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15 Creative Sock Crafts

15 Creative Sock Crafts

15 Cute & Creative Sock Crafts

There are many fun and creative way to make DIY sock crafts.  We all have those socks that lose their match.  Where do all of those lost socks go anyhow?  I think the dryer eats them. lol  
We’ve collected some ways to make snowmen, bunnies, dragons, monkey, snakes and more out of those miss matched socks.  Sock crafts are great to do on those cold, snowy days.  Most are easy and don’t require sewing. 
So grab those old socks and let’s get started making the most adorable sock crafts you’ve ever seen. You can make an entire zoo that will give your child fun play days for years to come!
sock crafts


1. Sock Bunny (Easter Crafts for Kids) – A Pumpkin and a Princess
2. No Sew Dragon Sock Puppet (Free Pattern) – Kids Craft Room
3. Baby Socks Rose Bud Flower Bouquet – Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart
4. Sock Monkey (and Friend) DIY – A Beautiful Mess
5. How to Make Bubble Snakes – One Little Project
6. Make Faux Cacti Garden from Socks – DIY Candy
7. Sock Pumpkin Craft – Meaningful Mama
8. 10-Minute DIY Sock Puppets – Taking Care of Monkey Business
9. DIY Aromatherapy Sock Neck Pillow – It Happens in a Blink
10. DIY Aromatherapy Pillow – Jenn’s Blah Blah Blog
11. Easy Sock Puppet Dragon Kid’s Craft – Inspiration Made Simple
12. Make a Snowman Out of Your Child’s Sock! – I Heart Crafty Things
13. Tickle Sock Puppet – Powerful Mothering
14. Handmade Sock Monkey DIY – A Beautiful Mess
15. Halloween Sock Puppets – The Pinterested Parent
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