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5 Crazy Nerf Dart Mods Ideas to Pimp Up Your Projectiles!

5 Crazy Nerf Dart Mods Ideas to Pimp Up Your Projectiles!

Nerf guns on their own can be tons of fun! You may or may not have discovered modifications you can add to your gun to improve its functionality. However, there is so much more you can do to improve your Nerf guns besides adding gun mods and trying out different Nerf darts produced by Nerf. Get the most out of your Nerf gun by customizing your Nerf darts!

With a few simple modifications, your Nerf darts can be flying further, faster, and more accurately in no time! Keep reading to find out my 5 favorite Nerf dart mods and how to do them!

Weighted Tips

For this Nerf dart modification, you will need your Nerf darts (any type will do; however, I would avoid using any whistler darts. Those darts will no longer whistle with this modification), one size 0 fishing weight for every dart, and hot glue.

  1. Start by plugging in your hot glue gun to heat up. Then begin pulling the tops off of each of the darts, being careful enough not to rip the tops.
  2. Once all the tops are removed apply a small ring of hot glue to the tip of the dart and pressing the fishing weight into the glue.
  3. Once that is in place you can clip the tail off of the tip of the dart and glue it over the fishing weight. (You do not need to replace the dart tips if you do not want to. The darts will still fly without the rubber top protection.)
  4. Let the darts dry in an upright position and then start firing again!

While this modification may not look the prettiest, it certainly is easy to complete and gets the job done. After this modification, your darts can fly up to 60 feet and more accurately hit at short range! An added bonus to this modification is that you can still use it for games that include human targets! (However, I would advise that all players wear eye protection and users avoid making headshots.)

Visit Instructables Outside to see how this project turns out!

Straw Insert

One of the greatest faults of Nerf darts is that what they make up for in fun, they often lack in accuracy.

Help your darts fly farther by inserting a straw into each of the darts. This gives them a bit more form and strength allowing the darts to fly further.

  1. Insert the straw into the back of the Nerf dart gently pushing until you can not put it in anymore.
  2. After the straw is all the way in the dart, pull the straw out about 1/8th of an inch and cut along the edge of the dart.
  3. Push the straw back in to ensure that the straw and the dart are not flush.
  4. Pull it out with a pair of needle nosed pliers, apply a ring of super glue towards the front of the dart, and then push the straw all the way back in with the needle nosed pliers.
  5. Hold the dart steady until it is dried and then repeat for the remainder of your darts!

This modification can be done with any version of Nerf darts and does not alter how they look.

Watch this video to follow along with the modification!

Needle Tip Darts

WARNING: After completing this modification the modified darts can no longer be fired towards animals, people, or breakable objects!

Do you like to play darts? Use a Nerf gun to take the game to the next level! For this modification, you only need a pair of pliers, tweezers, and needles.

  1. Hold the dart in one hand with the pliers (not squeezing them too tight), and the needle in the other hand with a pair of tweezers.
  2. Insert the needle in from the back. Do your best to get the needle centered in the dart in order to get the best accuracy with this modification.

It is as simple as that! If you want to secure your needle in the dart more you can drop some hot glue or super glue down the back. (Do not fill the entire dart with glue!) Once the glue is dry you are ready to start your game of darts!

Exploding Dart Tip

WARNING: This dart modification should not be fired at people, animals, or breakable objects.

This dart modification is a fun and unique customization you can add to your Nerf darts. But be warned: This dart modification is only good for one shot and will need to be repeated any time you wish to use it!

To complete this mod you will need sidewalk snap pops and some super glue.

Rip the top of your Nerf darts, apply a bit of glue to the tail of the snap pop and attach it to the front of the dart. Use Tweezers in the back end to hold the tail to the dart while it dries. Once dry, fire at a solid surface and listen to the pops on impact!

Watch the video below to see both the needle tip and exploding tip modification!

Colored Darts

In a Nerf battle, everyone’s Nerf darts will look exactly the same. If you have already added special modifications to your darts or simply want to keep your darts separate from the others, color your darts uniquely!

Simply paint them and or color them with markers and join the fun at the next Nerf war, knowing exactly which darts are yours!