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How to Use Canon Camera Connect

How to Use Canon Camera Connect

Photography with a Canon camera can be an exhilarating experience. However, one thing all photographers will complain about when it comes to their DSLR cameras – is the process of transferring images. Luckily, Canon has come up with a free-to-use App through which you can do just that. But, how is this App used, and what exactly does it do?

Canon Connect is a free app that the company has created to help you transfer images from your camera to your smartphone. This is an excellent tool for photographers as it can help them bypass the step of moving images to a computer and then to a phone if needed. With the App, you can also remotely view the results of your shoots as soon as you click an image or quickly view and review images when you have less time between each picture. 

If you are a photographer who is struggling with the process of connecting a camera to the Connect App, this is the right article for you. We will be discussing what the App does, how to use it, and the best circumstances when having this App can elevate your photography skills. 

How To Download And Use The Canon Connect App

If you’ve been thinking of using a Canon Connect App, here is a step-by-step guide on getting the App set up and running on your smartphone.

Downloading The App

You can download the Canon Connect App on your smartphone at any time. This App is available on both the Play Store and the App Store, meaning it can cater to both Android and Apple devices. Once you find the App in the right store, you can select Install to download it onto your smartphone. 

One thing to check is to see whether the App is compatible with your camera type. Most popular Canon cameras are compatible with this App, but you can check their list of compatible models to be sure. After downloading and installing it on your phone, you can also search and see if your camera is compatible with the App. 

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Connect the App

How you connect the App to your camera depends on what kind of camera model you are using. Because there are so many differences between the models, this step can quickly get confusing. Luckily, the App accounts for this and gives you specific instructions based on your model. To access this information, you should:

  1. Open up the Canon Connect App on your phone.
  2. Select the option ‘Easy Connection Guide.’
  3. From this, choose the option ‘Connect Another Camera/Camcorder.’
  4. In the list you see, choose the camera model you are using.
  5. The Canon Connect App will show you a list of connection options based on your model. This includes Bluetooth, NFC, and WiFi connection abilities.  
  6. The App will show you the instructions to connect your camera. Follow these instructions to complete setting up the connection. 

Once you are done with this process, your camera will be able to connect to this App, and you can get started on using it for your process. 

Explore The App

Now that you have created a connection between your Connect App and the camera, it’s time actually to use the App. The best part is that the App is pretty straightforward to use. There are two main items in the menu of this App, each with a separate function: 


One of the options, ‘Images on Camera,’ is a gallery. This helps you see all of the images you have captured on your connected Canon camera, all arranged in order of the time you shot them. You can use this option to check all of the images in the memory card, but there’s another benefit. When you click on one of the images, you will see options on what you can do. These are:

  • Info: This option helps you see the settings when taking the image.
  • Rating: with this feature, you can give the image file a rating out of five stars.
  • Import: this tool lets you import the image from the camera to your phone gallery.
  • Delete: with this option, you can erase the image from your memory card and free up space. 

Remote Live View

Next up, another menu item will change the game for you as a photographer. This is called ‘Remote Live View Shooting.’ It gives you a live feed of the camera on your phone itself. The phone acts as a remote trigger, and you can press a button to take a picture. The great thing about this feature is that you can also adjust settings while you use it. For example, you can change the following:

  • Shutter speed
  • ISO
  • Autofocus area
  • Aperture

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How To Combine Canon Connect With Photography

Photo: Canon

Now we have talked about the way to use and connect the App, it’s time to move on to more exciting things. Namely, you can get creative with your photography techniques using the Canon Connect App. These are just some of our ideas, but we are sure you can bring your creativity to the table!

When Using A Remote Trigger

As we mentioned above, you can use the Remote Live View Shooting option from your App as a remote trigger. This can be a huge benefit for photographers who want to keep their cameras still when taking a picture. Pressing down on the button can cause slight blurring and disrupt your composition. 

In that case, you will need a remote trigger, but there’s a catch – these are a separate expense, they need batteries, and they are so easy to forget at home. On the other hand, you will almost always have your phone while shooting. Using the Canon Connect App, you can set your camera, find the perfect still, and take a picture quickly. 

When Introducing New Angles

There are plenty of photographers out there who like shooting from various angles. While these can give breathtaking results, it can be pretty uncomfortable if you are to look through the camera to shoot each image. When using the Remote Live View Shooting system, you can angle the camera and check the composition on your phone to shoot. With these tools, you never have to crouch uncomfortably to retake the perfect shot!

When Shooting Without Looking At The Viewfinder

If you are taking pictures and don’t want to be noticed, this App is a great tool. With the Canon Connect App, you can continue shooting from the hip but at the same time use your phone. This gives you a chance to take better photographs and avoid having to delete pictures you don’t like later. 


The Canon Connect App is an excellent resource for photographers and makes for an excellent shooting companion. Now that you know how to install and use it try and incorporate it into your shoots for exciting results!