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DIY Salt Scrub Recipe with Coconut Oil

DIY salt scrub recipes are easy and effective!

There are many great health benefits to using salt scrubs. It’s always nice to get a little pampering in, especially as a busy mom or homesteader.  It’s even better when your pampering time nourishes your body, eliminates toxins, and removes dead skin cells. Epsom salts contain magnesium.  Magnesium can reduce inflammation,  while sulfate flush toxins,  according to the Epsom Salt Counsel. A quality orange essential oil is high in antioxidants which can improve your overall health and elevate your mood.   Your skin will feel silky soft with the DIY salt scrub.
Most scrubs include a carrier oil of some kind to help the scrub glide over the skin. This recipe uses coconut oil for its amazing skin benefits.
diy salt scrub
1/2 c Coconut oil
1 c Epsom salt
10 drops Orange essential oil
Melt coconut oil.  Before it cools completely,  mix remaining ingredients.

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