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Easy Scented DIY Glitter Slime

Are you looking for an easy scented DIY Glitter Slime recipe?

Who remembers playing with slime as a child? I do! I do! It’s gooey, it’s colorful, and it’s kind of addicting! The best part about this Scented DIY Glitter Slime tutorial is that it’s scented.   Think orange, lavender, peppermint, lemon, spearmint, grapefruit and more.
If you consider yourself an oily parent, chances are you also have oily kids. I am always looking for ways to get more essential oils on my kiddos. They love using essential oils in everything just like their mama.
Adding essential oils to slime is an easy way for them to get the emotional benefits of an oil during playtime. Plus, playing with slime can be soothing and great for focus. Even adults will enjoy the sensory benefits of gooey slime between their fingers.
Checkout this recipe from the Sister Scenes.  These girls demonstrate their easy Scented DIY Glitter Slime recipe with optional glitter and custom scent.  This stuff is super cool and easy for children to create.  Bonus:  it doesn’t stick to the walls or floor.
A few tips:

  • Keep the slime off of fleece and carpet.
  • White Elmer’s glue is best
  • Use this recipe to make sensory slime:  For orange slime use orange essential oil, lemon slime use lemon essential oil, blue slime use peppermint essential oil, purple slime use lavender essential oils, you get the picture.  So fun!

Scented DIY Glitter Slime
1/4 c Glitter glue
1/4 c Water
1/2 c Liquid starch
1/4 c Elmer’s glue
5 drop Essential Oil (optional)
Directions: In a bowl or cup, mix the glue and water.  Add liquid starch and stir, stir, stir.  Add essential oils and boom! You have scented glitter slime!
Scented DIY Glitter Slime
We stored it in an air-tight tupperware and have played with it several times since making it. It was a fun-filled activity!

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