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The 5 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest

The 5 Best Gaming Chairs with Footrest

What’s better than propping your feet up and settling into a long gaming session? Well with a gaming chair/footrest combo, you can do just that. Still, with so many different gaming chairs online, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. 

In our guide below, we will help you with that very problem by presenting you with our picks for the top five gaming chair/footrest combos online. Every chair on this list has been hand-selected to find the best possible quality at a reasonable price. We will include everything from the top-of-the-line, newest gaming chairs, to budget options that don’t sacrifice much quality. 

Are Gaming Chairs Better with a Footrest?

Believe it or not, it’s actually better for you–health-wise–to use a gaming chair with a footrest rather than a standard one without. Why is this you might ask?

Well, gaming chairs are better with a footrest because they not only make you more comfortable, they can also improve the circulation of blood in your body. They are quite literally more healthy to sit in than standard chairs. 

Additionally, you don’t want to downplay how important comfort itself is as well. If you’re sitting in an uncomfortable computer chair all day long, it can really mess up your back over time. In one of these chairs, however, you can stretch out your spine, find the best position for you and avoid that kind of long-term damage. 

What is the Best Gaming Chair with a Footrest?

So now that we know gaming chairs with footrests are demonstrably better than those without, let’s take a look at some actual models. Below we’ve put together a list of the top five gaming chairs with footrests available online, so you can make up your mind on which is right for you: 

RESPAWN RSP-110 Racing Style Gaming

If you enjoy playing racing games or you just like having an extra comfy chair with a footrest, check out the RESPAWN RSP-110. The ergonomic design of the chair, alongside its strategically placed padding, make it one of the most comfortable and safe chairs on this list. At the same time, the bold, blue/black design makes it good to look at as well. 

Of course with this chair, you also have a lot of options. The footrest can extend out or fold back into the chair, so you only need to use it when you want to. Additionally, you have options for height and even what angle your chair sits at. You really can’t go wrong with this one!

SMAX Gaming Chair with Footrest

The SMAX gaming chair with a footrest is perfect for anyone who values comfort. With its sturdy metal frame and molded foam sponge cushions, it will both support you and keep you nice and cozy while you kill it in whatever game you like to play. 

Additionally, this chair has a USB powered massage pillow with a removable head pillow, a retractable footrest, and 90° to 160° reclining. So basically, if you get this chair you’ll be able to prop your feet up, get a free massage, and sit at the perfect angle to see your screen. Gaming doesn’t get much better than that. 

Dowinx Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest 

The Dowinx Gaming Chair is great for anyone who wants to game, but also looks professional for their job at the same time. If you work from a home office, this chair will be just as good for you doing your work as it will be for gaming because of its elegant design and plain black color. 

Alongside its retractable footrest, this chair has a USB-powered massaging cushion, a comfortable headrest, and flexibility on its height and angle. As a bonus it is made from eco-friendly materials, so you don’t have to feel bad when the time comes to replace it. 

IYFAN Gaming Chair with Footrest

Don’t let the low price of fifty bucks fool you, this gaming chair still packs a powerful punch. For our budget option, let’s take a look at the IYFAN gaming chair with a footrest. Though you pay a lower price, you still get a head cushion, height, and angle adjustment, and of course a retractable footrest. 

If you just need the basics to get going, and you don’t like things that are too flashy, this is the gaming chair for you!

CGgJT Gaming Chair with Footrest 

Now that we’ve seen what you can get on a budget, let’s take a look at what you’ll get if you go all out. CGgJT’s gaming chair has everything you need. It’s got lumbar support, an adjustable seat, and some of the most comfortable cushions you will ever sit on.  

Of course, the angle of the backrest is also fully adjustable between 90° to 172°. The sturdy metal frame will ensure your back always has the support it needs. If you want to cut to the chase and get one of the best gaming chairs out there, this is a great option. 

So Really, Which is the Best Gaming Chair With a Footrest?

So which of the chairs on this list is actually the best gaming chair? Or is there really one best gaming chair at all?

The truth is, the best gaming chair really depends on your individual needs. If you’re really young, you may be fine saving money with a chair that offers a little less support. If you’re a little older or you have back problems, you want to be sure to get one with good lumbar support. So ask yourself, which one best serves you?