DIY Mermaid Jar

This cute craft will be a favorite for your little mermaid fan.  This DIY mermaid jar is super easy and just messy enough for every little girl to love.  You can’t go wrong with paint and glitter.

Mason jar with lid
Acrylic paint in pool blue, laguna, and palm leaf
Cotton balls
3 cups
A craft stick
*optional* star shaped confetti
Fill  cups with water.
Add several drops of acrylic paint to a cup of water and stir, repeat with remaining colors and cups.
Begin filling the mason jar with cotton balls. As you do this, gently pull the cotton balls apart to fluff them up.
Fill the jar 1/3 full of cotton, sprinkle on blue glitter.
blue paint
I added some cute silver star confetti to this step.
Carefully pour the pool blue paint water on the cotton balls.
blue cotton
Add another 1/3 increment of fluffed cotton balls to the jar.
Sprinkle on silver glitter.
Pour the green paint water onto the cotton balls.
green paint
Fill the jar to the top with fluffed up cotton balls.
Add green glitter to the cotton balls.
Pour the laguna blue paint water onto the cotton balls.
Add a sprinkling of silver glitter.
top with blue
Secure the lid tightly and display.
mermaid jar

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If you are interested, make sure to check out the DIY section on Amazon. There are many books and guides that will help you make life easier and helps you to spend less money.


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