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Healthy Habits to Increase Energy | Essential Homestead

Would you like to know my simple healthy habits to increase energy?

I am always concerned when I meet someone who is going through the motions without energy, vibrancy, passion, excitement, and health. They haven’t developed the healthy habits they need to thrive.
healthy habits
From my experience, people that fall into this place typically are suffering from their overall vitality which spills over into other areas of their lives.
Most of us know that eating a wholesome diet, exercising regularly, and practicing stress relief techniques will improve your health, but often the thought of committing to this degree seems unfathomable.
This is why I always tell people who are stuck OR those who want more energy about my simple healthy habits that increased my energy and reduced body discomfort.
A few of those habits are:

  1. A wholefoods vitamin.  People usually say, “yeah, I take a vitamin but I don’t see a difference.”  If that’s the case, you need to research the type of vitamin you are taking.  The hard pill vitamins don’t do us any good.  You are throwing your money down the drain so to speak. lol   Look for a natural vitamin that breaks open and is full of vegetables and other food items your body easily recognizes.
  2. Increase water intake and add a drop of lemon essential oil or squeeze lemon into your water daily to reduce toxins.
  3. Reduce stress with essential oils such as peace or serenity essential oil blend.

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