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The Best Gaming Chair for a Short Person (Our Top 10 Picks)

The Best Gaming Chair for a Short Person (Our Top 10 Picks)

An intense gaming session could easily put you on the edge of your seat, but when you find your feet are still dangling in the air from this position, it immediately ruins some of the fun. One of the essential and often star components of a gamer’s setup is the vibrant and sleekly designed gamer chairs. Sadly, if you’re a gamer who measures more on the shorter side, these chairs might not be very comfortable, especially not enough to constitute their cost, which is why we’re here!

In this article, we’re going to list our top 10 gaming chairs for shorter gamers so they can enjoy this highly praised and desirable piece of gaming equipment without sacrificing comfort or functionality. Here, you’ll find chairs of all shapes, sizes, designs, and prices, ensuring there’s something for everyone. 

AKRacing California Gaming Chair

The AKRAcing California Gaming Chair is by far the most renowned and highly praised gaming chair for shorter gamers. Not only does it have the stunning design and look of a gaming chair, but you can order it in an XS (perfect for users below 5’6″), so its build is more suitable for petite or short gamers. It is made of high-quality materials, such as reinforced steel and PR leather for durability, and a cold-cured foam paired with ergonomic design enhances comfort. 

GTRacing Gaming Chair

Another fan favorite is the GTRacing Gaming Chair. This chair also shares the classic gaming chair design and comes in red, green, black, or gray for personalization. The dimensions of this chair are best for users between 5’4″ and 6’1″, so it has quite a range for who it can accommodate. This is largely due to the chair’s extensive adjustability option in the armrests, chair back, and height. 

Hbada Gaming Chair

Shorter gamers should also give the Hbada Gaming Chair a glance or two if they want a gaming chair with exceptional features as well as comfortability. Similar to the GTRacing Gaming Chair, you can alter the armrests, height, and chair back settings on the HBada Gaming Chair to suit your height and comfort needs. It also comes with a headrest and lumbar support cushions and can be purchased with a footrest for ultimate lounging while gaming.  

Homall Classic Gaming Chair

It was hard to just pick one or two Homall gaming chairs since this brand makes some of the most exceptionally designed gaming chairs on the market, particularly for shorter games. That being said, if we could only pick one, it would be the Homall Classic Gaming Chair. Gamers can choose one of 9 colors for this chair and enjoy its rocking and reclining functions while keeping their feet solidly on the ground without losing support in their back and neck. 

AutoFull Racing Series

Shorter gamers who enjoy a gaming chair with a sleek and slim design will fall head-over-heels for the AutoFull Racing Series Gaming Chair. While this chair is one of the pricier options on our list, it’s for a good reason. Few gaming chairs can rival the high-quality and ergonomic materials used for these chairs and their multi-function capabilities. The seat might be limited to 3-inch adjustment, but the chair is already so low to the ground that it is perfect for short gamers who probably won’t need much height adjustment.

Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair

Omega has quite the reputation in the world of gaming chairs as arguably the top brand. If you’re a short gamer with a nearly limitless budget, you’ll want to give the Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair a try. These luxury gaming chairs are built with the perfect dimensions for a range of gamers, including those a little shorter than most. If you want to invest in the best of the best, this is it.

DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

Another quality choice we’d like you to be aware of is the DXRAcer Formula Series Gaming Chair. While this chair does come with some setbacks, such as 1D armrests versus 2Dand a fairly limited reclining range of 135 degrees, it is still designed optimally for shorter gamers in terms of seat width and chair height. 

Homall Gaming Recliner

We told you we couldn’t just stick to one Homall chair, but if we were going to list two, we wanted to make sure they each offered something different. While many players enjoy the classic cushioned office chair design for their gaming chairs, some gamers want something a little more stable, like the Homall Gaming Recliner

This ingenious chair is cleverly designed to look like a typical recliner but has exceptional additional features like a vibration mode, a built-in waist massager, and 90–180-degree reclining capabilities.

RESPAWN RSP Racing Recliner

Another gaming chair with an uncommon design choice is the RESPAWN RSP 900 Racing Recliner. One glance at this chair might have you questioning if it’s really for gaming, but we assure you it can hold its own against other options on our list. The overall chair height is 44.8″, making it so accessible to shorter gamers that taller gamers might struggle to use it. It’s also made of bonded leather and can recline up to 135 degrees with 360-degree swivel capabilities. If that isn’t enough to convince you, it also has storage pouches and cup holders. 

X Rocker Gaming Chair

The final gaming chair on our list is our top pick for young gamers rather than shorter adults. The X Rocker gaming chair is designed like a rocking chair on the ground rather than boasting the classic office chair design. 

This is best suited for kids since their short legs won’t be playing on the ground while they sit; they can simply rock back and forth comfortably while they play. The chair also comes with a complete media pack (ex. speakers, subwoofers, audio force modulation) and vibration motors built right into the chair for maximum immersion.