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The 9 Best Gaming Monitors for Under $500

The 9 Best Gaming Monitors for Under $500

Whether you are an advanced or novice gamer, you likely understand the importance of a high-quality monitor. Most gamers like to immerse themselves in the game and enjoy getting the feel of really being in the game. A quality monitor and system is the best way to accomplish this. Tech 

There are many monitors on the market, so searching for a perfect monitor can quickly become overwhelming. When choosing a monitor for your game system, you want to make sure you look for these things:

  • High resolution
  • Quick Response Time
  • Screen size

(Source: Intel)

If you want the authentic feel of being in the game without glitching or tech errors interrupting the game, these things are essential. Here are some of the best monitors to check all the boxes. 

Sceptre 25” Gaming Monitor

This monitor will help you jump right into any game you are playing. With a 25inch screen and one millisecond response time, there are no worries about delays when you are playing. The monitor comes equipped with a stand but can also be mounted to the wall if you prefer. 

The Sceptre is a middle-of-the-road monitor that will cost between $200-$250. There are multiple ports on the monitor to switch between systems easily. You need to understand this monitor is made explicitly for gaming. Because of this, you may not find it suitable for day-to-day use. 

Acer Nitro XV272U Gaming Monitor

This monitor will provide you with an intense lifelike experience playing your games. The 27-inch display has a rapid response and visual boost feature. This allows immediate refreshing and clear pictures as you are playing.  

The Acer Nitro is compatible with many devices, so connecting it should not be an issue. The monitor comes with a stand but can easily be adapted to a wall mount if that is your preference. You can find this monitor priced between $250-$325. 

Asus TUF Gaming Monitor

This mid-range monitor is equipped with low motion blur protection as well as shadow boost enhancements to perfect your gaming experience. The 27-inch monitor is compatible with most desk and wall mounts, easily placed for convenience. 

Gamers typically spend hours in front of the screen. The Asus has low blue light technology, which offers extra protection to your eyes for lengthy gaming sessions. You can buy this monitor for between $200-$300.

AOC Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor

This popular monitor has a curved screen to enhance your playtime. It has a speedy response time of .5ms which means your game will never be interrupted by a lagging visual. Another unique feature of this monitor is that it is frameless. If you are bothered by the thick outline, you will enjoy this feature. 

You can use the AOC curved monitor in many locations because of its ability to be wall or desk-mounted. The monitor is compatible with many different devices, given the proper connection cables are used. If you want to buy this monitor, you will spend between $300 and $400. 

Deco Gear Curved Ultra-wide 

This monitor is something you must see to believe. With a width of 35 inches and a curved display, you will feel like you are right in the game. With the ability to attach it to the wall or a desktop, you will find this advanced resolution monitor has a lot to offer. You can buy this monitor for between $300-$400. 

View Sonic Ultra-wide

This monitor boasts a 35-inch-wide curve and blue light protection to ensure comfortable viewing. You can choose to use the monitor with the included stand or mount it to the wall or an adjustable desk mount. The View Sonic is compatible with most operating systems, so you will likely be able to plug and play. You can buy this monitor for between $400-$500. 

AOC Frameless Gaming Monitor

The AOC Frameless monitor offers low blue light and a flicker-free display. A rapid refresh rate and shadow control provide the ultimate gaming experience. If you prefer a monitor without the restriction of a frame, you will likely enjoy using this monitor. You can buy this monitor for between $200-$300. 

Samsung Odyssey Gaming Monitor

The Samsung monitor offers a 32-inch display that provides an immersive gaming experience. With a rapid response and refresh rate, you won’t miss a beat during your gaming time. This monitor is ideal for a gamer that wants a quality mid-range monitor. You can buy this monitor for between $400-$500. 

Dell Curved Gaming Monitor

This monitor offers a 27-inch frameless display that provides an unbroken view of your game. The monitor is equipped with blue light protection and added vents to ensure the monitor stays cool for hours of play. You will also enjoy the flicker-free screen and rapid refresh rate. Expect to spend between $200-$300 for this monitor. 

Bottom Line

If you want to get the most out of your gaming experience, you must invest in a quality monitor. Gaming monitors are available in all price ranges with various capabilities. The most important factors are the resolution, response time, and screen size. Focusing on these things will help you to choose the best monitor.