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The Best Mouse For WOW (Our Top 7 Picks)

The Best Mouse For WOW (Our Top 7 Picks)

While most people simply go buy a mouse that has a few buttons and scrolls through web pages or documents, there is a huge group of people that actually need a mouse for more than just scrolling. They need a mouth with more than 10 buttons that are extremely sensitive and can be bound to many different functions. 

What you want to specifically look for are settings and features that allow for maximum adjustments and changes so you can find a setting arrangement that works specifically for you. If a mouse isn’t working for you, or if you can’t adjust things to make it work, it won’t be a great investment long term. 

Corsair Scimitar Pro

Now, this mouse is customizable beyond just the functions of the buttons, you can completely move the side panel that houses the buttons. While it is made from plastic, the outer covering is a matte finish that will feel smooth to the touch. 

The mouse is wired and the DPI tops out at 16000 so you can adjust it to whatever your needs are and the movements are smooth and responsive. Now, unfortunately, this mouse is heavy and a tad bulky, but the positives outweigh these issues. 

(Source: Amazon, Rtings)

Logitech G600

This mouse is one of the most desired mice specifically for WOW. This mouse has 20 buttons total with the total ability to customize its functions, including the button on top that can access a totally different set of functions. 

This mouse isn’t made for smaller hands due to its heavy-duty and larger design, but it is more than worth the price tag of $80. This is one of the most customizable mice on the market that work well for the general population that plays WOW. 

(Source: Amazon, Rtings)

Razer Naga Trinity

If you are looking for a notably lightweight mouse, the Razer Naga Trinity is absolutely what you need. This mouse is built well and allows for a wide range of customization. You can change out the side panels and access whatever button configuration suits you best. 

This mouse is durable and even though it is made of plastic it can withstand many hours of use. You have a large DPI of 16000 to allow you whatever settings you need and you also have 24 different buttons you can use for whatever function you need. 

(Source: Fix The Photo, Amazon)

Corsair Ironclaw

If you happen to grip things tightly, or just have larger hands than the average person, you may need a mouse that is specifically made for these specific physical attributes. The Corsair Ironclaw is specifically made for those with larger hands so you can play comfortably without fear of breaking or being too rough with the mouse. 

Now, it’s not just made for heavy use, this mouse is also decently customizable with 7 buttons and a max DPI of 18000 to work with any of your sensitivity needs. 

(Source: High Ground Gaming, Amazon)

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Now, while this mouse doesn’t have very many buttons, it is specifically designed with smaller hands in mind. Even with only eight buttons, you still have a good amount of customization, especially with the Max DPI at 20,000. 

You can arrange your functions in any manner you need and change your sensitivity to what works best for you. 

(Source: Fix The Photo, Amazon)

Mad Cats Authentic 

This mouse is one of the most customizable mice on the market, which makes it perfect for WOW players. With multiple parts that adjust the length, width, and button placement, you can almost build your own mouse. 

Each button can have a few different functions depending on how you build the mouse, the DIP maxes out at 16,00 and you can also adjust the weight depending on your preference. 

(Source: High Ground Gaming, Amazon)

PICTEK Gaming Mouse

This mouse is more of a budget-friendly option, but it still allows you to customize and adjust things to your liking. Each of the seven buttons can be assigned a different function, the DPI maxes out at 7200 and it has a 5 million click lifespan. 

You can also change the backlight to add a bit more room for making it your own. 

(Source: Amazon)

Mouse BrandPositivesPrice
Corsair Scimitar Pro16000 DPISmooth Matte FinishWiredAround $100
Logitech G60020 Functional buttonsGreat for larger handsAround $80
Razer Naga Trinity16000 DPICustomizable panels24 ButtonsAround $40
Corsair Ironclaw18000 DPIMade for larger handsHeavy-dutyAround $60
Razer DeathAdder Elite20000 DPIMade For Smaller handsAround $70
Mad Cats AuthenticThe most customizable mouseAdjust the length, width, and weight16000 DPIAround $110
PicTek Gaming MouseBudget-FriendlyCustomizable5 million clicks lifespanAround $50

Final Thoughts

Getting the perfect mouse for intense games, such as WOW, is extremely important. If you aren’t able to customize the mouse to work with you, it won’t be worth your money. Finding the best mouse is easy once you know what to look for. 

Finding a mouse with enough functional buttons, a great DPI and a good lifespan will get you exactly what you need.