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These Are the Best Nerf Scopes

These Are the Best Nerf Scopes

When you unbox your Nerf Blaster for the first time, you can start the fun right away. Yet, there are a host of accessories that can enhance your gaming experience, from clips to extra darts. The best accessory, though, is Nerf’s line of scopes.

We have five Nerf gun scopes that are considered top notch in our book, including the TEANTECH Scope Sight for Nerf Gun and The Nerf Modulus Targeting Light Beam. These improve a Nerf gun’s shooting range and accuracy.

These not only make your blaster look cool, but they also enhance your accuracy and are perfect for stealth blasting. Here, you can learn about the best Nerf scopes on today’s market. Not only do they take playtime to the next level, but they’re generally under $35.

Five of the Best Nerf Scopes

Now, the countdown begins! We’re going, to begin with, the cheapest options and work our way up. Here are five of the best Nerf scopes on today’s market:

Scope Sight for Nerf Gun

This lightweight plastic scope is available online for less than $10. While it’s reserved for children over the age of 14 years old, the installation is so easy even a small child could do it. When you look inside the scope, you can look through crosshairs so you can shoot a bullseye every time.

TEANTECH Scope Sight for Nerf Gun

First things first: this is the only product on this list that isn’t manufactured by Nerf. It’s made by a third-party company that makes attachments that work with Nerf Blasters. In addition to being less than $15, you can:

  • Improve your shooting accuracy
  • Perfect your long-range, stealth shooting skills
  • Stock up on darts; your purchase comes with 10 projectiles

Just like the other scopes on this list, installation is easy; it simply slides onto the top of your gun and remains firmly in place while you’re playing.


The Nerf Modulus Targeting Light Beam

These bad boys start at just under $20 and are compatible with other Nerf Modulus blasters, like the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster. With this scope:

  • You can aim using a precision light.
  • You can use Mega Whistlers Darts that “scream” through the air.
  • You can bring the “spice” to a game of ZombieStrike blasters.

You don’t need a tool kit to attach this scope to your blaster. It simply slides on, making installation easy.

The Nerf Modulus Long Range Targeting Upgrade Kit

This device is more than a scope; it’s an all-and-one kit that lets you “mod” your Nerf Blaster. In addition to coming with a scope, it comes with a stand that lets you balance your Blaster while you shoot. It also:

  • Lights up
  • Creates sound effects when you shoot a dart
  • Comes with a lightweight frame, making transportation easy

The Nerf Modulus Long Range Targeting Upgrade Kit has a 4.5-star rating out of nearly 1,200 reviewers. Many people purchase this device alongside the Nerf N-Strike Modulus ECS-10 Blaster and the Nerf Modulus Stealth Upgrade Kit, creating the ultimate Nerf Blaster arsenal.


The Nerf Rival Dot Sight  

This is the creme de la creme of Nerf Scopes––and for a good reason. As opposed to the other items on this list, it’s made of a durable PVC material, almost like the scopes you would use recreationally. With your investment of just $32, you can use the scopes:

Anti-reflective lens. If you’re playing outside in the sun, you can use your scope without any glares or blurs. When looking through the scope, you’ll have an eagle eye on your target. For it to work, you need to purchase AA batteries. Yet, because the scope is a low-drain accessory, you’ll rarely need to replace them.

Things To Know About Getting a Nerf Scope for Your Blaster

Before ordering your new accessory online, here are some things you should know first:

Not All Blasters Let You Attach Scopes

While many of Nerf’s products allow you to attach scopes, the smaller handheld ones do not. There are a few reasons for this, but mainly, handheld blasters aren’t meant for long-range shooting. Make sure that your Nerf blaster works with a scope before moving forward.

The Scopes Do Not Magnify Anything

While many of Nerf’s scopes come with plastic magnifying glass-like parts, they do not actually magnify anything. This is simply a decoration that adds to the user’s experience. If you’re looking for a scope that helps you aim, the closet you can get is one that comes with a laser, predicting where your dart will land.

Scopes Aren’t the Only Accessory You Can Add to Your Blaster

Scopes are only one of the many accessories you can add to your Nerf blaster. You can also get:

  • Magazines. Not, we’re not talking about the ones you find at the doctor’s office. Certain blasters come with slots for magazines, allowing you to store and fire multiple darts at once.
  • Darts. Most Nerf blasters only come with a certain number of darts. Obviously, if you’re serious about “nerfing,” you should purchase more ammo.

While not necessarily a Nerf blaster accessory, you can also opt for a tactical vest. This lets you store ammo, additional blasters, and other materials.

A Final Word

There are plenty of scopes on today’s market, but the best one for you ultimately depends on what blaster you have. For more information about Nerf’s scopes, click here.