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The 5 Best Gaming Keyboard Switches

The 5 Best Gaming Keyboard Switches

When you’re gaming, a single moment can be the difference between victory and defeat. That’s why it’s so important you have a really responsive keyboard. The responsiveness of your keyboard, of course, starts with what kind of switches you have under the keys. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your keyboard with new switches, you’ve come to the right place. In our guide below we will first outline all the basics of keyboard switches, so you can make an informed decision when you pick yours. Then, to make things even easier for you, we’ve outlined the top five switches available on Amazon today. 

Which Keyboard Switches are Best for Gaming?

So now that we know more about what kinds of switches there are and how they look, it’s time to see some examples. 

Below we’ve outlined the top five keyboard switches available on Amazon, so you can pick the ones that are right for you: 

Genuine German Cherry MX Switch 3-pin

These 3-pin switches will dramatically boost your keyboard’s response speed if you’re transitioning from non gaming intended switches. It comes in a batch of 65 pieces or 105 depending on your needs. 

Gateron Patch Switch

With over fifty million laboratory tests for durability to back it up, this set of Gateron switches is perfect for anyone who takes their gaming seriously. It even comes with a handy switch replacement guide in case this is your first time. 

Drop + Invyr Holy Panda Mechanical Keyboard Switches

These switches from Drop are perfect for someone who wants a little more feedback from their keyboard without too much noise. These aren’t linear switches like some on this list, however, they still can lead to some great response times. The biggest benefit they offer, of course, is their level of tactile feedback. For some players that is make or break. 

EPOMAKER AKKO CS Custom Series Switches

These linear switches from EPOMAKER, come with a high degree of customizability. On Amazon you can choose from fourteen different color options. Of course, you also get the response times only linear switches can bring.  

Akko CS, 3 Pin 43gf Linear Switches

Akko’s set of linear switches here also offers a wide range of options when you order them. You can choose from eleven different color options and feel the full benefit of having linear switches in your mechanical keyboard. 

What Kinds of Keyboard Switches are There?

There are two basic kinds of keyboard switches. There are mechanical keyboard switches and membrane switches. Within those two types, there are also subtypes, but we’ll get to that shortly.

Membrane switches are the most common among nongamers. Under the keycaps of a membrane keyboard you will find a thin rubber piece, sometimes called a rubber dome, that runs under all the keys. Gamers tend not to like these as much because they generally aren’t as fast or tactile as their mechanical counterparts. 

Mechanical switches, on the other hand, are absolutely adored by gamers. Each key has its own physical switch beneath it for greater accuracy and speed, plus a more tactile feel. 

What Kinds of Mechanical Keyboard Switches are There?

As we alluded to previously, there are subtypes of switches under the general label of mechanical. These fall into three basic categories. 

Below we break down the three main types of mechanical switches that should interest gamers: 

  • Tactile Switches: When you press a key with a tactile switch, a stem goes down, but hits a bump midway to give it a more tactile feel. You’ll often see writers using these. 
  • Clicky Switches: These are just like tactile switches, except they make a click when the stem passes the bump. 
  • Linear Switches: This one is just like the tactile switch except it doesn’t have the bump. What this means is your keystrokes are registered slightly faster. 

While these all fall under the umbrella term “mechanical keyboard switches” they are good for different things. In the next section, we will let you know which one is best for gaming. 

What is the Best Kind of Keyboard Switch for Gaming

Generally, gamers like to use linear switches over the other two. This is because linear switches tend to be the fastest in the group. When you’re in an intense gaming session, that can make all the difference in the world.  

So, Which Keyboard Switch is Really the Best?

So now you’re probably wondering, which of these sets of switches is really the best?

Well, the truth is the best really depends on what your needs are. If you want more feedback but you don’t mind sacrificing a tiny bit of speed, the set from Drop is probably for you. If you want the best speeds at the best price, then go with the EPOMAKER from Akko. Which will you choose?