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The Top 10 Nerf Blasters on Today’s Market

The Top 10 Nerf Blasters on Today’s Market

When you type “Nerf Blasters” into Google, you’re quickly faced with many options—some of which aren’t even being manufactured anymore. When faced with so many choices, you might wonder which are the top Nerf Blasters on today’s market.

Here, you can get the answer to that question and more. We will list the best Nerf Blasters into three categories: manual, motorized, and laser. Of course, we’ll save the best Nerf Blaster for last.

Category One: Manual

Most Nerf Blasters are “manual,” meaning that to shoot a dart, you have to pull the hammer back, pull the trigger, and then load another dart when you’re ready. Three of the best manual Nerf Blasters include:

The Nerf Elite 2.0

The best part about this Blaster is that, like many of Nerf’s products, it’s customizable. So, whether you’re going up against your little brother or a group of friends, you can make adjustments as necessary.

Some notable features about the Nerf Elite 2.0 include:

  • It comes with 25 darts, along with a clip that holds 10 darts at once.
  • This Blaster shoots darts up to 90 feet––perfect for long-range hits.
  • By using the “slide all” mechanism, you can control how many darts shoot at once. You can clear your clip within a few seconds of pressing the trigger.

The best part is that, for a Blaster that launches up to 10 darts at once, it doesn’t require batteries.

Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster

Honestly, this is one of the coolest-looking Blasters Nerf has to offer. It comes with two rotating 6-dart drums, letting you fire up to 12 darts in a single sitting. Each drum also rotates independently, so you don’t have to manually insert each dart.

There’s a reason why the Nerf Zombie Strike FlipFury Blaster has its name. Nerf has created games specifically for the device. You can learn more about playing Nerf-themed zombie games here.


The Nerf Hyper Rush Pump-Action Blaster

The Nerf Hyper Rush Pump-Action Blaster is different than other Nerf Blasters. That’s because instead of darts, it relies on small rubber balls. By pumping the “hopper,” you can shoot 30 of these balls within seconds.

Category 2: Laser Nerf Blasters

Some Nerf Blasters don’t need darts. Some rely on sensors and infrared lights to turn your living room into a laser tag arena. Examples include:

The Nerf Laser Ops Classic Ion Blaster 2

These handheld Blasters are perfect for one-on-one laser combat. The Nerf Laser Ops Classic Ion Blaster 2 can:

  • Shoot “lasers” up to 225 feet
  • Comes with health, ammo, and team indicators on the back of the Blaster
  • Go with you anywhere; you can slide them into your pocket for on-the-go gaming

It’s worth noting that, unlike the other Nerf lasers Blasters on today’s market, these Blasters are not compatible with the Nerf Laser Ops Pro app.

AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters

The AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters are much bigger than the previously-mentioned laser Blasters. However, it also comes with a 225-foot shooting range. You can also:

  • Pair it with the Nerf Laser Ops app
  • Track your movements
  • Divide players into teams (blue and red)

Your purchase also comes with an armband that lets you carry your smartphone on your arm.


Nerf Laser Ops Burst Fire Combat Blaster

The Nerf Laser Ops Burst Fire Combat Blaster:

  • Comes with an LCD screen that lets you track your health and ammo
  • Comes with unlimited ammo
  • Is compatible with both indoor and outdoor play

It also lights up in the dark, heightening your gaming experience.

Category 3: Motorized Nerf Blasters

Instead of loading each dart manually, motorized Nerf Blasters let you shoot one dart one after another without having to reload. Some of these products include:

NERF Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Motorized Blaster

This bad boy is perfect for “stealth mode.” Using a motor and circuit board, the NERF Modulus Ghost Ops Evader Motorized Blaster:

  • Lights up in the dark
  • Can release up to 12 darts in seconds
  • Comes with a barrel extension that improves your accuracy

This Blaster is also compatible with many Nerf scopes on today’s market.


The Nerf Ultra Focus Motorized Blaster

Requiring just two AA batteries, the Nerf Ultra Focus Motorized Blaster:

  • Comes with a removable 10-dart clip
  • Comes with “sights” so you can shoot a bullseye every time
  • Lets you shoot 10 darts in a row 

While your purchase comes with darts, this Blaster is not compatible with most darts on today’s market. If you want more than the 20 darts that come with your purchase, you’ll need to buy Nerf Ultra Darts to play.

The Nerf Perses Mxix-5000 Rival Motorized Blaster

This is another one of Nerf’s Blasters that don’t use traditional darts. Yet, by pulling the trigger, you can shoot eight rubber balls a second. Thanks to the motor, the balls themselves can travel 100 feet per second. Finally, it comes with a rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to keep buying batteries.

The Best Nerf Blaster: the Nerf Ultra Select

The Nerf Ultra Select is one of the most highly-rated Blasters on today’s market. It comes with two separate magazines that can each hold different types of darts. This gives you some variety when on the battlefield. It also carries up to 20 darts and sends them through the barrel at high speed.


A Final Word

The best Nerf Blaster on today’s market truly depends on how often you play, your budget, and other related matters. To view Nerf’s complete list of Blasters, click here.