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Best Hairsprays and Other Products to Use with the Dyson Airwrap

Best Hairsprays and Other Products to Use with the Dyson Airwrap

Curling your hair with the Dyson Airwrap can look great once you have finished. And for a lucky few, the curl will stay in place for a couple of hours. For the rest of us, the curl will fall almost immediately. Therefore, you can add some hairspray or other products to secure your hair for long-lasting curls.

There is a lot of diversity when it comes to our hair. What works for one might not work for another. Thick, fine, dry, or silky hair might all be treated and styled differently. Therefore, below, we’ll discuss how you can get the best results with your Dyson Airwrap with various products based on your hair type.

The Best Products to Use with the Dyson Airwrap

The following products are ideal for use with the Dyson Airwrap to lock in hairstyles and promote healthy hair:

  • Texturizing hairsprays work best with the Dyson Airwrap is because they are a dry hairspray. They hold the curls without weighing them down, and they absorb oils.
  • You can also use dry shampoo as a final addition to hold the curl. They both work similarly to give the hair grit to stick to.
  • The Dyson Airwrap is great because it mostly spins your hair onto the product for you. But it still uses heat to secure the curl before blasting cool air. Therefore, it is also recommended that you apply a heat protectant before using the device.
  • To avoid frizz, it might also be a good idea to purchase a serum for before and after curling.

Hair Products for Flat Hair

Besides using a heat protectant, while your hair is still wet or damp, you can apply a product similar to a serum. L’Oreal Pli spray helps to hold curl and add body for those hair types that are fine or flat.

Another product is called Colorwow Raise the Root, and it assists in lifting the roots for more volume and thickening. The Fudge XXL Hair Thickener goes on the roots and the tips for better body and volume.

Before curling your hair, if you have trouble getting your hair to reach a pleasant volume naturally, it is recommended to apply a styling mousse while it’s wet.

Hair Products for Especially Frizzy Hair

If your hair is prone to frizz, whether it’s due to breakage or new growth, it is a good idea to apply a serum before curling your hair. In this video, the user recommends applying the serum from Body Works after gently brushing out the curls and before spraying on a hairspray. This will greatly help in keeping the flyaways from breaking free.

Another great product is called Colorwow Dreamcoat. This smooths hair down for more textured or thick hair.

To brush out your hair, you may want a wide-toothed comb as well as a hairbrush. This will keep the individual strands together while spreading the curl out for more body. Also, several pins will help hold the hair in place before and after curling, removing the hair from entanglement and then allowing the curl to set.


As stated before, your hair is unique. These are tips from people who have experimented and tested products over time. You will likely have to do a lot of your own trial and error before finding the right routine. But above are some suggestions to get you started and help you on your way. Treat your hair before applying heat; use the hot and cold settings on the Dyson Airwrap; comb through your hair after curling, and add another coating of spray or cream to keep your curls secure.