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The 6 Best Wet Dog Foods for English Bulldogs

The 6 Best Wet Dog Foods for English Bulldogs

English bulldogs are an ancient breed designed initially for bull and bear baiting centuries ago in England. Despite the English bulldog’s formerly aggressive purpose, nowadays, people feel these dogs are sweet, gentle, and timid. So, English bulldogs no longer resemble their counterparts of the past, and in today’s society, many people see this type of dog as the perfect family pet. However, if you are going to own the ideal family pet, you’ll also need to know how to feed it.

So, what are the five best wet dog foods for English bulldogs? The best wet dog foods for an English bulldog include:

  • Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food
  • Instinct by Nature’s Variety LID Turkey
  • Nutro Ultra Grain-Free Paté Wet Dog Food
  • Cesar Wet Dog Food
  • Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground Dog Food
  • Royal Canin Wet Dog Food

If you’re considering purchasing an English bulldog, or you’ve noticed that your English bulldog might be experiencing health issues related to its food, then keep reading. Since there isn’t a lot of information on the Internet today covering what wet food is the best for English bulldogs, we created this article to help you.

We also created a post covering the best dry dog foods, which you can check out here. Below we will discuss the background of the English bulldog, proper diet, nutrition, and health considerations for your English bulldog, as well as the five best wet foods for an English bulldog.

Top Six Best Wet Dog Food Choices for English Bulldogs

#1 Blue Buffalo Homestyle Recipe Natural Adult Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo’s Homestyle Recipe comes in a bevy of different flavors. Most dogs love the taste of this food, so if your English bulldog happens to be a picky eater, this might be the right food for you. There are plenty of natural ingredients in this recipe, and you won’t wind up with anything artificial in the mix. We also like the fruits and vegetables that are in this food because your pooch will get plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Blue Buffalo also uses real meat in its wet dog food, so you’ll get some of the best protein around for your pup. That will help your English bulldog keep a healthy muscle mass. Plus, you can use this wet dog food as a treat, mix with your dry dog food, or feed your dog one standard meal of this food.

Also, Blue Buffalo only uses natural ingredients in its food. So, you won’t find any of the following in this recipe:

  • Chicken
  • By-products
  • Wheat
  • Corn or
  • Soy

That means it will be straightforward on your English bulldog’s tummy.

#2 Instinct by Nature’s Variety LID Turkey 

Much like Blue Buffalo’s recipe, you can use Instinct by Nature’s wet dog food to mix into your dry dog food. Nowadays, many vets recommend using both wet and dry dog food and mixing it daily so that your dog gets the best of both worlds. English bulldogs originally were bred to eat only raw meat (there was no kibble around when these pups were first produced in 16th century England). As a result, most English bulldogs love eating raw meat.

You can use Nature’s Variety to mix this wet food into their dry kibble, or whatever other dog food you want to use for your pooch. You can also feed your pup this mixture by itself. Inside the recipe, you’ll find ingredients that fit an English bulldog’s original diet, like:

  • Lamb
  • Duck
  • Turkey, and
  • Rabbit.

If you purchase this wet dog food, you’ll notice it only features one meat protein and one vegetable. That’s because early English bulldogs were served their plates in this fashion.

Nature’s Variety is very healthy because it doesn’t contain anything artificial inside of it. Plus, the recipe is packed with tons of minerals and vitamins. We love the fact that this wet dog food even includes folic acid. With so many healthy benefits packed into this dog food, you’ll be happy with the results.

#3 Nutro Ultra Grain-Free Paté Wet Dog Food

Nutro’s wet superfood pate is delicious to English bulldogs. Along with that, it’s a healthy option that will be easy on your pup’s digestive system. Nutro Ultra’s wet dog food comes with nothing artificial in it, and it’s also grain-free and GMO-free. Plus, it’s served as a pate, so dogs won’t find it challenging to eat. If you have an English bulldog that is a picky eater, this wet dog food might be an excellent choice for you.

Nutro’s wet dog food is made with real meat as well as real vegetables, so you’ll wind up getting plenty of vitamins and minerals for your dog with this food. You’ll also get three different types of proteins in the superfood, which include salmon, lamb, and chicken. This wet superfood can be used as a special treat for your dog, to mix with your dog’s kibble, or on its own for a great-tasting meal. You won’t find any corn, soy, wheat, or chicken by-product in this recipe, making it very healthy for your English bulldog.

If your English bulldog suffers from a lot of food allergies and digestive issues, then this wet dog food would be an excellent option for you. Plus, this food will also entice even the pickiest of eaters so that you can keep your pooch healthy.

#4 Cesar Wet Dog Food

Another excellent wet dog food for your English bulldog is Cesar’s wet dog food. Cesar is designed to help keep your pooch hydrated. You can purchase this wet dog food as a pate, and that means this food is straightforward for dogs to eat and digest. Also, when you buy Cesar’s wet dog food, you won’t need to use can openers to open the packages.

If you have a dog that’s a finicky eater and turns down its food, then using Cesar’s wet dog food to add a variety of flavors could be an excellent idea for your pooch. Most dogs can’t resist this wet dog food, and by feeding it to your pooch, you can ensure that your dog will get everything it needs every day. Cesar provides plenty of vitamins and minerals in their recipe.

If you purchase Cesar’s 24-pack, then it comes with a lot of variety in the flavors. So, with a finicky dog, you’ll be able to cover all of your bases and also figure out the flavors your pooch enjoys. Cesar also makes their dog food with real meat and includes healthy, safe ingredients in its cuisine. Most dogs can’t turn down the tastiness of Cesar, so we are sure your pooch will love this food.

#5: Dr. Harvey’s Veg-to-Bowl Fine Ground Dog Food

Dr. Harvey’s wet fine ground dog food is another excellent option for your English bulldog. This wet dog food comes packed with vitamins and minerals and is made to be grain-free. The ingredients in this mix are granulated, so that makes it particularly easy for your English bulldog to digest. If your dog is a picky eater or it experiences a lot of gas or food allergies, this food could be particularly helpful.

Plus, this recipe is also great for helping dogs achieve weight loss after they’ve packed on too many pounds. This food is low calorie but packed with nutrition. Because it’s made to be so healthy, you won’t need to worry about your pooch experiencing many of its typical digestive issues. Dr. Harvey’s wet food is also designed to help reduce problematic food and skin allergies in English bulldogs.

You’ll find a lot of calcium packed into this recipe. Since this is a holistic formula, you won’t find anything artificial in this dog food. So if maintaining a healthy weight and proper nutrition is a major factor for your English bulldog, you should consider Dr. Harvey’s food.

#6 Royal Canin Wet Dog Food

Royal Canin’s wet dog food is designed specifically for particular dog breeds. So, if you were wondering, Royan Canin does make wet dog food that’s specifically designed for your English Bulldog. That should be especially comforting if you own an English bulldog that suffers from several food allergies and flatulence. And even if your bulldog doesn’t, you’ll guarantee a healthier dog with Royal Canin’s wet dog food because this food is straightforward on your bulldog’s sensitive digestive tract.

Royal Canin packs plenty of fibers into their food, and that helps alleviate the many gas and digestive issues that many English bulldogs experience. Besides being easy on your bulldog’s tummy, this wet dog food also does a fantastic job of making your dog’s joints durable while bolstering its coat and skin. So, if you are worried about hip dysplasia in your English bulldog, this food can help alleviate that issue.

Another thing we love about this food is user reviews. Many people that own bulldogs have praised Royal Canin’s wet dog food for helping their pups with their digestive, joint, and other health issues. If you are looking for a wet dog food that can do it all for your bulldog, then Royal Canin would be an excellent choice.

A Background on the English Bulldog Breed

English bulldogs grow to weigh about forty to fifty pounds, making them a medium-sized dog breed. These dogs are beloved for their muscular and unusual appearances. Many people find these dogs so unique and wrinkled because of their adorably comical appearance. While English bulldogs aren’t small dogs, they still love having a lap on which to sit. So, plan on lots of cuddle sessions while you are sitting down and watching television if you plan to purchase an English bulldog.

However, English bulldogs, as a breed, are known to be prone to food allergies and gas. This dog breed is so well known for its flatulence that many English bulldog owners chronically joke about the issue. However, flatulence and food allergies in an English bulldog is no laughing matter. English bulldogs are prone to having sensitive digestive tracts, so your dog’s gas could be a sign of something much worse. That’s one of the reasons why feeding your English bulldog quality food is so essential.

Another health issue that’s common among English bulldogs is hip dysplasia. Nearly 74% of English bulldogs experience hip dysplasia as they age. Again, this is another area where healthy feeding is essential for your English bulldog. If you are feeding your English bulldog the right types of food, then it should be able to keep its weight down, which helps prevent hip dysplasia. Since English bulldogs are genetically prone to becoming overweight, you’ll need to keep an eye on your pooch’s size.

Below we’ve listed a few other issues that you’ll need to know about your English bulldog:

  • English bulldogs are not very active dogs, and they are prone to obesity. So, you’ll need to arrange exercise sessions and walks for your dog if you want to keep it healthy.
  • English bulldogs are not fast growers. They develop much more slowly compared to other dog breeds. So, you’ll need to be wary of that fact when you are both feeding and playing with your dog so you can keep it healthy.
  • English bulldogs have short noses. Those short noses make it tough for your pooch to play in a hot or humid climate. However, even with this fact affecting your dog, you’ll still need to exercise regularly.
  • English bulldogs won’t become physically mature until they hit two and a half years. That’s a long time compared to most other dog breeds, which mature at around eighteen months.

English Bulldogs and Nutrition

Now that you know a little bit more about your English bulldog’s potential health issues, we want to discuss your bulldog’s body and some information about nutrition. We already mentioned that your typical English bulldog grows to be about 40 or 50 pounds. Although these dogs are large and stocky, they aren’t and should not be fat. English bulldogs are muscular, dense little dogs, and their unique appearance is one of the most beautiful things about them.

Your bulldog needs to eat about thirty to forty calories per day for each pound of weight it has. So, a forty-pound English bulldog would need to eat about 1200 calories each day. However, you’ll still need to pay careful attention to your dog’s weight as you feed it daily. Some English Bulldogs are more active than others and tend to stay leaner so they can eat more food. However, most English bulldogs cannot be overfed because they are already genetically predisposed to weight gain.

Your English bulldog’s body frame is the reason why your dog is genetically predisposed to gain weight. The larger, massive and muscular body that we find so attractive on English bulldogs is also the reason why they are prone to gaining weight, even if it’s unintentional on both you and your dog’s part. However, since you now know that your English bulldog is prone to weight gain, it would be better to feed your pooch leaner foods. You should opt for a wet dog food that has protein and fiber, and less fat.

Carbohydrates in wet dog food will be another thing to think about when you are purchasing your food for your pooch. While your English bulldog does need some carbs, an overabundance of them means a lot of extra sugar in your dog’s diet. Just like sugar causes weight gain in people, it also causes weight gain in dogs. That’s because unused carbs are turned into glucose, which will then be stored for later energy use. If you don’t have an active dog, you’ll need to watch your pooch’s carbs.

Because English bulldogs can experience health problems due to poor food choices, you’ll need to keep an eye on your dog’s skin, fur, stomach, and health as you feed it a new type of wet dog food. Luckily, the better the wet dog food you buy your dog, the healthier your dog is likely to be. However, even good wet dog food choices can upset some dog’s tummies, so observation will be crucial when you swap your wet dog food brand.

Picking Quality Wet Food for your English Bulldog

When you are selecting quality wet food for your English bulldog, you’ll have a few factors to consider. We’ll cover those factors below.

  • First, what type of food do you want to buy your dog? We are focusing on wet dog food in this article, but you could also consider buying dry dog food for your English bulldog. Wet and dry dog foods have different advantages and consequences.
  • Second, consider the size of your wet dog food package. If you want to compare prices and purchase high-quality wet dog food while saving some money, you might want to consider buying things in bulk. Knowing the size of the wet dog food packaging should help you do that.
  • Third, you’ll need to think about the age of your pooch. Your dog’s body and food requirements evolve as it grows up and then grows old. You’ll need to make sure you purchase wet dog food that matches your dog’s stage of life for optimal health.
  • Fourth, look at the types of protein that are found in wet dog food. The standard proteins you’ll typically find in wet dog food are chicken and beef. (Keep in mind that chicken can irritate dogs that are prone to food allergies, like English bulldogs). However, there are many other protein sources out there that will be easier for your pup to digest.
  • Fifth, check the wet dog food’s label to ensure that the wet dog food you are purchasing is made in the USA. That’s because dog food that’s made in America is very well-regulated, and the standards for wet dog food are much higher.
  • Sixth, you can also consider dehydrated dog food. These types of wet food choices allow dogs to have raw food that tastes fresh and also lasts longer.

Your English Bulldog’s Age

When figuring out what type of wet dog food you want to purchase for your English bulldog, you’ll need to make sure the diet works for your dog’s age and level of activity. If your pooch is still young and growing, then chances are it needs a lot more fat and protein. Puppies are growing, so they require a completely different diet than adult English bulldogs.

Healthy, young English bulldogs still tend to be far less physically active than most other dog breeds. Even as puppies, English bulldogs can be a bit sedentary. Depending on how busy your English bulldog is, you may need to purchase an “active lifestyle” type of wet dog food if your pooch tends to be more active. However, for the most part, you probably won’t be feeding your English bulldog an active lifestyle wet dog food unless it’s far more productive than the usual bulldog (and yes, some are).

As your dog ages, it will need fewer calories in its food. That’s because the older English bulldogs get, the higher the potential for them experiencing weight gain. All dogs get less physically active as they get older, and that fact is especially actual of English bulldogs. As your English bulldog gets older, it will need nutrient-dense wet foods that have a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Many vets recommend feeding English bulldogs the right amount of

  • Protein
  • Antioxidants and vitamins
  • Long-chain fatty acids.

The combination of these three items in your English bulldog’s wet food creates the potential for your English bulldog to live longer. No matter what wet food you wind up feeding your English bulldog, you’ll need to be strict with your feeding regimen and ensure that your dog doesn’t overeat.

Unfortunately, English bulldogs don’t live incredibly long lives. However, if you feed your English bulldog a proper, healthy diet and you pay close attention to its digestive system, you can ensure an active, healthy lifestyle.

Proper Diet and Nutrition

Avoid wet dog food that uses simple starches, like corn, because that isn’t the healthiest thing for your pooch. Starches are considered fillers, and fillers and additives in wet dog food aren’t suitable for dogs, Instead, make sure you purchase wet dog food that has protein for your English bulldog’s muscular frame.

We already mentioned earlier that English bulldogs are very prone to food allergies. When it comes to purchasing wet dog food, this can present a problem. Some English bulldogs form allergies to particular meats, and that can make finding the right wet dog food for your pooch even more difficult. While chicken is the most common culprit, English bulldogs can also be allergic to salmon. Typically, most English bulldogs can digest lean red meat food products the best.

English Bulldog Nutritional Requirements

Because of your pooch’s muscular build, it will need a lot more protein than other dog breeds. Below we list the nutritional requirements for your English bulldog’s wet dog food.

#1 Carbs

Since carbs that aren’t burnt immediately and are turned into glucose and then stored, they can quickly become fat. So, your English bulldog should only need about 28% of carbs in its daily diet. Overfeeding any dog carbs can lead to diseases that your dog could have otherwise avoided, so make sure you limit that carb intake.

#2 Protein

Your English bulldog will need about 23% of protein daily to get its necessary energy out of its wet food diet. Since English bulldogs are massive dogs that have many muscles, they need to ingest more protein than most other dog breeds. Avoid going over that 23% since too much protein can lead to weight gain.

#3 Fiber

To ensure that your English bulldog has a healthy digestive system and healthy stool, you need to give your pup about 15% of fiber daily. English bulldogs do need a lot of nutrients daily and so they also require plenty of fibre. Since English bulldogs also eat more protein than other dogs and high protein diets make your pup’s stool hard, giving it plenty of fiber can help ease some of those potential digestive problems.

Plus, fiber will also help to ensure that your dog feels fuller.That means your pooch will eat less.

#4 Minerals and Vitamins

English bulldogs need a 16% intake of minerals and vitamins each day to stay healthy. They require more vitamins and minerals than other dog breeds because they are genetically predisposed to weight gain and other diseases. By giving your English bulldog the combination of vitamins and minerals that it needs daily, you’ll wind up with a healthier dog.

#5 Fats

Although we told you to avoid fats, some fat is necessary for your English bulldog’s diet. Your pooch does need some energy, but don’t give your dog more than 18% of fat intake daily. That amount is relatively standard for most large dog breeds. If you are going to purchase fatty wet dog food for your English bulldog, then you’ll need to consider balancing out that diet with more exercise. Keep in mind that older dogs should get about 12-15% of fat daily.

Learn More

If you want to learn more about English Bulldogs or other types of Bulldogs, then consider checking out this Bulldog Handbook on Amazon.