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Recycled Dryer Sheet DIY | Essential Homestead

recycled dryer sheet
Have you ever tried to make your own recycled dryer sheet?  Do you know why we recommend trying it?  Here’s why: studies on dryer sheets have shown potential health problems. Some people love the scent, but unfortunately, dryer sheets can contain harmful chemicals that adhere to clothes, vent into the air, and rub off on your skin.
Many dryer sheets contain fragrance and other chemicals that can trigger asthma and disrupt hormones. In one study, researchers tested five name brand dryer sheets. The findings showed that the dryer sheets emitted 15 endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs) and chemicals associated with asthma. Evidence from studies suggests that EDCs can affect developing reproductive and nervous systems, metabolism, and cancer.
In the study, the researchers selected dryer sheets as one of 50 consumer product categories to test. Surprisingly, these researchers discovered that dryer sheets, along with air fresheners, sunscreens, and perfumes had the largest number of chemicals with some of the highest concentrations out of all the products tested. Why are dryer sheets so unhealthy? Added fragrances are mostly to blame. Most manufacturers add fragrance to dryer sheets. These fragrances release a large number of chemicals.
There are several natural alternatives and cheaper too. We like using dryer balls and essential oils or this simple recycled dryer sheet using an old towel or t-shirt.
1 6×6 piece of cotton (an old towel or t-shirt)
2 drops of orange, lavender or lemon essential oil
Drop essential oil on cloth and place in a dryer of wet clothes.  Dry as normal.  When cloth has lost it’s scent, simply reapply.

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