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How Good is the M2 Air/Pro for Gaming?

How Good is the M2 Air/Pro for Gaming?

There’s been a lot of buzz in the Apple users community regarding the new M2 chip, which will be part of the new MacBook Pro. I, for one, am very curious as to how the inclusion of this chip will make the laptop more suitable for gaming. There have been opinions all around, about what this can mean for the future and accessibility of gaming. So what is the truth?

It’s difficult to say if the new M2 chip will make the Macbook Air more accessible for gaming. The answer depends on what kind of games are played and how often. However, the chip allows the laptop to work faster and manage graphics at a much quicker rate. However, it is unlikely that this chip will convert the MacBook Air into a heavy-duty gaming laptop.

Are you curious to understand more about how this chip can affect gaming on your Macbook Pro? If that is the case, you should read through this article to see what the implications of the inclusion of this chip can be for Apple users. Stay tuned to learn more about the chip and its possible effect on the games you can play with your Macbook Pro or Air!

What Is The M2 Chip?

Apple recently announced that the M2 chip would be a part of the new Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The benefit of this chip is that it comes with 8 core CPU capabilities, which enables the CPU to be around 18 percent faster than older versions. There is also a 10 core GPU with this chip, and that can work up to 35 percent faster than the older speed. In addition to all of this, the Neural engine is about 40% faster with the new M2 chip. However, that being said, there is little difference in design between the old and the new MacBook versions. 

Will The M2 Chip Make The MacBook Better For Gaming?

The stats I went over in the previous section are pretty interesting, to say the least. The M2 chip may open up the possibility of using the new MacBook Air or MacBook Pro for gaming purposes. However, whether or not this has made the MacBook a good choice as a gaming computer remains to be seen.

In fact, the answer can be seen on closer examination of the type of games you can play with the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. So, let’s have a detailed look at what the MacBook has to offer and how the M2 chip can affect how you can play these games. 

When Playing AAA Games

One of the best places to see if the Macbook Air or Pro with the M2 chip has changed things is by playing AAA games. In fact, there are plenty of AAA games that are new releases to the MacBook game store. However, there are still chances you may run into some issues. The biggest problem is that the MacBook Air does not have cooling fans. 

This is a detriment despite the enhanced powers of the M2 chip. While the M2 chip can help your computer run faster and display better graphics, but when the computer will overheat, it will lag just the same. The MacBook Pro might be a better choice for these games just because the computer comes with a cooling fan to help dissipate some of the heat that will eventually collect. 

When Playing Apple Arcade Games

Photo: Apple

There’s another place where you can get access to games on your MacBook devices, and that is the Apple Arcade. This is a service by Apple that allows you to play a lot of games on your MacBook. The games come at no cost individually, but the service itself is accessible once you pay a monthly subscription cost. These are the games that are the best choice for the MacBook Air or Pro, especially with the M2 chip. The reason behind this is that most of these games are specially made for the macOS. Either that or the games will be for the iOS or the iPadOS. 

They are thus super compatible with the system on your MacBook. Therefore, the games on the Apple Store or on Apple Arcade are the best choice, and with the M2 chip enabled, the MacBook will perform much better when playing these games. In this specific case, if these are the games you prefer, you are likely to benefit when you buy an M2 chip enabled MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. 

When Playing Games Via The Cloud

Finally, another way that you can access games on your Macbook Pro or MacBook Air is through the cloud. There are some options, such as Xbox Cloud gaming, that allow you to play games online with ease. The MacBook is an excellent choice for this, but not how you might think. In fact, this occurs because the MacBook only needs to be able to process the information you input. On the other hand, the game is streaming from the cloud. This means the M2 chip is not the reason why these games work well, but it will make the process much easier. 

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Final Verdict

In general, the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro is hardly a heavy-duty gaming computer. They are good choices for lightweight gaming, but even with the M2 chip, they are unlikely to be able to keep up with the demands of heavier games. In case you need something that can handle a myriad of functions and also lets you play games here and there, you will benefit from the MacBook. In case you want a heavyweight laptop option, you can look for gaming computers instead. 


The M2 chip is likely to be essential in making the MacBook Pro or Air a more superb choice for all kinds of use. It is the next step in the greater user-friendliness that Apple is well known for. We hope this article has made it easier to understand the benefits of this chip on the MacBook!