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Homemade Stevia Liquid Sweetener Recipe – No Alcohol

DIY Stevia Liquid Sweetener

Stevia is pretty amazing and an easy plant to grow.  The leaves are 150 times sweeter than sugar.  Such a handy plant to have around.  Stevia has no calories and few carbohydrates so it’s an attractive substitute to sugar. My favorite way to use this plant is this simple homemade stevia liquid sweetener recipe with no alcohol.
stevia liquid sweetener
Stevia is a perennial plant that grows about 20-30 inches tall.  We begin harvesting leaves in July thru early Fall.  This plant can be brought inside in the winter if you live in a cold weather winter climate.
stevia liquid sweetener

Make Liquid Sweetener

The easiest way to use the leaves is to make an extract.

Directions:  Crush the leaves and place in the glass jar.  Pour hot water over the leaves and let them steep for 2 hours.  (I use my keurig for the hot water.)
stevia liquid sweetener
Strain the leaves out and you are left with this sweet, green juice.  Cover and refrigerate.  Add to your favorite tea or to replace sugar in any recipe.  1 tsp stevia liquid sweetener = 1 cup of sugar.
stevia liquid sweetener
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Judy Miller

Friday 28th of February 2020

Do you have exact measurements of ingredients? Can you freeze this liquid for longer storage? Have you tried dehydrated leaves to make a liquid sweetener? Any suggestions. Thanks, Judy

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