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This is Why Your AirPod Has A Blue Light On It

This is Why Your AirPod Has A Blue Light On It

One of the things that all AirPods users will know is that the devices flash different colors to signal various messages. It is essential to understand what the different colors mean because they can alert you to issues happening with your AirPods. For example, some colors signal that they are ready to pair, or that it is fully charged, and so on. So what does it mean when your AirPods flash a blue color?

If you are seeing a blue light on your AirPods case, you may have accidentally purchased a dupe product. The unfortunate truth is that the original AirPods, created by Apple, do not flash a blue color. A genuine AirPod can only emit the following colors of light – White, Green, and Amber.

So, where do you go from here? How can you know if the product truly isn’t genuine? You might even be wondering how you can get your money back if you were duped into thinking this is a real product. Let’s get into those questions in the rest of this article. 

Why Are My AirPods Flashing Blue?

Many sellers on the Internet will pretend to sell you AirPods at their original price from Apple but will actually be sending you a cheap knock-off product. The fact of the matter is that a genuine AirPods product from Apple will never flash a blue color of any sort. 

Example of a knock-off Apple AirPods product with blue light (Via TECH SYNERGIST)

The fact that you are seeing a blue light on your device is an indicator that it is not the real AirPods but an imitation. The unfortunate thing is that these knock-off AirPods will never give you the same quality and may never even work in the first place. Even if they do work, they are surely going to disappoint and deliver a subpar product. 

It is also essential to know what colors a genuine AirPods product displays and what they mean. 

What Colors Do Genuine AirPods Display?

Here are the only colors and types of lights you will see on a genuine AirPods product. Each of these has a different meaning, indicated through the color and style of light. These colors are:

  1. White, flashing: this indicates that your AirPods are ready to pair. You will typically see this display of light after pressing down on your case’s ‘Pairing’ option. 
  2. Amber, flashing: the flashing amber light indicates an error or issue. When you see this in the amber color, it can mean that you haven’t been able to pair with the device correctly, and it is time to try again. 
  3. Amber, in the case or power source: If you see an amber light with no flashing when the AirPods are in their case, this means that they are currently charging with the case. If you connected them to a power source, this indicates they are currently charging. However, Amber implies that the charging has not completed yet. 
  • Amber, out of the case: The AirPods are not fully charged and need to be placed within the case. It is a reminder that they will need to be charged soon, so don’t drain the battery completely!
  • Green: The AirPods and the case have completed charging and are entirely powered up. 

As you can see, there is no option here that is even close to the blue color you are seeing. This observation must mean that the AirPods you have are not a genuine product. 

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Where Do I See The Light On Genuine AirPods?

To make sure you have the correct Apple AirPods, you also need to make sure the light is flashing in the right place. For the standard Apple AirPods, the light is in the case, between the space where you can place or charge the two earbuds. You can check it out at any time by opening the AirPods case. 

The AirPods Pro comes with a wireless case that you can use to charge the buds. For the Pro version of the AirPods, you will not need to look inside the case. The light is on the front of the case, under the lid. It responds to the same things as the standard AirPods, just more conveniently located, so you know where to look. 

What Can I Do After Purchasing A Fake Product?

Because it was likely you did not purchase this product directly from the Apple Store; there is not much the company can do to help. A refund or an exchange cannot happen as you did not make an original purchase on the site.

The only way to get genuine products is to accept that these are fake and purchase authentic products instead. However, you can report the website or seller who scammed you into buying cheap, knock-off AirPods.

The Difference Between Fake And Genuine AirPods

If you are struggling with whether your AirPods are real or not, you can do a couple of things to authenticate your product.

  1. Match the serial number in the case with records posted by Apple.
  2. Make sure that the body of the AirPods is aligned and made of quality materials and a sturdy design. 
  3. Compare the case’s color and other design details to pictures of the genuine product on Apple’s website. 

As a general rule of thumb, the best way to avoid knock-offs is to purchase only directly from the Apple website. While Apple has merchant stores on websites like Amazon, you should always confirm that that is their official store without making any big purchases. You can also keep an eye out for unbelievably low prices – always check the official costs to make sure they line up.


In this day and age, creating knock-offs of popular products is incredibly easy. Unfortunately, a blue light means your Apple AirPods are simply not a genuine product, and you need to make another purchase, albeit at the official Apple stores. This dangerous precedent can put a lot of people at risk of losing their money on fake products that can never deliver in the same way.