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30 Of The Best LEGO Plans For Free

30 Of The Best LEGO Plans For Free

What can be better than playing with LEGO? Doing it without even spending a cent. In this post, we are going to show you 30 of the best LEGO plans for free. Mind you, if you don’t have all the pieces needed to build it, you will need to spend some money buying them. But if you do have the pieces from other sets you own, you can engage in these plans without opening your wallet.

Keep in mind that these are all creations from LEGO fans or, as they are usually called, MOCs (My Own Creation). If you are looking for plans for original LEGO sets, they are all freely available. A website we like to access them is

MOC – Avtoros Shaman 8×8

Designer: Madoca1977

Inventory: 2576 parts

Theme: Technic

This MOC plan is one of the most liked MOCS in Rebrickable. You can see why if you check the video that accompanies the description. The Avtoros Shaman 8×8 looks really well done and it comes with a lot of features that you would not expect from a MOC, and especially not from a free one.

If you want to download the plan or check the MOC in more detail, you can do so by following this link.

MOC – Plus-Size AT_AT

Designer: raskolnikov

Inventory: 2499 parts

Theme: Star Wars

Our next plan is from Star Wars and from designer raskolnikov. This is basically a bigger version of the AT_AT set. According to the designer: “The “Plus-Size AT-AT” has the same playability and basic structure of LEGO’s AT-AT sets, but with greater size, more detail, and a little more than 2x the parts.”

If you would like to download this plan or have a look at the description in more detail, you can do it by clicking on this link.

MOC – Wing Body Truck

Designer: Madoca1977

Inventory: 4128 parts

Theme: Technic

Another excellent plan from Madoca1977. The best thing about this designer is that he has a lot of free yet very well done plans. This one is his biggest MOC. The following are some of the motors that are included: two motors for driving, one motor for steering, two motors for opening each side of the cargo bay, two motors for operating the tailgate, one motor for tilting the cabin, and one motor for the lights.

The video that accompanies the description is very impressive and you will be able to see perfectly all the motors in action, and much more. Be sure to check it out by clicking here.

MOC – Sisyphus Automata (Motorized)

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 1236 parts

Theme: Sculptures

This plan, also featured in our post “The Ultimate 35 LEGO Plans To Build”, does not have a lot of parts, but we really like the design and how well it works. The design features Greek mythology Sisyphus and his boulder and what we liked the most is how realistically the figure moves.

We recommend checking the video out where you can see the figure moving. You can do that and download the plan by clicking here.

MOC – Tatra 813 Trial Truck

Designer: Madoca1977

Inventory: 2527 parts

Theme: Technic

Another excellent plan from this designer, this truck will go over any obstacle. With 8 wheels that move independently, it adapts to the terrain and does not lose its stability easily. With its power, it also manages to go up steep planes.

The video posted in the description of this set showcases all this and much more, so be sure to check it out. There you will also be able to download the plans should you wish to do so. You can do both things by following this link.

MOC – Central Perk Big Bang Theory modular

Designer: Berthil

Inventory: 4294 parts

Theme: Creator > Creator Expert

This is a very detailed plan, with a lot of effort put into it. According to the designer, more than 120 hours went into creating this set. This plan combines Central Perk (21319) and Big Bang Theory (21302) sets into one big set. It does that while also keeping all the original design elements of both sets.

If you own both these sets, you will for sure have at least a third of the bricks required to complete this set. If you would like to get a bit more information on what bricks you need or would like to download the instructions, you can do so by clicking here.

MOC – Botanical Garden

Designer: Berthil

Inventory: 2403 parts

Theme: Creator > Creator Expert

This Botanical Garden plan features an indoor Sakura tree, a fountain, numerous plants, and a flower shop plus a coffee corner. The roof with ventilators can be removed so the inside can be accessed from the top.

If you would like to see some pictures of the built plan or you would like to download the plan, you can do so by following this link.

MOC – Earth, Moon and Sun Orrery

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 462 parts

Theme: Technic

This MOC is a model of the Solar System that illustrates the positions and motions of the planets and moons, usually according to the heliocentric model. In this case, the designer has focused only on the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun. The sizes of the different items are not up to scale, but, according to the author, it’s reasonably accurate in terms of the rotation and orbital periods of the objects.

If you would like to check it out and maybe build it yourself, be sure to click here.

MOC – Ultimate 42009


Inventory: 2609 parts

Theme: Technic

This is a fully remote-controlled motorized modification for the 42009 Mobile Crane Mk II set. So, in this case, the designer has taken a current design and has made sure that all the functions were remote-controlled and motorized.

If you like this set and would like the upgrade or if you are curious about this, you can check the description and the plans by following this link.

MOC – Tensegrity Sculpture

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 56 parts

Theme: Sculptures

This is a very small plan for what we usually feature, but it is so original that we thought it deserved to be featured. It is basically a small tensional integrity sculpture. The center of the mass of the upper part of the model is such that all the chains are in tension, resulting in a stable system that seems to defy gravity.

It is difficult to explain, but be sure to check the short video in the description because it is very impressive. You can do so by clicking here.

MOC – Blue Lightning Buggy

Designer: Madoca1977

Inventory: 471 parts

Theme: Technic

This is a simple design from Madoca1977, at least compared to some of the other ones he has done. However, it is still a very good one. This Buggy is extremely robust and can go over obstacles without any problem.

We recommend that you watch the video with this buggy in action and you will for sure want to build it for yourself. You can check it out by following this link.

MOC – LEGO Docking Bay 327 for UCS Falcon

Designer: jmfbtb

Inventory: 7805 parts

Theme: Star Wars > Mini > Star Wars Episode 4/5/6

This is a great MOC of a docking bay for the UCS Falcon. According to the designer “The goal was to build a high-quality set while keeping part count (i.e. cost) down as much as possible”.

The result is very impressive and, if you are a fan of Star Wars, we would recommend that you check it out by clicking here.

MOC – LEGO Technic Custom Forklift Mk II

Designer: KevinMoo

Inventory: 1768 parts

Theme: Technic

Designer KevinMoo has done an excellent job with this plan. The end result is a very well designed vehicle with some very cool features. When built, this forklift measures over 420 mm (16.53″) long, 150 mm (5.91″) wide, and 210 mm (8.27″) high. The fork reaches a maximum height of 220 mm (8.66″), which is pretty impressive. It can also withstand a load of over 0.9 kg (1.98 lb), which is not neglectable for such a small vehicle.

If you would like to see this forklift in action and would like to download the plan, you can do so by following this link.

MOC – Porsche 919 Hybrid

Designer: Charbel

Inventory: 1904 parts

Theme: Technic

This plan is a replica of the Porsche 919 hybrid that can be seen each year at LE MANS. According to the designer, it took him 170 hours to design it, spending a full 3 weeks to create it. The most challenging parts were, according to the designer, the gearbox, and the overall bodywork.

We really like how this model looks and we recommend that you check the pictures and the video by clicking here.

MOC – Grove GMK6400 Mobile Crane MK III

Designer: Community Project on Eurobricks

Inventory: 3593 parts

Theme: Technic

This plan was a community project done on the Eurobricks forum. Check the link above for access to the specific thread. This is a very impressive design that shows the power of shared projects and of passion for a hobby. The most impressive feature is how high the mobile crane goes, but this plan is packed with awesome details.

If you would like to have a look at the images, the video and the explanation of this project, you can do so by clicking on this link.

MOC – Vintage Monster Truck

Designer: Madoca1977

Inventory: 1683 parts

Theme: Technic

Another excellent design by Madoca1977, this Monster Truck is designed to go over any obstacle you can imagine. It is inspired by 80’s monster trucks made from lifted and modified Ford pickup trucks.

We recommend that you check the video where Madoca1977 puts this truck to a test through very rough terrain. An awesome set to build. You can check it out here.

MOC – Dacoma 4×4 Redux

Designer: Madoca1977

Inventory: 1606 parts

Theme: Technic

Madoca1977 came up with another excellent design of a 4×4 that goes over any terrain. This is an improved version of an older design he did. It has LED lights for the headlights and openable hood, doors, and tailgate.

Be sure to check his video to see this vehicle going through the gravel and some big sized rocks. You can do so following this link.

MOC – Clockwork Heart

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 182 parts

Theme: Sculptures

Another great design by JKBrickworks, who always comes with very interesting and original ideas for his MOCS. In this case, as the left side spins continuously, the piston drives the right side intermittently. It becomes mesmerizing to watch, especially if you have a heartbeat as a noise background.

You can have a look at the video or the description where you will find more information on how this works and how you can go about building one for you. You can find it all by clicking here.

MOC – Motorized Bus

Designer: HallBricks

Inventory: 2673 parts

Theme: Technic

This is a very nice design from HallBricks. According to the designer, it took over a year to get this all finished, but with a lot of other projects in between. The hardest part was to make the doors work, having to rebuild the mechanism for at least five times. This vehicle measures about 75x25x26 studs, or 60x20x21 cm.

If you would like to see it in action, be sure to check the video in the description. We found it very impressive. You can check it out by following this link.

MOC – Deep Sea Creatures Swimming Shark Stand

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 147 parts

Theme: Creator > Creator 3-in-1

Another little invention from JKBrickworks, you can make the shark swim with this cute configuration. This plan is a modification of the set Deep Sea Creatures (31088). The stand has room to display the components of the main model of the set, that is, the shark itself, a crab, and a treasure chest. In order to make the shark swim, a few changes to its design and some additional parts are needed.

You can find out more about this and download the plan by following this link. Be sure to check the video where the designer shows the shark swimming.

MOC – Hogwarts Castle Miniature Model

Designer: EthanBrossard

Inventory: 2832 parts

Theme: Harry Potter

This is a plan that Harry Potter fans will love. The designer has done a small scale model of Hogwarts castle from the Harry Potter film series. This model has all the features of the castle. It also includes the quidditch grounds, Hagrid’s hut, the owlery, the forbidden forest, the whoping willow, the pond in the forbidden forest where Harry conjure a Patronus, and the boathouse.

Be sure to check it out in this link. There are a lot of images so you can have a better idea of what the result of this magnificent plan is.

MOC – UCS HulkBuster Mod

Designer: Skecys

Inventory: 1424 parts

Theme: Super Heroes > Avengers

This plan is an improved modification of UCS Hulkbuster (set 76105). It features fully articulated knee joints and an all-round bulkier, more proportionally, and correct frame. This plan uses most parts of the original LEGO SET.

This is a great plan to build if you like the avengers or you are looking for a toy to do a bit of roleplay with. Check out the video and the description to get a better idea of what you can expect by clicking here.

MOC – Articulated SW AT-ST v2.1

Designer: gol

Inventory: 719 parts

Theme: Star Wars

This set by gol is a fully articulated, minifig-sized, Star Wars AT-ST. Version 2.1. According to some comments, this version is even better than the official sets from LEGO. It seems like it has a few rare parts, but nothing you won’t be able to purchase after a bit of research.

You can have a look at the images and download the plan by clicking on this link.


Designer: Charbel

Inventory: 224 parts

Theme: Technic

The next plan is a simple TECHNIC 8-speed sequential gearbox with no rubber band. The most praised characteristic of this gearbox is its size because the designer has managed to fit a very complex gearbox that usually occupies much more space into a small and compact shape.

If you would like to check this gearbox with the cool video demonstrating the 8 different speeds, you can do so by clicking here.

MOC – Working Combination Safe

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 286 parts

Theme: Sculptures

Another great creation from JKBrickworks, this LEGO piece works like a safe. This safe features a working 3 number combination lock. The coolest characteristic is that it is constructed in such a way that you will not be able to take it apart. So, make sure you determine the combination before you lock it. Otherwise, you will need to break some bricks in order to get into the safe, which is in itself very cool.

If you would like to see how this works or maybe are considering building one yourself, you can check it out by following this link.

MOC – Battlestar Galactica Super Scale

Designer: OnTheEdge

Inventory: 20156 parts

Theme: Space

This is, by far, the biggest free plan available from this list. This is the model of the Battlestar Galactica. According to the designer, this model is an exact replica of the original one. The model has an internal superstructure in order to achieve maximum stability, something very important with a set this big. To build this model, you need to build it in separate modules, the front body, the middle body, the side pods, and the engines.

This plan, when built, gives a model that measures over 154 cm (61”) long, 61 cm (24”) wide and 36 cm (14”) high, including the stand. The weight is also impressive, going over 20kg (692 oz).

We think you should at least have a look at this huge plan and, if you have a lot of free time, you can maybe think about building it. You can check it by clicking here.

MOC – 42078 MACK Anthem SBrick

Designer: jb70

Inventory: 1560 parts

Theme: Technic

This is a variation of the set 42078 Mack Anthem. What the designer has done here is upgrade the truck with motors and remote control, so you can move it around without having to drag it. The main aim has been to do that while keeping the original shape and design. These are the following added pieces:

– 2x M-motors for driving

– 1x Servo-motor for steering

– 1x SBrick for remote control (not included in the part list)

– 1x 9V AAA battery box

If you would like to have a look at this plan, you can do so by following this link.

MOC – Lawn Mower Man

Designer: JKBrickworks

Inventory: 1464 parts

Theme: Creator

This is one of our favorite plans from the list because of how different and how well done it is. JKBrickworks has done an amazing job here as well with this kinetic figure of a man endlessly mowing the lawn.

Be sure to check out the video where JKBrickworks explains the process for building it so you can see the “trick” to make it look like the grass is being cut. It is so well done that once the mower is on, it is impossible to see what is going on under it. You can access it by clicking here.

MOC – Drill rig- 42055 C model

Designer: BrickbyBrickTechnic

Inventory: 3929 parts

Theme: Technic

The next plan is a variation of the set 42055-1 Bucket Wheel Excavator. It has a lot of functions, all of them motor powered. These functions include drill rotation, superstructure rotation, driving, drill lowering, and boom pitch change. It is complex to build but will give you endless hours of fun both while building it and afterward.

If you would like to check the video description and download the plan to build it, you can do so by following this link.

MOC – Airport Catering Truck 42043 C MODEL

Designer: BrickbyBrickTechnic

Inventory: 2858 parts

Theme: Technic

Our last plan from the list is also a modification of an existing set. In this case, this is an alternate built of the 42043-1 Mercedes Benz Arocs 3245. The coolest feature among the many nice ones is the chance to automatically raise the container on the back of the truck, like the real trucks at the airport. This vehicle is very well done, especially for a free plan.

If you would like to have a closer look at the video description or download the plan, you can do so by clicking here.

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Final words

And with this last plan, we have arrived at the end of this post. Most plans are quite inexpensive compared to the time investment you put into them or on the money investment if you need to purchase many pieces. Therefore, we would recommend that you also have a look at our post “The Ultimate 35 LEGO Plans To Build”, where we have also included some premium plans that any LEGO fan will enjoy to build.

If you prefer official LEGO sets instead of fan creations, you can check our post “These Are The Biggest LEGO Sets Ever Made” or our post “These Are The Most Difficult LEGO Technic Sets To Make” for some real challenges.