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Nerf Longshot Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your Longshot!

Nerf Longshot Modding Guide: The Best Mods for Your Longshot!

Nerf released their first Longshot blaster, the Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6, in 2006. The CS-6 came with a 6 dart clip and could fire darts up to 35 feet. The later released Longshot CS-12 improved on both firing capacity and range, featuring a 12 clip and range of up to 40 feet. Nerf Longshot dart blasters, while already a great addition for any Nerfer’s collection, can become even more powerful through a few simple modifications.

If you are ready to make some changes to your Nerf Longshot blaster to improve your Nerfing game, keep reading to find some great battle modifications for your Longshot blasters!

Basic Longshot Mods

Not all blaster modifications need to be drastic overhauls in order to greatly improve the blaster’s performance levels. One simple modification you can make to either your Nerf Longshot CS-6 or CS-12 is to seal the slip slot.

Inside this area, there is a small hole located at the end of the black piston. While this hole is small, it allows air to escape when the blaster is fired. This results in darts not flying nearly as far nor accurately. By sealing this hole, you can greatly improve the firing ability of your Nerf Longshot without very much work!

  1. To locate this hole, you will need to ensure that there are no darts or clips in the blaster.
  2. With no clip in the blaster, slide the bolt back and forward as if you were reloading the blaster. This will ensure that there are no darts left in the gun.
  3. Once the gun is empty, flip the gun upside down so that you are looking directly into the clip slot.
  4. Locate the air hole on the piston (you may need a flashlight for this).
  5. Cover the hole with some strong tape or glue. Whatever you choose to cover the hole with needs to be thin enough to not interfere with the darts in the chamber. If you use super glue or hot flue you may need to sand it smooth before using the blaster again.
  6. Now that you have covered this hole, load the gun and shoot! With more air pushing the dart, it should fly more accurately at a further range.

Learn more about this and other simple Longshot mods on WikiHow!

Longshot Spring Replacement

Another simple modification you can make to improve the performance of your blaster is a spring replacement. This is typically a fairly easy modification that can greatly improve the distance your Longshot fires darts.

Start by gathering your materials. You will need a new, more powerful spring. (Click here to get the WORKER Longshot CS-12 Spring Upgrade for your modifications today.) If you are looking for a spring that will work in both the CS-6 and the CS-12 check out the Orange Mod Works Spring here!

Now that you have your tools and replacement springs, it’s time to start modifying your Nerf Longshot blaster! Watch this video by Lord Draconical to see how to do his Longshot CS-6 spring replacement.

Longshot Mod Kits

When looking for blaster modifications, chances are you have come across several websites advertising “mod kits.” But what exactly is a mod kit?

Many Nerfers who have spent lots of time modifying different Nerf blasters have built custom modification kits that you can then purchase to install on your own blasters. The Nerf Longshot blaster kits typically focus on converting the blaster from a bolt action to a pump-action blaster. This change makes it easier to quickly prime the blaster in on-the-go battle situations.

One of the kits available for the Nerf Longshot blasters includes the WORKER Mod Pump Kits. While installing this kit will include some more work than other types of modifications, it will give you a sleeker blaster that will be easier to use while in battle.