Is your garden eaten up with bugs? Are you looking for some homemade garden insect control recipes?


You no longer need a green thumb to protect your garden from common pests… all you need are some essential oils, castile soap and water!
Mix up 32 oz water, 1 tsp castile soap and a few drops of the specified essential oil. Spray onto the leaves of your crops and watch the pests disappear!  I use 1 drop essential oil per fluid ounce of water. Spray the plants in the evening. 
You can repeat spraying the blend as needed and after heavy rains.
Homemade Garden Insect Control

Homemade Garden Insect Control


You’ll notice that peppermint is listed for most bugs so peppermint makes a great all purpose spray for the garden.   This is all I use most of the time.  If I want to kill the bugs I sprinkle some Diatomaceous Earth as needed. 

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