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How to Tell if Your Dyson Airwrap is Real (3 Signs) 

How to Tell if Your Dyson Airwrap is Real (3 Signs) 

Like many people out there, you may be looking to get a Dyson Airwrap machine. However, for many customers who aren’t very familiar with the product, things can get dangerous if they receive a counterfeit product. So to help you keep an eye out, we’ve put together a list of telltale signs that indicate that your Airwrap is legit. 

A real Dyson Airwrap is available for purchase directly from the site or officially affiliated retailers. It has a high-quality finish with buttons in the right places and delivers on the claims made by Dyson. A real Airwrap will also come with high-quality packaging and instructions, which are well-designed and in excellent condition. 

Counterfeit products have become so close to the original that it can be hard to tell if there is a genuine Dyson at the end of the purchase. However, there are subtle differences you can be diligent about if you have a trained eye. If you’re worried you’ve gotten a counterfeit machine, you may want to keep reading to learn more about identifying a fake Dyson Airwrap. 

Differentiating Between A Fake And Real Dyson Airwrap

As mentioned above, there are some essential variations between a genuine and a fake Dyson. And there are specific steps that you can take to help you avoid counterfeit products.

It Is Sold On Official Sites

One of the best ways to avoid scams and fake products is to purchase directly from the source. Like other global companies, Dyson only sells products through its online store or official retailers. If the official website can ship to you directly, that’s always a securer way to receive genuine products.

So how do you identify an official Dyson site? After all, there are fake sites available online, too, with information believable enough to dupe a customer who is not too familiar with Dyson. Here are some key things to look out for:

  1. The logos, images, and vectors used on the site don’t look clean, crisp, or aligned. 
  2. The language on the site has apparent typos or uses a ‘voice’ different from Dyson’s.
  3. The website provides limited information related to the owner and contact details.
  4. The site seems to offer exorbitant and unbelievable discounts and promotions. 

Retailers often have an affiliation with the company. If you are unsure of how well affiliated the retailer are, you can check the Dyson website, as they will have a list of credible retailers available. If a website is not on the list, it’s better not to take a risk and try any of the officially affiliated Dyson retailing sites. 

The Packaging Is Complete And Clean

Another indicator that you may have chosen a fake product is the packaging. If you closely inspect the material, you may find that the materials used are low quality or have other significant issues. For example, fake Airwraps may be sent over in damaged packaging, and you might see that the instructions are hard-to-read, wordy, or have a lot of typos. 

An example of genuine Dyson Airwrap packaging (via Britta O’Boyle, Pocket-lint)

The interesting thing about how fake products can replicate genuine Dyson Airwraps is that there may even be counterfeit serial numbers and warranty cards within your packaging. While these may seem real, as they copy the original warranty, they offer the buyer no absolute safety.

The Dyson Airwrap Is Built Well

One of the best ways to assess if you have the real deal for the Dyson Airwrap is to inspect the product itself. The body of the Dyson is the most significant indication that you may have a counterfeit machine on your hands. For one, the product may look different from the pictures you saw online. 

A counterfeit Dyson Airwrap may have low-quality finishing, misplaced buttons, a damaged body, and fewer settings to use when styling your hair. Additionally, its function will be drastically different. In some cases, the machine won’t switch on. Unlike genuine Dyson products facing issues switching on, you won’t have the warranty cover, and there is a smaller chance you can correct the problem.

What Are The Harms of Counterfeit Dyson Products?

While it may seem like a cheaper alternative, counterfeit products aren’t just misleading; they can also be dangerous. Remember, a hair curling product utilizes tools to regulate the temperature in close contact with hair. This act can become extremely dangerous if the inner system of the product is not genuine. Bad wiring is a huge cause of accidents relating to these tools.

You may be vulnerable to your hair being damaged or severe consequences from using counterfeit machines. Genuine Dyson Airwraps will be able to curl your hair without putting you at any risk. To cut down on costs associated with safeguarding mechanisms, these vendors will often cut them out altogether, leaving a product that has the potential to be extremely dangerous. 

What To Do If You Have A Counterfeit Dyson Airwrap

So, you’ve inspected your Dyson Airwrap and discovered it might be a fake. Unfortunately, there is also the matter that Dyson can no longer service your machine. Since they did not build it, they also cannot repair it for you. So what can you do? While duplicates can be hard to spot, it is essential to be vigilant and avoid suspicious websites.

While you may want a refund, the company cannot offer you a refund based on a counterfeit machine. However, one avenue available to customers is to report fake sites. You can help protect other people from fake sites and scam products this way. You can also reach out to the customer care team available at Dyson. They may assist you in pursuing other ways to get your refund from the fake seller. 


Once you have purchased a counterfeit Dyson Airwrap, you may not have any ways to get a refund or servicing. Therefore, it’s always good to carry out safe practices and purchase your tools from the official Dyson site. Being diligent in advance can help save you time and money in the future, so always keep an eye out for fake Dyson vendors!