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9 Best Uses for an AirTag

9 Best Uses for an AirTag

Your AirTag is full of possibilities. If you misplace something with an AirTag attached, you can find it in seconds using the “Find My” app. The best uses for an AirTag really depend on what’s important to you. You can slide it into your wallet, affix it to your dog’s collar, or attach it to your keys. There’s also a host of accessories that can enhance your user experience.

Below, we’ll cover the nine best uses for your new AirTag!

Locate Lost Apple Products

Every iPhone, MacBook, and iPad comes with the “Find My” app. Users can find their Apple devices using Bluetooth. For instance, if you lose your phone at your friend’s house, you can use your tablet to find it.

Knowing how to use your AirTag can give insight into its best use. You can find items by:

  1. Opening the Find My app
  2. Choosing your AirTag
  3. Following the on-screen instructions
  4. Following the on-screen navigational directions
  5. Checking “X” once you find your device

You must have your devices’ Bluetooth on to work. Your AirTag won’t pair with a device that doesn’t have this feature enabled.

Keep Track of Keys

When you purchase the Apple AirTag leather keyring, you can attach it anywhere, like your keys. Whether you’re afraid of losing your home keys or work keys, placing your AirTag in this carrying case nearly eliminates that concern. These keyrings also come in nine different colors.

Always Find Your Pets

Losing your dog or cat is a terrifying experience. However, instead of frantically posting on NextDoor or prowling the neighborhood, consider attaching the AirTag to their collar.

You can do this by purchasing the Arae AirTag case. This lets you hang the AirTag from your dog’s collar. It’s inconspicuous, too; it’ll fit perfectly behind their nametag.

Keep Your Wallet Safe from Theft

Here, you don’t have to purchase a third-party carrying case. Simply slide the AirTag into your wallet, and you’re good to go. If someone finds your wallet, the AirTag protects your safety; they won’t have access to your Apple account or any other information.

Track Your Child While They’re at School

Your AirTag acts as a tracking device. If your child walks to school or rides the bus, you can view their location on the “Find My” app. As noted, you can attach the AirTag to their backpack using a keychain add-on.

Also, it’s worth noting that AirTag’s battery lasts at least a year, perfect for the school year.

Keep in Touch with Seniors with Dementia

Sometimes, seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease get confused and “elope,” meaning they leave their homes. In seconds, a trip to the store can turn into an afternoon of confusion, fear, and uncertainty.

You can attach an AirTag using a CareTag necklace. With this accessory, your loved one carries an AirTag around their neck, so you can easily find them.

Maintain Personal Safety

If you go for long walks at night or to your job early in the morning, you might have concerns about your safety. While your AirTag won’t call the police or blow a signal, it can find your location if you’re incapacitated.

Remember: anyone with a “Find My” app can link to your devices. Using your email and password, they can find both you and your items if something happens.

Find Your Car

Pressing the panic button on your car’s key gets old fast. Instead of aimlessly wandering around a mall parking lot, place the AirTag in your case’s glove box. AirTags are pretty hardy. They can work in temperatures between -22 degrees to 140 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about it melting or freezing in your car. 

Never Lose Anything Underwater

AirTag has a water-resistant rating of IP67. This basically means that the AirTag is totally protected from dust and, up to a certain limit, can withstand water immersion between 5.9 inches to 3.2 feet.

So, if you’re on a boat and you drop your keys, the AirTag will only work to a certain point. However, you can buy a water-resistant case and put your AirTag in it. Alternatively, you can do a DIY method and use an airtight Ziploc bag.

As long as the AirTag has Bluetooth enabled and power, it should connect to your device, even if it’s under several feet of water.

In Summary

When deciding how to use your AirTag, ask yourself: “What am I afraid of losing?” Using a keychain, necklace, or DIY carrying case, your AirTag can track virtually anybody and anything.

To learn more about operating this device, consult your user manual.