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These 7 Power Tools Are Worth Every Penny

These 7 Power Tools Are Worth Every Penny

While many people prefer to do things by hand, most of the time it’s easier to do it with a tool and usually, there is a tool that can help you out. Cutting time and effort, usually, the costs of helpful tools can be offset quite easily.

It’s recommended to start off with the tools that would help you save the most time and effort and go forward from there. This way, you can justify the costs by watching how much time the other tools are saving you.

Dewalt 20V Cordless Cable Stripper

For anyone who spends time stripping cords, you know how frustrating it can be. The process takes quite a while if you don’t have the right tools, and even if you do have the tools, you still end up allowing a huge chunk of your time to be spent on stripping cords.

However, the Dewalt Cable Stripper does it all for you. It’s cordless so you can take it anywhere and you feed the cord and let it go through, that’s it. What a time saver! This tool will pay for itself after a few jobs when you don’t have to strip cords by hand.

Makita 36V Power-Assisted Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows are already an extremely handy tool to have when you need to move materials around your yard, however, when the wheelbarrow gets too heavy it can create a problem. Makita has the solution to all of this though, a power-assisted wheelbarrow.

This wheelbarrow can move itself at a max of 2.5mph while carrying up to 275lbs. This tool is cordless, can be customized and interchanged with many different parts and features depending on what works best for you.

Even though this wheelbarrow is a bit pricey ranging anywhere from $1100-1300, the time and effort you will be able to save are more than worth it.

Ridgid Pipe Threading And Cutting Machine

Basically, anyone in the construction business will know how time-consuming threading and cutting pipe is, especially if you have to do it by hand. However, Ridgid has a tool that will allow you to take half the time doing both tasks.

This tool threads and cuts pipe for you, without having to have a second tool. Now, you will have to purchase different size fittings for different sized pipes, but once you have them, they can be reused over and over again.

Now, people see the price tag for this tool and think it’s far too expensive, however, at a price ranging from $1400-$1600, you can’t beat the time and effort you will end up saving yourself and others on job sites.

Hougen Cordless Punch

Punching holes is a pretty routine task, however, there are many materials where that may seem almost impossible with your typical manual punch method. Hougen has a fantastic power cordless punch that can punch through almost any material with ease.

If your punch gets stuck, it has a power reversal move that you can use to forcibly remove the punch and the head rotates 360° to ensure you can punch at any angle. Even though the price ranges from $2200-$2600, it’s more than worth it to save your strength and effort.

Dewalt Plate Joiner Kit

Instead of having to measure and cut small pieces out of your wood to allow them to interlock, you could easily use a Plate Joiner Kit from DeWalt. This tool kit will cut the slots needed to join the pieces of wood, this tool can also be fitted with vacuum and dust bag attachments to clean up the dust afterward.

This kit is everything you need in one place, and a carrying case to put it all in. While it is corded, the cord is 8 feet long, giving you plenty of workspaces. At a price point of $250, you won’t be able to find a better deal anywhere else that gives you all of the same options.

Dewalt Press Tool With Jaws

For anyone and everyone who needs help pressing copper or stainless steel pipe, the Dewalt press tool kit can help you out with it all. This kit comes with fittings that work with anywhere from ½” – 4” and is compatible with a huge number of different crimping heads and attachments for anything you may need.

While the price point is almost $3,000, you will never need another pressing tool ever again.


Worx Cordless Cutter

For small jobs, you often need small tools and the Worx cutter is perfect for small jobs. Cordless, quiet and lightweight, it can fit into many places large tools can’t. At $40, this tool is perfect to just keep around the house for small jobs you don’t want a huge saw for.

Name Of ToolPrice
Dewalt Cable Stripper$250
Makita Power Wheelbarrow$1100-1300
Ridgid Pipe Threading And Cutting Machine$1400-$1600
Hougen Cordless Punch$2200-$2600
Dewalt Plate Joiner Kit$3000
Dewalt Press Tool$3000
Worx Cordless Cutter$40

Final Thoughts

Power tools are incredible at saving time and effort for those who just don’t want to do things the old-fashioned way. Often, many businesses are positively impacted by these tools since they would be able to hire less-skilled workers at a lower rate due to the time saved by using these tools.

Just because the price point is large doesn’t mean something is too expensive. If it saves a decent amount of time and effort, it’s most likely worth the money.