget to go to a store does not mean that you are dealing with a bad person. Each relationship is very dangerous when one person is constantly blaming other for all, linking it to the partner’s personality. People who have a successful relationship, communicate and point to a problem both in a cautious way to start a conversation about feelings.


The mockery, insult, or controversy that one person points toward is consider the main guilty of the breakup of many relationships and marriages.

Defensive stance

Reaction to criticism is also important for each relationship. Partners who have a healthy relationship accepted criticism or even took responsibility for part of the problem. A constant shift of guilt will not endure anyone. ‘You’re a problem, not me,’ is a sentence that leads to the escalation of the conflict between two people.


Trying to push the problem under the carpet is never a good long-term solution. If this pattern is often practiced, if can lead that problems will remain, and the partner goes away forever.

How to Fix the Relationship Issues?

Do Not Ignore Your Partner. Studies have shown that it is important to attract the attention of partner and to interest him for the conversation. If your partner does not respond to you, your relationship is slowly dying. The couple who remained married responded to a partner’s call in 86 % of cases. Those who divorced in as many as 33% of cases did not respond – so do not ignore your partner when he is trying to tell you something. And another tip: put a bit of humour in your discussion.

Show the Admiration. Does it sound amazing when you hear someone talking about how he is still in love with his partner? Studies have shown that those couples who see their partner better than they are, are on the right path. And those whose partners look worse than they are, will most likely end up with divorce.

How do Emotional Problems Affect Relationship and Marriage?

Emotional problems are the most common cause of disagreement in relationship, marriage, or family. How emotional problems occur?Emotional problems are the result of the most often suppressed feelings. Suppressed feelings are feelings which occurred in the time before this, and are in the subconscious. We felt these feelings and,without knowing where and how they are going, pushed them into our subconscious. They are free and respond to triggers. Attempts are situations that remind you of the emotion, time, person when the situation in which a suppressed feeling occurred. If one of your parents has been harassed by you and has played some songs on the radio, there is a possibility that every time you hear that song, you’re starting to make up for a suppressed feelings.

This also applies to words that may be triggers, whether rain rains or some smell. When we are in some relationship, marriage and so on, there are situations that your subconscious reminds us of as suppressed feeling. Then you react, no matter what this situation has to do with the one before. You simply react and you can not control it. Reactions can be loud such as noise, physical reactions, and can be a silent reaction such as sorrow, retreat into yourself and suspicion.

Which are Most Often the Differences That Occur in Relationship?

If we are solving problems just from our angle of view, the situation where there are two people, and not ourselves, in most cases we are very subjective and unrealistic, even a little selfish. The most common problems we face in long-term relationships are:

1. Lack of communication.

Communication is the most important part of the relationship, sharing story’s, situations and emotions through verbal expression, is really one of the most important parts of the foundation in our relationships, because if there is no communication, departure begins, disputes, and eventually all goes into quarrelling because if we do not communicate we can not know what our partner needs, how he feels, whether he is happy and satisfied, or just the opposite, unhappy and unfulfilled. By sharing a conversation we share our thoughts, intentions, desires, needs, plans, emotions, and what we experience everyday.

2. Looking Back on the Past.

Coping by the past, forcing a partner to share something long before us or something that is not even necessary to share with us is also the cause of many big quarrels. When and if we “scramble”what we are about to do, then comparing, reproaching, mistrusting, disapproval,and many other things that will slightly disintegrate us. The past is over, and especially what has nothing to do with us, because it is our partner’s past,and it’s okay to respect it and accept it, because we also have our past, of which we do not want to talk in most cases.

3. Uncertainty in the Partner.

Complaining do not like women or men either. Although women are more inclined to complain, men know how to be specific in this field. The persistent and boring mourning of everyone is hard and we do not feel comfortable when we are exposed by constant criticisms and as if nothing is done well, or as if we are not informed.

4. Lack of Support for the Partner.

Frequent suspicions and distrust in partner, control, and lack of support are the problems that arise from our own insecurity and insufficient respect for them, the beliefs we have been assured the patterns we have adopted with growing up. We can not expect from someone else to give us something we have not known or we are not able to provide to someone.

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How to Retain Freedom in a Relationship? It’s okay to have your own freedom, space for movement, socialising, with friends who are not always there with you. What we need to do is to give our partner knowledge that you are not only his World and respecting your freedom as he does.

How Important is Communication in a Relationship? Talking between partners is crucial to a quality relationship. Research has shown that partners with children talk for only 35 minutes throughout the week! So communicate as much as possible.

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