The Nerf Rival series is one of the best yet, and nerf is seeing some great adoption from their fans. Here is a chart breaking down each of the blasters in the series:

Nerf Rival BlasterTypeLaunch PriceBest for
ApolloSpring24.99Simple battles
ZuesFlywheel49.99Suppression Fire
AtlasMultiple Round Spring39.99Close quarters combat
KhaosFlywheel69.99Long battles
ArtemisSpring44.99Rapid fire (without batteries)
NemesisHopper/flywheel99.99Spray and pray
KronosSpring14.99high intensity group battles
HypnosSpring49.99the Jack of all trades
KnockoutSingle round spring9.99Cheap group fights
PersesHopper/Flywheel99.99Spray and Pray
ChargerFlywheel24.99Mid range combat
FinisherSpring14.99Pistols only fights
RoundhouseSpring24.99Stashed weapon
TakedownSpring19.99On the go hip-fire
Flywheel type blasters will require batteries, while spring do not.


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