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How to Use Your Ninja Foodi (The Right Way)

How to Use Your Ninja Foodi (The Right Way)

Your Ninja Foodi is an all-in-one cooking device. However, if you’re not sure how to use it, you won’t reap its many benefits.

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to use each of your Ninja Foodi’s functions––from grilling to baking. Of course, if you ever have any questions about operating your device, check out your user manual.

Clean Your Ninja Foodi Before Each Use

Ninja Foodis are manufactured in China, traveling thousands of miles before reaching your home. For your safety (and your meal’s taste), you should always clean your device before using it. This involves cleaning:

  • The basket, rack, silicone ring, and inner pot. These devices are dishwasher friendly, so you can clean them that way. You can also wash them by hand using soap and warm water.
  • The lid. Your lid is not dishwasher-safe. Putting it in the dishwasher could warp the lid, making it difficult to pressure cook meals. You’ll have to wash it by hand.
  • The anti-clog cap. You can rinse this under warm water before using it. Ideally, you should clean this part before using your Ninja Foodi, as it relieves pressure from inside the device.

Now, you’re ready to learn about using your Ninja Foodi––the right way.

How to Use the Ninja Foodi’s Pressure Cooking Feature

The following is a general overview of pressure cooking with your Ninja Foodi:

  1. Put the inside pot into your Ninja Foodi.
  2. Add your ingredients.
  3. Lock the lid into place by turning it clockwise.
  4. Turn the pressure valve to “SEAL.”
  5. Press the “PRESSURE” button.
  6. Wait two minutes.
  7. Press “START.”

Your Ninja Foodi will give you a two-minute warning before it exits the pressure cooking stage. When you’re ready to eat, turn the pressure valve to “VENT,” which will release a stream of hot air. After the steam has stopped, turn your lid counter-clockwise to open it.

How to Use the Ninja Foodi’s Steamer Function

Whether you’re looking to reheat leftovers or what some steamed broccoli, the Ninja Foodi’s got you covered. Just follow these steps:

  1. Place the food into the basket.
  2. Fill the inner pot with two cups of water.
  3. Make sure the pressure valve is on “VENT.”
  4. Press “STEAM.”
  5. Set your desired time.

Depending on what you’re making, you might want to pour less or more than two cups of water.

How to Use the Ninja Foodi’s Slow Cooker Function

When it comes to slow cooking meals, your Ninja Foodi has two functions: high and low. If you’re cooking with tough pieces of meat, use the low function. However, if you’re cooking with fatty cuts of meat (like pork or beef), you should use the low-and-slow method.

Using the slow cooker function ultimately depends on what you’re trying to make. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Consider what consistency you want when choosing between the “High” and “Low” function.
  2. You can set a timer for your desired temperature.
  3. Once the time runs out, your Ninja Foodi will remain warm for eight hours.

Using the slow cooker function, you can make stews, mashed potatoes, carnitas, and more.

How to Sear and Sauté Food in the Ninja Foodi

After heating up your Ninja Foodi, it’ll work just like a pan on a regular stovetop. Using a wooden spoon, you can sauté onions, make eggs––the sky’s the limit. Just be careful when making a meal; the edges of the pot can get very, very hot.

How to Use the Ninja Foodi’s Air Fryer Function

Many people get the Ninja Foodi because, to some extent, it’s a deluxe air fryer. Your Ninja Foodi actually comes with an “Air Crisp” button located on the front of the device. If you’re a Ninja Newcomer, you should know that air crisp and air fry mean literally the same thing.

For this method, you should use the basket. That way, air can circulate under the basket and cook the bottom of your food. You can set the time and temperature by pressing the buttons near the “Air Crisp” button.

How to Bake Using Your Ninja Foodi

You can bake brownies, cookies, and cornbread in your Ninja Foodi by:

  1. Adding the batter to the inner pot.
  2. Locking the lid into place.
  3. Setting the desired temperature and time.

While this seems pretty easy, here are some things users have shared online about this method:

  • Your Ninja Foodi gets hot fast. To prevent uneven baking, subtract 50 degrees from the original bake time. For instance, if you’re baking cornbread at 400 degrees for 25 minutes, try 350 degrees for the same time period.
  • Don’t check on your food too often. When you smell something good, it’s tempting to lift the lid and take a whiff. However, doing this too often will increase the cooking time, as this lets heat escape from the inner chamber.
  • Coat the bottom with butter or cooking spray. Even though your Ninja Foodi’s inner pot is non-stick, for the best possible results, coat the surface with butter or Pam.

A Final Word

And that’s it! Now that you have a rough understanding of how your Ninja Foodi works, you can start experimenting with your favorite recipes. To check out some recipes, visit  Ninja Kitchen for more information.