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How to Fix Roku Low Power Issue: Easy Guide

How to Fix Roku Low Power Issue: Easy Guide

Getting a Roku can make your life infinitely easier. You can stream TV shows and movies from all of your favorite platforms, and it’s all in one place. I love using my device to catch up with all of the new episodes of my favorite shows, but there’s one issue I keep seeing. Sometimes, when my Roku is connected to my TV, I still see the Low Power error. What does this mean, and why does it come up even if my Roku is connected?

The Roku Low Power error is an indication that there isn’t enough power available to keep the device running. This may seem confusing when it is connected to a TV, but the issue lies with the TV port. Sometimes, a TV will not have enough power available to keep your Roku going. In that case, you can use a power cord and connect the Roku device to a plug.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways that Roku can work with TV, what its power source is, and how to fix this issue, please keep reading! We will explore all of this and much more in his article so that you can get back to streaming in no time!

How To Fix Charging Issues On A Roku

You may not have noticed this because the Roku device connects to a TV directly, but each device comes with a special adapter. If you notice a Low Power error on your device, this may be because the TV cannot keep up with the power requirements of the device. At this point, there are two things you can do. 

Firstly, you can unplug the Roku from one USB port and place it into another. The second thing you can do is to unplug the Roku device and then plug it into the power supply outlet and charge it there and then. You should only ever use the adapter that Roku provides as it has the ability to meet the device’s power requirements. While you may find alternatives from third-party manufacturers online, this is not the best idea. 

That is because even though these power adapters are cheap, they will not be able to meet your Roku’s charging needs. As a result, the battery on the Roku can sustain severe damage. This change will only amplify your problem even further. So, if you lose your adapter, find a new one from the Roku website to keep your device safe. You can also look for the instruction manual to see details of the battery’s requirements. This will help you choose a higher-quality cord for charging. 

How Much Power Does A Roku Need?

After reading the first section of this article, you may wonder how much power Roku needs to operate. The good news is that these players rarely need a lot of power to be able to operate. In fact, that is one of the specialties of the Roku devices; they can deliver fantastic quality and content on very low power requirements.

Streaming with Roku Ultra and playing even 4K quality media will only consume around 4.5 watts of energy. This number is even lower for the Roku Streaming Stick. When the Roku is not in use, it consumes far less power. You can’t switch the device off, so this is a standard amount of power it is using. 

The reason you can see the Low Power error is, unfortunately, all down to your TV. The average TV can give a power output of between 2-7 watts from the USB ports. Depending on the brand and version of the TV, this can change. However, if you have an older TV or one with a damaged USB port, you may run into this error more often. 

If the TV itself can only produce, let’s say, 2.5 watts of power from the USB port, the Roku will not be able to function at this low power source. However, you can try switching the port or connecting to a wall plug to keep the Roku device working. At the end of the day, there is only a specific limit to what you can do without replacing the TV or your device. However, when purchasing a new Roku device, always make sure to check if it can work with your TV. 

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Signs Of Low Power On A Roku

There are a couple of ways that you can tell if your Roku isn’t getting the power supply it needs to work. First and foremost, you may notice the Low Power error. Alternatively, you may also see an Insuffieicent Power error. The way that you may see this is by the error message popping up on the screen to alert you to the issue itself. 

Sometimes, you may not see the error, but there might still be a power error. The way to look for this is to keep an eye on the indicators on your Roku device. The LED indicators will start flashing to a red color. This is a sign that your device needs more power to work. It is clearly different from how the device looks when it has power. In most of these cases, you will see a clear white light, or the LED may not show any light at all. Under normal conditions, this LED should be white or off altogether.

Functionality is another way to see if the Roku is getting the right amount of power. If there isn’t enough power, the device will keep crashing. For example, your show may stop halfway through, and the device might not respond. In this case, you can try connecting it to a power cable to get things back in order. 


Watching TV shows is made a lot easier when you use a Roku device for streaming. However, if you are repeatedly running into issues with power, you may need to contact Roku customer support or start looking for a replacement.