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The 6 Best Pellets for Smokers and Grills

The 6 Best Pellets for Smokers and Grills

Flavor is king in the world of grilling, and much of that is down to the smoke quality. With a great variety of combo smokers and grills on the market, enthusiasts should take into consideration the importance of the pellets used for them.

If you are interested in achieving the best flavor when grilling, you should be aware of which pellets are the best for your smokers and grills. Read on to find out more about what they can bring to the table.

The Best Pellets for Smokers and Grills

Wood pellets are used for grilling and are a popular alternative to firewood logs and coal. They are compressed into an ideal shape for burning that has high-energy performance, yield, and duration. Pellets are the perfect fuel for combo smokers and grills like this offering from Z Grills.

The most important aspect of using wood pellets for smoking and grilling is to take into account their flavor. Some pellets offer a blend of flavors, while others opt for a singular one. The most popular choices tend to be hickory (perfect for pork), maple (amazing for chicken and vegetables), and mesquite (ideal for beef).

Despite the wide variety of options available, you will be able to pair your choice of wood pellets with anything you make on the smoker grill. If you need some ideas, let’s take a look at the best pellets money can buy.

Traeger Grills Mesquite

Traeger Grills is the essential pellet grill brand, with its All-Natural Hardwood Mesquite option constantly featuring at the very top of all lists on the subject. Mesquite wood pellets provide a wonderfully subtle flavor.

While mesquite is at its best when paired with beef, particularly brisket, these wood pellets work perfectly with seafood and poultry too. Traeger is a specialist in wood pellets, and it shows here too. These pellets have an amazing clean burn and excellent smoke to burn ratio.

To ensure the pellets provide only the best quality, they contain no additives. One of the best products you’ll find, made by experts in the field

Lumber Jack Variety Pellet Pack

For the undecided or those who don’t wish to be limited in their choice when smoking or grilling, variety packs are the best options. Lumber Jack is another established company in the field, and they offer a 7 Varieties BBQ Pack that will delight amateurs and professionals.

This variety pack includes all the basics you need to explore how wood pellets can enhance the flavors of your smoking and grilling. The pack includes cherry, pecan, hickory, pecan, mesquite, maple, and a blend of maple, hickory, and cherry.

The maple-hickory-cherry blend is created specifically for competition smoking. All the other varieties are 100% natural and have no additives or mixes. This is a great starter pack, with 1-pound bags that are ideal for sampling.

Pit Boss Maple Blend

The premium-grade 100% hardwood Maple Blend from Pit Boss is sourced locally, only from North American woodland. Maple wood pellets are considered an essential choice. With notes akin to cherrywood, maple is ideal for chicken and vegetables.

This top-quality choice does not include any additives or toxins. It provides a clean burn with very little ash. The Pit Boss Maple Blend will be a great flavor enhancer to accompany your smoker and grill.

Louisiana Grills Tennessee Whiskey Barrell

Louisiana Grills is a company known for the flavors it produces, and its Tennessee Whiskey Barrel 100% hardwood blend is a great example of its success. A premium blend, these wood pellets use 20% whiskey barrel and 80% oak.

With real ground-down whiskey barrels in the mix, these wood pellets provide a beautiful aromatic profile with sweet and smoky notes. Ideal for all types of red meats, this is a great choice to sample when seeking a more intricate flavor profile.

Traeger Grills Signature Blend

This is the most essential blend for smokers and grills. Traeger Grills’ expertise in the crafting of wood pellets becomes extremely apparent in this highly versatile Signature Blend. Made from 100% natural hardwood, these wood pellets feature a selection of maple, hickory, and cherry.

This stellar combination allows you to tackle everything and more in your smoker and grill. It is especially great for vegetables, poultry, beef, pork, lamb, seafood, and even baked goods. The signature Traeger hardwood pellets cell structure ensures the ideal moisture level that provides an amazing burn to smoke ratio. It also has a smooth, clean burn.

Presented in a highly-practical 20-pound bag, the Traeger Grills Signature Blend will be an excellent companion for all your grilling and smoking needs, no matter what you are serving. While it has a rich flavor, this blend won’t overpower the natural taste of what you prepare.


Those passionate about smoking and grilling know that there are numerous types of wood pellets on the market. These are the most popular choices made by well-established names in the grilling field.

These companies know how to provide the best flavors and features, and they create products with the consumer in mind. From mesquite to signature blends and variety packs, there is much to discover.