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The 12 Best Toilets For Not Clogging

The 12 Best Toilets For Not Clogging

If there’s one thing that people don’t want to see, it’s their toilet clogging up. For the average person, it’s an embarrassing incident waiting to happen. Should the clog get real bad, it can lead to a toilet overflow and serious damage to your home. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure here!

What are the best toilets for not clogging? Though you will need to determine which toilet model is perfect for you, there are some models and brands that are generally deemed to be great. These include:

  • The Saniflo SaniAccess Toilet
  • The American Standard Cadet FloWise
  • The Woodbridge T-0001 Toilet
  • The Drake Toto 
  • The Aquia Toto IV 1G Toilet
  • The American Standard Right Height Toilet
  • The Kohler Highline Classic
  • The Kohler Barrington
  • The Glacier Bay All-in-1-Piece
  • The Woodbridge T-0033 Toilet
  • The American Standard Homestead VorMax

Understanding the physics behind toilet engineering can help you make the most of your toilet shopping and reduce the chances of backups, overflows, and calls to your local plumber. Let’s take a look at the best no-clog toilets, shall we?

What Are The Best Toilets For Not Clogging?

Investing in a toilet that doesn’t clog is a smart decision for multiple reasons. Avoiding a nasty toilet backup isn’t just a work-saving matter; it’s a way to ensure that you don’t have to spend money on plumbing services.

That being said, there technically isn’t a single toilet on the market that is guaranteed not to clog. There also isn’t a test for toilets that determines whether or not it will clog less than others. However, reviews and an understanding of toilet mechanics can help you pick out a low to no-clog toilet.

The Best Toilets For Not Clogging Up

Now that we have a little bit of insight on how to pick a toilet, let’s take a look at the highest-rated clog-free toilets currently on the market. We’re willing to bet that any toilet you’ll see on this list will be worth it.

The Saniflo 2-Piece SaniAccess Single Flush Elongated Toilet

Saniflo has always been a company focused on getting good toilets on the market. Their 2-piece SaniAccess toilet is designed to have an extremely high pressure assist mechanism, plus a macerating pump.

This toilet costs a pretty penny at $1,199, but it is considered to be one of the most reliable models on the market. Basement toilet systems are demanding, but you can expect the SaniFlow to step up to the plate. It’s also worth noting that the SaniAccess is ADA-approved and designed for easy access.

The American Standard Cadet FloWise Toilet

If you’re looking for a water-saving toilet that still remains capable of fighting clogs, American Standard is a brand you absolutely should look into. They are known for specializing in designing low to no-clog toilets that last for decades.

Their Cadet FloWise Toilet is a moderately-priced toilet that is both comfortable and clog-proofed. You can thank the toilet’s pressure assist and large trapways for its excellent efficiency. At $276, it’s an affordable option that will leave you clog-free and keep your bathroom looking sharp.

The American Standard Champion Toilet

American Standard often relies on pressure-assist to make a toilet-less likely to clog, but they’re not “one-trick ponies” by any means. The space-saving Champion Toilet is a good example of their engineering prowess.

This highly efficient toilet saves water but using a gravity flush mechanism paired with a specialized accelerating flush value to push waste through its trapway with ease. It currently holds exceptionally high ratings in stores and in-home improvement groups alike.

The Woodbridge T-0001 Toilet

If you’re in the market for a stylish toilet that also keeps things clog-free, Woodbridge might be a better option for you. This sleekly-designed toilet uses a large, skirted trapway paired with siphon jets to create a water-efficient toilet that avoids clogs at every turn.

Home designers who want something seriously nice to accent their bathroom will love this bowl. The T-0001 looks a lot like the type of toilets you’d see in an upscale modern hotel. At around $309, the price tag remains surprisingly low for that “spa at home” experience.

The Drake Toto G-Max Toilet

Remember, when we mentioned that G-Max technology made a typical siphon toilet into a clog-avoiding work of art? Toto took notes and decided to create an entire line of toilets that are designed to avoid clogging using G-Max flush technology.

The Drake Toto G-Max Toilet gets rave reviews for its fast flush, gorgeous appearance, and its awesome use of water-efficient clog-proofing technology. At $515, a toilet from the Drake series will set you back a bit. However, it’s safe to call it an investment.

The Aquia Toto IV 1G Toilet

When it comes to upscale porcelain thrones, it’s hard to find a company that gets as techy as Toto. Their Aquia line is considered to be one of the most amenity-filled toilet series on the market today.

Along with ultra-high efficiency flushing, heated seats, automatic deodorizers, and similar “bougie” amenities, the Toto IV 1G toilet comes with almost every tech factor that can be found on the market to prevent clogging. At $2,300, it’s a rich man’s toilet that pays dividends in quality.

The American Standard Cadet Right Height Toilet

The Cadet series from American Standard is one of the most popular toilet series in the United States. It lives up to the brand’s name! The Right Heigh Toilet gained excellent marks from home improvement groups thanks to its quality pressure-assist system and gravity flush style.

The Cadet Right Height Toilet is not meant to be a fancy toilet. It’s meant to be a comfortable one that gets the job done. That, it does well…and only for the price of $286.

The Kohler Highline Classic

Kohler is one of the biggest names in toilet design, and rightfully so. They’ve gained great marks from publications like Consumer Reports as well as a reputation for being an affordable luxury. Their most popular model is the Kohler Highline Classic, a low clog toilet that is water-efficient and designed with comfort in mind.

The Highline Classic series uses pressure-assist technology to deliver a powerful flush, while they use a comfort seating design to ensure that you enjoy your time on the throne. Not too bad for $383.

The Kohler Barrington Rough-In Toilet

If you love the idea of getting even more power in your flushes, but don’t want to deal with a toilet that doesn’t look good, Kohler has another option for you to consider. The Kohler Barrington Rough-In is one of their most powerful flushers on the market.

Along with Kohler’s famous pressure-assist technology, the Barrington also has a larger rough-in, which makes it easier for waste to pass through plumbing. Pair that with a comfortable seat, and you’ll soon see why it’s a popular model for homes.

The Glacier Bay All-in-1-Piece Toilet

Glacier Bay is a brand you won’t often see but deserves more respect than it’s currently given. Consumer Reports gave the brand’s toilets excellent reviews when it came to design and its clog-avoiding features.

Their All-in-1 toilet offers exceptional water conservation, a fast installation time, and a dual-flush system with pressure assist. For bargain hunters who don’t mind a smaller trapway diameter, this is a pretty awesome, modern pick.

The Woodbridge T-0033 Toilet

If you loved the look of the T-0001 but wanted a slightly different take on toilet design, Woodbridge won’t let you down. This elegant toilet design works well with a wide range of different looks, and also comes with a water-efficient build worth every penny.

You might be wondering what makes this a go-to option for a “never clog” toilet. You can thank the high-powered siphon jets, the dual-flush system, as well as its large-diameter trapway for that. Not bad for $348, is it?

The American Standard Homestead VorMax

American Standard leads the pack when it comes to the sheer number of top-rated toilets with a low-clog design. The Homestead VorMax is the company’s cream of the crop when it comes to being able to flush your waste without worries of a clog in mind.

The VorMax’s powerful flushing style currently holds the highest rating for “large load” flushing, making it one of the strongest flushes in the industry. The VorMax also has a unique rim-free design that keeps your toilet bowl cleaner for longer. It’s only $269. If you ask us, that’s a bargain.

What Makes A Toilet Clog Less?

Aside from making sure things that shouldn’t be flushed don’t get flushed, there are a number of different factors that can contribute to a toilet’s decreased chances at clogging. All of them are design elements.

When you’re looking for a low-clog toilet, keep an eye out for these design tweaks:

  • Washdown Jets. There are two different types of jet systems that suck waste down the tubes: siphon jets, and washdown jets. Siphon jets “suck” away the waste, while washdown jets push the waste down. Washdown jets have fewer issues with clogging, making them a better pick.
  • High Flow Toilets. Though it might not be the most environmentally efficient thing in the world, more water makes it easier to carry away waste without the chances of requiring a second or third flush. This is why high-flow toilets are less likely to clog.
  • Large Diameter Trapways. Though these initially started appearing in dual-flush toilets, single-flush toilets are starting to incorporate large trapways too. After all, you can’t get a clog if the waste is always smaller than the trapway.
  • G-Max Siphon Jets. If you have to go for a low-flow toilet design, G-Max Siphon Jets are your best bet. These siphon jets use high bursts of energy to help siphon waste out as soon as possible, thereby decreasing the risk of a clog.
  • Pressure Assist. Pressure assist toilets are excellent choices for people who’ve had issues with clogs. The extra pressure pushes waste through and helps keep piping clean.
  • Macerating Pump. If you are going to have a basement toilet, a macerating pump can help reduce the chances of clogs and overflows due to plumbing issues.

What Does It Mean If A Toilet Is Advertised As “No Clog?”

Every toilet manufacturer wants to give people the impression that their toilets won’t clog, but let’s be honest—clogs happen. That’s a fact of life. However, if a toilet is being marketed primarily as a low clog or no clog toilet, there’s a message there.

This suggests that the toilet in question was primarily designed to prevent clogging from happening, rather than to limit water use or something similar. If you see a toilet being advertised as “no-clog,” take it with a grain of salt but keep it in mind as a subtle nod to your needs.

Can A Water-Efficient Toilet Be Considered Low-Clog?

In the past, toilets that were deemed “environmentally friendly” used to have a poor reputation when it came to preventing clogging. Those days are over and have been over for well over 10 years.

Technology has improved vastly in toilet design, which means that the chances of dealing with a clog is far lower than it once was. Nowadays, how much water a toilet uses has little to do with a toilet’s ability to avoid clogging up.

How Much Should You Expect To Pay For A Low Clog Toilet?

This varies greatly from brand to brand and design to design. It is possible to find low clog toilets for under $250 if you know where to look and what to ask for. However, most toilets will be within the $300 to $550 range.

There are some ultra-luxury toilets that are designed to avoid clogs as well. Depending on the maker and the additional amenities they offer, these bowls can easily cost over $1,000 or more. It all depends on what amenities you want to get alongside the flush tech.

Does The Brand Of Your Toilet Matter?

It’s common to hear of people who are staunchly supportive of buying name brand toilets, and they have a point. Branded toilets have a certain level of quality you can expect to see, and also come with workmanship guarantees in most cases.

However, you can’t base your entire decision on branding alone. There are plenty of toilets made by top brands that aren’t that good at keeping clogs at bay, but there are more which are great at it. To make sure you get the right toilet for your next renovation, read up on reviews to get a better idea of what to expect.

Why Are No-Clog Toilets So Important?

Having a toilet that’s resistant to clogging doesn’t just ensure fewer trips to the plumber. They are also more likely to be quiet flushes, easier to clean, and more water-efficient than their cloggy counterparts. This is because anti-clog tech is a premium add-on to standard toilets.

That being said, having a toilet that has clog resistance built into it isn’t just about keeping things easy to maintain. If you have guests that tend to clog things up a bit, this toilet can act as a way to prevent awkward moments and also help you avoid cleaning up nasty messes.

Do They Make No-Clog Toilets For Kids?

Yes, they do. However, these are generally not good options for home toilet use. Your child will grow up faster than you’d expect them to. Knowing that it’s better to get a toilet they can use comfortably during their adult and teenage years.

Schools and daycares often have no-clog toilets specially designed for kids, specifically because the people in the facilities will always be a young age.

How To Pick The Best “Never Clog” Toilet For Your Home

It’s clear that you have a lot of options available to you if you’re in the market for a brand new toilet. There are dozens of no-clog toilets on the market, each with its unique set of amenities and perks. They’re all great toilets, but finding the best ones for your home is going to be a bit different.

Not every top-rated toilet will be a good pick for you. When you’re checking out each toilet, remember to keep an eye out for these important things:

  • Interior Design
  • Installation
  • Flush Technology
  • MAP Rating
  • Water Conservation
  • Cleaning Requirements
  • Amenities

To get a better idea of how to buy the best toilet out there, this guide will lead you through each group of factors.

Interior Design

Close your eyes for a moment, and think of your own dream bathroom. It’s beautiful, it’s striking, and it’s comfortable, too. Open your eyes, and think back to what your ideal bathroom looked like. Now, take a look at the dimensions and budget you currently have available to you.

Your job here is to get a toilet that works with the aesthetic you enjoy without eating up precious space. So, take these factors into consideration.

  • Size. A round bowl is going to be smaller than an elongated bowl, which can help free up space in smaller bathrooms.
  • Color. Though white is the classic toilet color, it’s possible to find toilets in other shades as well. If you’re a fan of adding a splash of color, it’s worth looking into.
  • Design. Some toilets hide their piping, others don’t. Some toilets are skirted, others have a complete shield. If you want a modern look, it’s best to go for a fully hidden piping design with a matching sleek exterior.
  • Height. If you are looking for a toilet that’s easier to manage, look for an ADA-compliant toilet with a minimum height of 18 inches.


If you thought that installing a toilet was a one-size-fits-all deal, think again. Some toilets, such as the ones that have electric systems in them, require professional installation. Other toilets are designed to be “tool-free” installs that a casual DIY enthusiast can do on their own.

When choosing a toilet, check the installation difficulty and requirements. This can help prevent serious budgeting problems when it comes to your installation process.

Flush Technology

While we went into this topic a bit in the beginning, we should be a little blunter about what to look for. Here’s the basic gist:

  • High quality siphoning systems and washdown systems are great ways to enhance a standard toilet. These two are fairly reliable tweaks that improve flushing power immensely. That said, they are best combined with other important flow features.
  • The bigger the trapway, the less likely you’ll clog. Large trapways can handle more stool in a single flush.
  • Most toilets will have few to no clogs if they have pressure assist built into their systems. This is why so many toilets has pressure assist as their main featured amenity.
  • If you are looking to install a toilet in your basement or on the first floor, a macerating pump is a smart choice. This helps make it easier for waste to flow through your plumbing without worry of a backup.

MAP Rating

This is a term most people outside of the plumbing world aren’t familiar with but should be. A MAP rating is a term used to quantifiably measure how much stool a toilet can flush in one go. If you’re concerned about a heavy load causing a clog, a high MAP rating is a must.

Each toilet has a MAP rating that can be found by going on this site. We strongly suggest going for a toilet with a MAP rating no less than 650 if you want a clog-free toilet.

Water Conservation

Water conservation might not be your biggest priority while you’re looking for a clog-free toilet, but it’s still something worth considering. A low-flow toilet can save you serious money on water and also improves the overall health of the environment.

Any toilet that has a flush under 1.6 gallons is considered to be a water-saving toilet. If you want to conserve a ton, go for a dual-flush system.

Cleaning Requirements

No one likes having to clean a toilet too frequently, which is why we’re all thrilled to hear that toilets are now getting made with clean technology. Some of the better tech to seek out includes:

  • Coated Ceramic. Most toilets come with an easy to clean, stain-resistant ceramic coating. Some premium toilets also come with silver ion coating or similar upgrades to make cleaning less mandatory on a day-to-day basis.
  • Rimless Design. You know how mold and mildew tend to congregate around a toilet bowl? Certain toilet bowls now have a rimless design that prevents mold from getting stuck in the rim.
  • Power Streams. Power streams go under many names, but the idea is always the same. It’s a set of water streams designed to help wash away waste so that you don’t have to scrub your bowl too hard.
  • Everclean. Everclean surfacing allows you to use your toilet for longer, without the need to clean.


Toilets aren’t just the simple “sit and flush” setup anymore. Many high-end toilets also come with amenities. Along with more standard options like a soft close or a quiet flush, these can include:

  • Heated Seats. Tired of a cold toilet seat? Heated seats will warm-up, giving you an easier time in the bathroom.
  • Automatic Flush. Electric versions may come with sensors that detect when a person has left the toilet area.
  • LED Lighting. Ever have a hard time finding the porcelain throne in the middle of the night? A toilet with lighting can help.
  • Bowl Premisting. If you’re worried about having waste cling to the sides of your toilet bowl, having a luxury premisting function will be a great way to decrease your cleaning burden in a pinch.
  • Air Deodorizer. Some ultra-luxury models come with an automated air deodorizer, making your concern about a less-than-awesome smell a thing of the past.
  • Remote Control Use. This is a bit excessive for most buyers, but it’s still an option that’s seeing action. Many toilets from Toto now come with a remote control for easier operation.
  • Built-In Bidet. If you want to make sure your behind is squeaky clean and want to reduce the amount of toilet paper used, try getting a toilet with a built-in bidet. Your bottom will thank you for it.

The Verdict

It’s hard to nail down a single toilet that works for everyone, but as long as you have a model that has some decent flush technology, you should be fine. Toilets are being made better than ever before these days, and most of them come with at least a little anti-clog tech to back them.

You have tons of options to consider when you’re shopping for a toilet, and not just over the toilet’s design, either. The amount of amenities you can choose, the color, the size, and even cleaning amenities can all make a massive differnce in how much you enjoy your new porcelain piece.

At the end of the day, we cannot tell you which particular toilet suits your needs best. We don’t know your budget, style, or what amenities you would want to get. However, if you take your time shopping, we have faith that you’re going to do just fine.

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