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Who Was? Mad Libs | Essential Homestead

Who was? Mad Libs

I’ve teamed up with fellow homeschool mom bloggers to provide some ideas, activities and education on famous people throughout the ages.  Our choices are based off of the Who Was?® What Was?® Where Is?® series of books.
These books appeal to a wide range of ages, making them perfect for homeschoolers.  We’ve used them many times to supplement a topic we are learning. Such as Who was Queen Victoria?  Or Who was King Tut.  We memorize songs about different historical figures thru Classical Conversations so I love using these books to expand on that learning.
mad libs
We chose to write about Who Was? Mad Libs.  I remember loving Mad Libs as a child and wanted to share that experience with my kids.  We bought two Mad Libs books from Amazon and gave it a whirl. They loved it. Even the youngest child, that cannot read, enjoyed the funny stories.
So who was Mad Libs?  Mad Libs was invented in 1953 by Leonard Stern and Roger Price.  However, it was 5 year before they decided on the name and published the first Mad Libs.  While eating at a restaurant, they overheard actors discussing “ad-libbing” for an interview and thought it would be “mad”.  More than 110 million copies of Mad Libs have been sold since the game series was first published in 1958.
How to play:  
Mad Libs books contain short stories on each page with many key words replaced with blanks. Beneath each blank is “noun”, “verb”, “adjective”, “adverb”, “place”, “part of the body”, etc. One player asks the other players, in turn, to contribute a word of the specified type for each blank, but without revealing the context for that word. Finally, the completed story is read aloud. The result is usually comic, surreal and somewhat nonsensical.
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mad libs
My family made up our own Mad Lib about farm animals.  Download it for free below and give it a try.  I think you’ll find it quite entertaining!  🙂
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