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Can You Bring A Vape Into Hershey Park?

Can You Bring A Vape Into Hershey Park?

Hershey Park is a great place to go and have a great time. It has lots of fun activities and offers some of the greatest rides in all of Pennsylvania. Since the rules of the park may be unclear to some, you may be wondering whether you can bring a vape into Hershey Park.

Technically, yes, you can bring a vape into Hershey Park. However, the problem is that there are very few designated areas where you can smoke vape or any other kind of cigarette. This is because the park is extra sensitive to those with allergies.

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Where is Hershey Park?

Hershey, Pennsylvania, is home to the famous amusement park known as Hershey Park. The park may be reached in about three hours from New York City and in under two hours from Philadelphia and Baltimore. 

The park is open from April until December; therefore, it’s not operational all year. Hours of operation and ticket prices change with the seasons and types of visitors. 

Keep in mind that Hershey, Pennsylvania, has far more to offer than just Hershey Park.

Can You Bring a Vape Into Hershey Park?

The same restrictions that apply to traditional cigarettes also apply to electronic cigarettes such as vapes. Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. 

Smoking is allowed in any guest rooms, hallways, or public/meeting places. Guests who wish to smoke are restricted to a small number of designated smoking locations placed strategically across the resort.

Other Facts About Hershey Park

Following are some other interesting facts about Hershey Park.

For more information about Hershey Park, watch this video below:

Hersheypark Tour – Hershey Pennsylvania Amusement Park – Ride Tour and Review

1. Fun Activities

Hershey Park is a world-famous amusement park with plenty of exciting rides and activities to keep visitors of all ages entertained. 

There are rides suitable for the youngest children to the oldest adults. There are twenty-six rides specifically designed for children, and they are all fun and exciting. 

The thirteen roller coasters spread out throughout the vast area are sure to be a hit with the park’s target demographic of older children and adults. 

Hershey Park also offers a refreshing experience in the heat of summer with its fifteen unique water rides. In all of Pennsylvania, it is arguably the best amusement park there is.

2. Animals

While having a great time on the rides, you may want to take a break from the fast pace and relax for a while. 

Visit the wildly popular Zoo America and take some time to walk through it. Each park admission ticket also grants you access to the zoo, so you may spend some time there as well. 

Animals such as bears, bald eagles, wolves, and porcupines are all present. 

This exhibit does a great job of recreating the environments in which the many species of wild birds and animals could be found in the wild. They are sure to put a grin on your face.

3. Museum

The Museum Experience at Hershey Park is an excellent resource for learning about Hershey’s history. In the United States, Hershey’s is synonymous with chocolate candies, and the company has an extensive and colorful past. 

Visit the museum at Hershey Park to learn about the history of the Hershey Company. Puzzles, games, quizzes, and other interactive activities are available for both children and adults, turning the experience into a day of fun and pure delight while imparting fresh knowledge about the history of Hershey’s. 

You may learn about the history of the Hershey Company and view images of their products at each stage of production, from the development of their many different candies to their final packaging.

4. Former Picnic Area

Here’s a little-known truth about Hershey Park that you might enjoy learning. A picnic area existed there long before it was transformed into a large complex that now houses a zoo, a museum, and other attractions. It was the kind of park where folks could go to get away from it all and relax with a picnic or a game of ball or frisbee. 

Who would have thought it would become the exciting and amazing tourist destination that it is today? It all began as a recreational facility for the families of Milton Hershey’s workers.

5. Free Entry for Hershey Workers

As of right now, all Hershey Park employees get in for free. This also applies to their families. Hershey Park offers free entry to anyone who works for one of the many enterprises that make up the huge Hershey Entertainment & Resorts network. 

This is a fantastic perk when you give it some thought. Unlike some other firms, Hershey’s clearly values its employees and family members enough to provide them with opportunities to relax and enjoy themselves on the job.

6. Classic Rides

When you really look around at Hershey Park, you’ll see that the park’s thirteen roller coasters span a wide range of ages. The classic rides may be almost 70 years old, but be assured that your safety is not compromised in any way. 

They are subjected to rigorous inspections and servicing. They’re in immaculate condition. Both classic and modern roller coasters offer the maximum level of safety possible in an amusement park. 

In 1923, Hershey park constructed the very first roller coaster ever utilized by park guests. Hershey Park put up a new roller coaster, also named the Wild Cat, in its place to commemorate the first one, which had been constructed for the town’s 20th anniversary.

7. Milton Hershey Statue

Looking at the many photos of Hershey’s creator, Milton Hershey, is one thing, but there is one way you can really get a sense of what he was like. 

At Hershey Park’s entrance stands a statue of the park’s namesake that’s nearly as tall as the original founder. Guests are greeted with the Milton Hershey Statue upon their visit to the park. 

This statue of Milton Hershey stands at 5 feet, 7 inches, the same height as the man himself. They succeeded magnificently in capturing his image. 

Visitors to the park often make a point of visiting the statue so that they can pose for photographs next to a replica of the renowned historical personality.


It’s important to be aware of the rules and regulations of the park before you visit this magnificent place. Rest assured, despite its rules, you will have a great time. Hershey Park is a must-visit if you are ever nearby.