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The 5 Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboards

The 5 Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboards

A good mechanical keyboard can really boost your gaming performance due to all the tactile feedback you get. However, most people who have used mechanical keyboards have probably only ever tried ones that were average price. If that sounds like you, have you ever wondered what the most expensive models are like and if they boost your gameplay even more? 

That’s exactly what we wanted to know when we put together this list of the top five most expensive mechanical keyboards available on Amazon. We invite you to come along with us to explore what lies at the top of the line. We’ll find out if these keyboards are really worth the extra price or if you could get one just as good at a lower price. 

Why Use a Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming?

If you’re new to PC gaming, you may wonder why it is that so many gamers choose to use mechanical keyboards instead of any other type. There are actually several reasons why this is the case, ranging from tactile feedback to durability over time. 

Below we’ve highlighted just a few reasons why you might want to consider getting a mechanical keyboard yourself: 

  • More tactile feedback: With a mechanical keyboard, the keys are on actual springs. That’s why you get more of a “clickety-clack” sound when you type or play games on them. Not so on other types of keyboards like membrane keyboards.
  • They’re often more durable: While we wouldn’t recommend dropping any kind of keyboard if you can help it, a mechanical keyboard is far less likely to break than many other types. They’re known for holding up well over time. 
  • They often have faster speeds: Speed is everything when you’re in the middle of an intense gaming session. 
  • They have classic appeal: Let’s face it, using technology that still actually uses springs for its keys is kind of nostalgic. They definitely have a more classic feel than the other kinds of keyboards.

So basically, you can improve your performance in gaming and look good doing it all at the same time. Not bad.

What are Some of the Most Expensive Keyboards? 

We scoured Amazon to find their top five most expensive mechanical keyboards. All of the keyboards below are of top quality, and made from some of the finest materials. We chose not to use more than two from any one brand so we could bring you more variety. That said, if you pick any of them, you will pay a hefty price but it will last you a really long time.

Below we present to you the top five most expensive, high-quality keyboards available on Amazon:

ALEXHAN USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard

The ALEXHAN USB wired mechanical keyboard comes in at just under $2,000. Though the price may be high, you will get one of the finest available if you choose this keyboard.

This keyboard’s ergonomic design and unique visual appeal make it alluring from the beginning. Still, where this keyboard really shines is in the fact that all 104 keys have their own individual switches for anti-ghosting effects. Plus, you’ll be treated to some of the highest speeds available on the market. 

ALEXHAN Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB Led Backlit Wired Keyboard

If you liked the features of the last keyboard, but you didn’t like its unique design, you’re in luck. This ALEXHAN mechanical gaming keyboard has many of the same features as the previous model but with a completely different look. 

With its RGB backlighting, you will be able to easily see your keys no matter how dark it is. The colorful lights pop on the right when you click a key. From there you are treated to one of the best mechanical keyboards you can find on Amazon. 

ELXSZJ XTZJ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The ELXSZJ XTZJ mechanical gaming keyboard has just about everything you’d want from a gaming keyboard. Its ultra-thin design and RGB backlighting keep it looking great all the while. 

Like the previous models, this one has anti-ghosting features, ultra-fast speeds, and rational key mapping. You’ve really got to check this one out.  

YADSHENG Mechanical Gaming Keyboard USB 2.0

While this keyboard from YADSHENG may have fewer keys–it has 87–compared to the previous three, don’t let that fool you; it still packs a punch. 

With RGB lighting, ultra-fast speeds, and a comfortable design, you’ll be ready for any gaming or work session. 

XXH USB Wired Mechanical Keyboard

The last keyboard on our list brings us full circle. XXH’s USB wired keyboard is basically a mirror of the ALEXHAN model, except it costs almost $1,000 less. Save yourself some money and check this one out. 

So Really, Which is the Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboard?

The most expensive keyboard on this list is the first ALEXHAN model we took a look at. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s the best. So is there a best on this list, or are they all roughly the same?

While all of these keyboards are comparable in quality, the XXH USB wired keyboard and the first ALEXHAN model have the most features. Since they are practically the same, we would recommend you go with the former and save yourself a little money. Which one looked best to you?