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The 4 Best Gaming Chairs With Monitor

The 4 Best Gaming Chairs With Monitor

One of the best gaming decisions you can make is to purchase a two-in-on gaming chair and monitor. These pieces of gaming equipment no only eradicate the need for a gaming desk and other common necessities, but it also provides a much more immersive gaming experience, particularly for racing and other vehicular-oriented games. That being said, they aren’t the most common gaming rig, so it can be a challenge finding high-quality choices.  

In this article, we’re going to list our top four gaming chair and monitor duos. We’ll discuss the specs and features of these setups that set them apart from the competition and will help you determine which suits your gaming needs and aesthetics best. 

Volair Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis

Starting off our list is the most high-quality, budget-friendly option for anyone who wants to pair their gaming chair and monitor.

Volair’s Sim Universal Flight or Racing Simulation Cockpit Chassis pretty much says it all in the title. This is a gaming setup that is ingeniously designed for the racing gamer who wants a more immersive experience and feel like they’re really behind the wheel driving or flying whatever machine is on the screen…well, screens.

This gaming chair setup allows you to mount up to three monitors as well as providing space for all of your other racing essentials, such as foot pedals, yoke/steering wheel/avionics controllers, keyboards, speakers, and more. 

With a price tag of $895.00, this is definitely the gaming chair setup for any gamer who wants that luxury gaming cockpit setup but can’t afford some of the other options on our list. The biggest drawback to this option is its design. 

While it definitely looks cool if this is the first gaming setup of its kind that you’ve ever seen, you’ll quickly realize how minimal and simple its design is compared to other more impressive options. Still, it’s a great place to start.

Cluvens IW-SK Gaming Chair

No setup on this list is going to make as much of a visual impact as Cluven’s IW-SK Gaming Chair, more commonly refereed to as The Scorpion chair.

This gaming chair and monitor combo is a visual stunner, with pincer-like armrests, a footrest head, and support legs, Cluven’s IW-SK gaming chair looks exactly like a metal scorpion of the future. Of course, this setup does more than look amazing in your room. 

The IW-SK Imperator gaming chair is a zero-gravity gaming chair that supports up to three 27” monitors or an ultrawide 49” monitor, and provides a desk for keyboards, a gaming mouse, and other essentials. It is also completely adjustable, allowing gamers to lay in one of six positions. You can sit upright or recline a full 170 degrees backward to lay down while you play. 

While you’re laying down, try the chair’s heater and massage features to work out those gaming knots you acquired from a long session sitting in this epic chair. Currently priced at $4,199, this chair is worth every penny of its specs and appearance. 

Imperator Works J20 Gaming Computer Workstation

If you like some of the design elements of the IW-SK but don’t want the full Scorpion experience, we’d recommend the IW-J20 Gaming Computer Workstation.

This gaming chair and monitor setup still echoes design aspects of the Scorpion, especially in its “tail” element, but the design overall is much sleeker and clearly prioritizes comfort and functionality over aesthetic appeal. 

The IW-J20 is just as impressive and reliable as other chairs from Imperator Works with its powder-coated steel frame, LED lighting features, 140 degrees maximum recline angle (providing the esteemed “zero gravity position”), and polyurethane leather and suede chair.

Not only is it a high-quality and comfortable choice, but this setup (with the additional mount) lets you hold up to five monitors, making it arguably the best option available for gamers who want to maximize on as many monitors in their setup as possible. 

The chair is currently priced at $4,499, making it a pricy choice for most gamers. However, it is does have all of the impressive ergonomic features and specs of the IW-SK, but in a larger frame gamers might deem more stable and a less flashy design some might prefer. 

Acer Predator Thronos Air

Our final recommendation for your gaming chair and monitor rig is Acer’s Predator Thronos Air. This is an upgraded version of its previous model, the Predator Thronos, for arguably the most immersive and heightened gaming experience possible. 

Acer does everything Cluvers does with their Imperator Works chairs and takes it up a notch with their Predator Thronos Air. For a whopping $13,999, all of your gaming needs are met. The mount is capable of displaying three monitors of your choice or it can opt for an ultrawide monitor up to 15kg. 

Its undeniably comfortable chair is ergonomically designed for support and comes with a massage feature when you need to wind down and relax in between matches. You can also utilize the chair’s 4D armrests and its 130 degree recline capabilities.

The design of this chair is on par with the Scorpion, if not superior. While the Scorpion certainly looks cool, the Predator Thronos Air really makes you feel like you’ve stepped into a gaming sphere or onto your gaming throne. It’s cabin doors and armrest help you feel comfortably cradled inside when gaming. The chair also comes with a wide range of storage options for gaming ease, including:

  • A peripheral tray for keyboards and gaming mouse
  • A PC landing pad
  • A built-in USB hub
  • Built-in cup holders
  • A headset rest

Anything you can think of, we guarantee is already there. To improve upon the previous model, Acer changed the hydraulics on this chair to allow alterations by hand and a white-glove setup service is included to ensure your chair is professionally assembled according to your space and gaming needs.