Would you like to learn how to make dry shampoo?

Dry shampoo is very helpful in a pinch.  Basically, dry shampoo soaks up the excess oils, giving longer life to hairstyles or stretching the time between shampooing.  It can be used on all members of the family.  Rather than buy dry shampoo, why not make dry shampoo at home.  The ingredients are based on your hair color.  For lighter colored hair, use arrowroot powder.  For darker hair, use cocoa or cinnamon powder.  Rosemary oil is great for all hair types, relieves itching and stimulates hair growth.
make dry shampoo

Rosemary Dry Shampoo Recipe


Directions:  Blend ingredients together.  Place in an old spice bottle.  Sprinkle mixture onto scalp and roots, then work with fingertips.  Allow the product to sit for a few minutes before styling.  Comb or blow dry to help it blend well.

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    This is an awesome idea. I will definitely be using this recipe in the future. Thanks for posting it!