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How to Wear a GoPro without Looking Stupid

How to Wear a GoPro without Looking Stupid

GoPro is a leader in the head-mounted cameras that proliferated the POV (point-of-view) abbreviation across the Internet. While the footage captured gives viewers a truly virtual feel of the action, walking around with a small camera attached to your forehead can leave most users feeling like quite the nincompoop. Is there any way to wear a GoPro stylishly?

The best way to wear a GoPro without looking stupid is to invest in one of the many aftermarket GoPro mounting accessories, such as the chest mount, belt clip, or floating hand grip. The best accessory to use will depend on what or how the user plans on recording.

While these mounting accessories will not allow the user to capture the same POV footage as the standard head strap, they will yield some solid views, nonetheless, while providing a more inconspicuous angle for more self-conscious users. Below, we’ll cover these alternative solutions for wearing a GoPro and more, so you can head out on your next trip looking your absolute best.

Use GoPro Mounting Accessories

For a truly authentic POV filming experience, there is no match for the default head strap that comes with the GoPro. However, the forehead-mounted camera can leave some users feeling like a cyclops walking among the human race.

If you want to capture the action but do not like sticking out in a crowd, several aftermarket GoPro Mounting accessories can help you film the action more subtly.

GoPro Chest Mount

Arguably the most reasonable alternative to the standard head strap is the GoPro Chest Mount. While it will not lend the classic eye-level POV footage, it does provide a stable, symmetrical angle.

Designed with a series of lightweight, adjustable belts, this accessory looks like an understated vest, making the camera less discernible against the user’s body.

GoPro Belt Clip

Most standard GoPro’s will come with a quick clip as an alternative mounting option to the head strap. However, if this clip does not meet your needs, it may be a good idea to consider an aftermarket clip specifically designed for mounting on the belt or backpack straps.

Using this clip, you can position your GoPro in many creative ways, with the GoPro blending in like a cellphone, pocket knife, or fanny pack.

GoPro Backpack

If you wear a backpack frequently and are interested in capturing your adventures, there are backpacks designed specifically for GoPros to make your life easier. These backpacks come with up to three designated areas for mounting your GoPro, making your cameras largely indistinguishable from any other compartments on a backpack.

As it can be inconvenient to be recording from a backside angle, the backpack comes with a remote control to help increase functionality.

GoPro Floating Hand Grip

One of people’s favorite uses of a GoPro is for recording their underwater exploits. While generally making you less self-conscious about wearing head-mounted GoPros when snorkeling or swimming, the GoPro floating hand grip provides an alternative for capturing underwater footage at a different angle while adding an element of buoyancy.

GoPro Dog Harness

While you are not technically wearing your GoPro with this accessory, the GoPro dog harness is a great option for those who are always out and about with their dogs.

Although a GoPro tends to look awkward when attached to a person’s head, it is mostly cute and charming when worn by your dog. In addition, as dogs move around more and can explore small nooks more effectively than their human counterparts, you are likely to capture some interesting footage when looking from a dog’s eye view.

Experiment with Different Hats

While choosing an aftermarket accessory can allow you to mount your GoPro in less conspicuous locations, the eye-level view is still a highly desirable—and sometimes necessary—location for mounting your GoPro. For example, when driving or doing any other activity that requires a lot of sitting, backpack or waist-level vantage points simply will not suffice.

Therefore, experiment with different kinds of hats when mounting your GoPro on your head. While you will want to make sure that no bills or broad brims impede the camera’s lens, it is possible that a poof-ball beanie or flat-billed baseball cap worn at an angle can help distract from the camera that is mounted to your head. When riding a bike or skating, there are even special helmets designed specifically for compatibility with GoPros. 

Wear the GoPro with Confidence

As with anything in fashion, wearing the GoPro with confidence is an important part of not looking awkward.

There may be times when the head strap is the only option for capturing the type of footage you want. If you wear the GoPro confidently, perhaps choosing a sporty outfit to match, and realize that in this modern era, you are far from the first person to be seen in public with a GoPro on their head, then you are much less likely to feel awkward, and how you feel plays a crucial role in how you look to other people!


The GoPro is an outstanding device for recording POV footage. However, many people feel stupid when wearing the GoPro attached to their head. By choosing an aftermarket mounting accessory or hat alternatives, it is possible to wear the GoPro without sticking out too noticeably.