chicken treat

Give your flock this simple to make chicken treat ornament for the holidays.


Optional ingredients:  kelp, wheat, lentils, and sesame seeds.
Directions: Lay a greased cookie cutter on top of a double layer of foil.  Bring the foil up tightly around the cookie cutter. Cut a piece of twine (I used twine from my hay bales) then lay the twine into the cookie cutter.
chicken treat
Melt the coconut oil then stir in remaining ingredients. Pour into cookie cutter.  Finish wrapping the foil around all sides.  Freeze for 1 hr then remove foil and loosen from cookie cutter.  Hang in your coop.
chicken treat
If you live in a warm weather climate this chicken treat ornament won’t work for you.  It will melt in conditions over 75 degrees.

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