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What is the Weight Limit for MamaRoo?

What is the Weight Limit for MamaRoo?

A MamaRoo is a device for your newborn that simulates various movements, such as a mother rocking the child in her arms, a gentle wave of the ocean, or a vibrating car ride. There are several movement options and several speeds for each movement as well as sounds, multiplying the possibilities. But while it’s an innovative device, it’s limited to only babies and children under a certain weight limit.

The maximum weight limit for the MamaRoo is 25 pounds. The minimum weight limit is roughly 5 pounds. The seat is designed for infants before they can sit up on their own. The average age limit is around six months old. If the child can sit up unassisted or crawl out of the seat, these are the signs the child has grown out of the MamaRoo.

Why is this the case, you may wonder? Is the MamaRoo dangerous for your child if they are over the weight limit? If you are concerned about your child’s safety child or the product’s resilience, read on to learn more about the device and why the weight limit exists.

Why is There a Weight Limit for MamaRoo?

There are multiple reasons why there is a weight limit for the MamaRoo, but it’s primarily for child safety and the long-lasting durability of the product.

MamaRoo works through a mechanism that moves freely. If the weight becomes too heavy, it will struggle to perform. Additionally, the child should be within the weight limitations to ensure they are within the range of development that is optimal for the Mamaroo swing. If the child is twisting and squirming, this can also cause damage to the swing.

Also, if the child is old enough to roll over enough to attempt to crawl out of the swing, excess weight can cause strain on the device as it tries to keep a rhythmic movement according to the setting you have in place.

Does the Weight Limit Apply Even if the MamaRoo Isn’t Plugged In?

It is perfectly fine to use the MamaRoo without plugging it in. You will not get the movements or the sounds that make the product unique and special, but it can work just fine as a baby seat if your child is happy with that. However, the weight limit of 25 pounds and the caution against the child being able to crawl out still apply.

How Do I Know if My Child is Too Heavy for the MamaRoo?

The average weight of a newborn is about 7 pounds in the United States. The average child reaches 25 pounds somewhere around 20 months to two years. However, the average age that a baby can sit up unassisted is around 6-11 months old. So, just use wisdom and discretion when deciding whether or not your child has outgrown the MamaRoo.

All MamaRoo Product Weight Limits

There are two models of the MamaRoo swing. These are referred to as Classic and Plush. The Plush version has more soft, deep bedding and a different control panel. Additionally, there is a MamaRoo Sleep bassinet.

All three of these MamaRoo products have the same weight limit of 25 pounds. However, the bassinet is appropriate until the baby can push up on their hands and knees, whereas the swing is more concerned with whether or not the baby can sit up unassisted.


The MamaRoo weight limit is 25 pounds. On average, the child’s age limit is 6 months because it is at this time that they begin to sit up on their own and make attempts at rolling over.

To keep the product and your child well taken care of, it is suggested that once one of these things is achieved, you no longer use the MamaRoo.