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Why My Predator Generator Won’t Start? 4 Reasons

Why My Predator Generator Won’t Start? 4 Reasons

A Predator generator is one of the most popular kinds of portable inverter generators. The reason why this generator has made such a name for itself in the market is that it offers quality efficiency and fantastic fuel consumption. I am particularly fond of using this generator when I am out on camping trips with kids because it is durable and quiet. However, I have sometimes run into issues with switching the generator on. 

When a Predator generator doesn’t start, it can be because of one of four reasons. These include: 

  1. There is too little oil to start running as expected.
  2. There’s not enough gas, or the gas has not been changed in a while. 
  3. The fuel valves are clogged and cannot disperse fuel to the motor. 
  4. The batteries are out of charge or have become dead. 

If you have run into an issue trying to switch on your Predator generator, this is the right article for you. It is essential for you to understand why the generator isn’t switching on, so you can try and resolve the problem at hand. That’s why, in this article, we have gone through all of the possible checklist items you should go through to identify the issue. Keep reading to learn more about switching on your Predator generator!

Why Isn’t My Predator Generator Switching On?

It can be worrying when you take your Predator generator out for a spin, and when you turn it on, the machine doesn’t respond. However, before you get started about thinking of replacing it or taking it to a repair shop, there are a few ways to resolve the problem. 

If you try and troubleshoot, you can get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it beforehand. This way, you can save a lot of money and time. Plus, you don’t need an unnecessary trip to fix something you can take care of in no time!

Oil Levels Are Low

One of the first places to check for an issue is the oil level. If you don’t have enough oil, your Predator generator will not be able to start. Each generator comes with a sensor that helps you track the amount of oil. If this is too low, the engine is unable to start working. The sensors disable this in an effort to minimize possible damage. 

Sometimes, the low oil level can be a false reading by the oil sensor. This happens when the generator is not level and is instead in a tilt. You just need to place the generator on a level surface to resolve this. Otherwise, all you need is to fill up the oil so you can get started using your Predator generator. 

Make sure that you use the correct oil that Predator recommends for use with the generator. You should also add enough oil that the level is suitable for use. 

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You Are Out Of Gas

Photo: Harbor Freight

One of the other reasons why your Predator generator isn’t able to start is a lack of gas in the tank. You can check if there is enough gas by shaking the generator. Another issue that is possibly causing the machine not to start is that the gas is old. 

Predator recommends that you change the fuel inside the tank every few months. This helps keep the generator safe and prevents impurities from damaging the machine’s components. 

If this is causing problems, you have a simple solution available. It helps to use fuel that is high-quality and recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure that the gas is filled up to the level needed. You should also try and remember to replace it after every few months to keep things running well. 

Fuel Valves Are Clogged

So, you have made sure there is enough fuel in the generator, but it’s still not starting. You might be wondering, is there a serious problem I can’t fix? However, what you haven’t considered are the fuel valves. Fuel calves are part of the inner fuel system in your generator.

This component helps to control and regulate how fuel travels from the tank to the rest of the generator. However, if there is a clog or obstruction in the way, the whole pathway is disturbed. The engine cannot use any of the fuel, and so the generator cannot start.

So, how can you fix this issue? You need to follow these steps:

  1. Open up the vacuum relief valve. This is on the side of your Predator generator.
  2. Take out the outlet hose from the side of the fuel valve.
  3. Check and see if fuel is moving inside the hose.
  4. If you see a clog, clean it out and plug it back inside.
  5. If the system is working fine, move on to the next possible option. 

Your Batteries Are Dead

The last, but certainly not the least important possibility is that your batteries are not working. A predator generator switches on in one of two ways. Either through the on/off switch, which runs because of the battery, or manually. If your batteries die, then that means the switch won’t work. Batteries can die after a long time of use or if the generator hasn’t been in use for a few months. 

In this case, you can switch the generator on by using the manual method. This involves a starter cord that you can pull on. Most generators switch on using a similar mechanism. This will enable the generator to start running. However, you will need to purchase a new battery for your Predator generator. 


There are a number of ways that your generator can struggle to switch on. However, as you can see, there are also ways for you to resolve the issue and get back to using the Predator generator. 

In some cases, though, the generator may not be able to switch back on. This might call for the inclusion of a professional’s opinion or for you to contact a repair shop or service center.