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How to Go to the Bathroom Wearing Shapewear

How to Go to the Bathroom Wearing Shapewear

How do you use the restroom while wearing shapewear? In a word, carefully. As a general rule, while in the bathroom, don’t get sloppy. Shapewear is designed to allow for this without removing the entire piece, but there are a few tips to keep in mind to stay clean and dry.

We have a few suggestions for those who still have some questions about the most efficient and cleanest way to use the restroom while wearing shapewear. Additionally, there are a few alternatives to shapewear that can prevent these bathroom mayhems altogether.

Spread the Material

After undoing the opening of the crotch, spread the material wide, careful not to rip the seams. The shapewear should provide enough room to center yourself. Here, some women choose to line the area with toilet paper along the crotch’s fabric for additional protection from dampness.

Sit Straight

One technique is to sit down with your knees either together or spread apart and your back straight. This ensures your stream doesn’t turn or spray somewhere unexpectedly. If you move positions while peeing, you could accidentally point the stream in the wrong direction and get it on yourself or your clothes.

Sit Backward

Another sitting technique would be to sit down on the toilet backward, facing the tank instead of the door. This will naturally keep your knees wide and your body straight. However, this will require that you remove underwear or pants or anything that will end up gathering around your ankles.

Use Specialty Products

There are several items for sale that assist specifically in keeping you and your clothes dry while peeing in shapewear. One such item is called peeLUX, and it makes peeing worry-free. It’s available on Amazon. There you can find similar products to ease your mind when you’re out and about and nature calls.

Remove Everything

If you have the time and space, perhaps the most foolproof way to safely use the restroom while wearing shapewear is to take it all off. This route, however, means you have to put it all back on again, making sure it fits on your body just right. This option is not recommended if your skin is sweaty or wet. The shapewear will not go back on the same if your skin is moist.

Shapewear Alternatives to Make Using the Bathroom Easier

There are a few alternatives to shapewear to keep in mind that don’t hinder you in the restroom. These alternatives might not provide the same results or comfort as shapewear, but they will also prevent problems in the bathroom.

For example, not all shapewear covers the crotch. For some, it’s compressed around the thighs or tummy. Positioning on the toilet is important depending on which type of shapewear you’re wearing. One website has several suggestions depending on the type of shapewear and underwear you’re working with, whether it’s mainly around your legs or your waist, or whether or not you’re wearing a thong.

Below are a few other alternative options to shapewear that offer the same benefits while making it easier to use the bathroom:


Pantyhose, or tights, are such a thin material that they do not add any bulk to your legs or hips. Pantyhose worn under pants provide enough compression to most body types that you will feel a difference in shape and surface tension of your legs and stomach, too, depending on how high the pantyhose rise.


Corsets are much like shapewear, except they only provide compression around the waist. Therefore, you can wear pants or dresses, and it sits above or on the hips, so it won’t get in the way of peeing. However, it might make you have to pee more often because of how it clenches around your organs.

Compression Tops

Compression tops, whether tank tops or tops with full-length sleeves, will not be an issue with going to the bathroom as long as it does not snap at the crotch. There are many benefits to wearing compression tops, especially when being active.


In short, when using the bathroom while wearing shapewear, it’s important to spread the fabric and hold it in place. Sit straight and still, and be sure to clean up. Some products will also easily fit in a purse to assist you while in the restroom.

Wearing shapewear throughout the day brings on various challenges and difficulties. Tasks as basic and frequent as going to the bathroom shouldn’t be a hindrance to you. Take your time to ensure accuracy and cleanliness. Like most things in life, the more you do it, the easier and smoother it will become.