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How to Use Closed Captions on VidAngel

How to Use Closed Captions on VidAngel

VidAngel is a streaming company that allows users to customize their experience by skipping content they do not enjoy. For example, VidAngel users can choose to skip nudity, profanity, or graphic violence. Access to closed captions can enhance the experience.

If you are a VidAngel user wondering how to use closed captions on the streaming platform, here are some tips to assist you.

How to Use Closed Captions on VidAngel

VidAngel offers a fully customizable viewing experience for Netflix, Prime, and many other platforms. This made it a difficult journey to implement a functional closed captions service that would also react to the user preferences set by each individual.

Despite the problems caused by the VidAngel filters interfering with the straightforward implementation of a closed caption service, this is now a feature that covers most of the platform. The closed captions filter out profanity and another undesirable language.

There are several options for using closed captions on VidAngel, including:

  • The VidAngel website
  • VidAngel mobile app
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV

Let’s take a look at how closed captions work on the VidAngel streaming service.

How to Use Closed Captions on the Website

When streaming video through the VidAngel website, it is easy to set up closed captions. Simply select your desired title and let the video player load. Once your video starts playing, you should click the grayed-out ‘CC’ button in the bottom right corner of the player.

After clicking the button, it will turn white, and there will be a line of text in the bottom left corner of the player stating that captions are now turned on. From then on, you will be able to see closed captions on your video.

If you want to stop using the service, you simply have to click the button again, at which point it will revert to gray.

How to Use Closed Captions on the Mobile App

The VidAngel mobile app makes it easy to keep watching your preferred streaming content while on the move or when away from a computer. The closed caption service is also available for the app.

To use closed captions on the VidAngel mobile app, start the video you want to watch, then tap on the screen. At that point, you will see various options. Tap on the ‘CC’ button in the bottom middle of the screen to turn on the tool.

Once clicked, the ‘CC’ icon will turn into a solid white square to indicate that it is now on.

How to Use Closed Captions on Android TV

If you wish to use the VidAngel closed caption option on an Android TV, you will have to turn on this accessibility setting for the entire device. To do so, you will have to go into your Android TV preferences.

You will first have to choose Settings, then Device Preferences, followed by Accessibility, then Captions. Once in the Captions menu, turn on the toggle for Display. This will ensure that the closed captions will automatically turn on when you start playing a new video.

If you wish to stop the closed caption on VidAngel on the Android TV, remember to toggle off the Display option in the Captions menu.

How to Use Closed Captions on Apple TV

For Apple TV users, there is also an option to turn on closed captions for VidAngel streaming. When watching a video on an Apple TV, click down on your device remote. This will open up the Audio and Subtitles menu.

Once the menu opens up, you will see several options under Subtitles. These usually include Off, Auto, and English. Select the English option, then continue watching your video. You may experience some issues with subtitles freezing. Troubleshooting for this is currently in the works, but a strong connection is recommended when using this on Apple TV.

Exceptions to Using Closed Captions with The Above Solutions

After finally releasing in 2021, the VidAngel closed caption service has been enjoying success. There are still some exceptions that make the service unavailable, but they are few:

  • There is no closed caption support for Apple TV+ movies and TV shows at the moment, but this might change soon.
  • Closed captions on VidAngel will not work when casting a video. This makes it incompatible with previous versions of the Chromecast and will not work on Fire TV when casting.
  • Titles that were purchased by VidAngel during the earlier stages of its model are not all supported at the moment due to the different techniques used.


Closed captioning service has arrived to VidAngel and can now be enjoyed on multiple devices. Using this service is straightforward and usually done straight on the video players or in the device settings.