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How To Reset A Dewalt Battery

How To Reset A Dewalt Battery

Dewalt tool products are one of the most popular brands to use when building something or working on a project. It is a strong and durable power tool that contains a rechargeable battery pack, but what happens when the battery pack just randomly shuts off?

It won’t take long for you to reset your battery, and you don’t have to buy anything extra. Follow these steps, and you will find your battery working as it did before.

How To Reset A Dewalt Battery

Sometimes the microchip in the battery can cause the battery to stop working. This doesn’t mean your battery doesn’t hold a charge but just needs to be reset. The reset process is simple and clears the memory chip so you can use your power tools again.

You can reset your Dewalt battery in a matter of minutes. With these three simple steps, you will be using your power tools in no time:

  • Remove the battery.
  • Place in the battery charger.
  • Replace in the power tool.

Remove The Battery

On the bottom of your power tool, there is a button you will need to press. This button will release your battery so that you can slide it out. Try not to yank at the battery. This can ruin the metal terminals if you try to force it out.

Place The Battery In The Charger

You will then slide the battery onto the charger just like you slide it into the power tools. You will need to leave the battery on the charger for eight hours. This is the time it takes to reset the battery and clear the microchip of any memory. If it is taken off sooner than eight hours, the battery will not reset.

Replace Your Battery

Once the eight hours are up, your battery is ready to be placed back into your power tool. You can now work on your projects or fix up your house. If your battery overheats again, you can complete this process again.

If it continues to shut off after being reset, the battery may be dead. At this point, it is best to replace the battery instead of trying to revive it. Dead batteries only disappoint, and it is difficult to get them to charge again once they are at this point.

Does Leaving Batteries On The Charger Hurt It?

Unlike some suggestions, leaving your Dewalt battery on the charger for long periods doesn’t hurt the battery life. You will also find that they will not lose life once they are charged and taken off the charger. It is a preference when it comes to leaving it on the charger or not.

Signs Your Dewalt Battery Is Dead

There are many signs to look out for if your battery is either dead or dying. When these signs do arise, you may want to invest in another battery. It doesn’t hurt to have an extra one lying around anyways. Here are some of those signs:

  • Smoking from the battery.
  • The battery overheats or gets hot.
  • Your battery is fully charged but not working.
  • The power tool loses power quickly.
  • It was stored improperly (extreme hot or cold weather).

If you ever think that your battery is dying, try to reset it at first. Smoking is an indicator of your battery short-circuiting, and it is best to throw this battery away. It can become a dangerous fire hazard if you continue to use it.

How To Test If Your Battery Is Dead

If the Dewalt Battery still seems to have these symptoms after the reset, you can test your battery to see if it holds a charge. You can use two ways to check the charge: the charge test and using a multimeter.

The charge test is pretty straightforward. Determine what the time that your battery will be charged is. Place the charged battery into your power tool, and if it doesn’t work, the battery is bad.

A multimeter is a great tool to test the electrical output of batteries, electrical wiring, and more within your home. You will attach the multimeter to the battery, and it will tell you how much of a charge it has. Look at the battery’s voltage. This should be the output of the electrical charge on the battery when you hook up the multimeter. If it is less, the battery is dead.


Now and then, you may get a bad battery. Resetting the Dewalt battery and seeing if it works is an easy way to discover if your battery is still good or ready to be retired. Hopefully, these simple steps are the fix you need for your pesky battery.