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What if you fall in Love with a Cousin?

What if you fall in Love with a Cousin?

You believe that feelings between you and that other person (your Cousin) are mutual and you firmly believe that it is love? Unfortunately, what you feel is not love, but passion. Do you really think that what you feel to your Cousin can survive and whether the people who are closes to you will accept it? I’ll give you an answer to this question.

What if you Fall in Love With a Cousin? It is not even an extremely rare case to fall in love with your close relatives as you are very young because it is quite a normal occurrence. But you need to re-examine the love you feel quite normal to your cousin, brother or sister confused with falling in love. In puberty strong emotions are quite normal thing.

If you want to analyze whether it is love, then there is one important test you need to go through and re-examine yourself, which is: Love is generous, does not envy, is not rude, does not seek its own, does not remember evil, and rejoices in the truth; Everything covers, everyone believes, everything is hoping, everything suffers. Love never stops. It is evident that love is not just feeling and emotion. Love encompasses all segments of our being, including our mind. If you’ve fallen in love with your cousin, then you will want to help him to happily experience his life. Then you will think about the consequences of the relationship you have started, because there is also the question about future generations that can be overwhelmed by your guilt and choice.

Love always thinks about the good of the other. Therefore, if you use common sense in your decision, you will realize that there is already someone else in your life that will make you happy. Feelings are also the part of this, so I wrote a separate article about this topic: “Is it normal to have feelings for your cousin” that you can read HERE .

Forbidden Love

Falling in love and love are great – when they do not bring you too much trouble. One of the possible problems is to fall in love with the wrong person. Differences in culture may be a little bit more difficult to accept for family and close relatives, but there is nothing wrong with such love. It is quite another story when you fall in love with your close relatives or even your brother or sister – and that love is also happening.

It is not even an extremely rare case to fall in love with a close relative, brother or sister, especially not when you are very young. We do not think of those cases when you grow far away from your relatives, so you do not really feel that you are relatives; we are thinking of falling in love with the person you are otherwise close to, for whom you are quite aware that you are a close relative. How does this come from?

We are thinking of falling in love with the person you are otherwise close to, for whom you are quite aware that he is a close relative of you.

Very strong emotions are quite normal in puberty. A very strong feeling of love is quite a normal occurrence – usually such a strong love falls for puberty for the first time. Then it may happen that the love you feel quite normal to your cousin, your brother or your sister is confused with the affection. But that’s not all.

How to React When you fall in love with Cousin?

With your close relative you feel safe. That’s the person you know, which you believe, and you’re sure that he would not intentionally hurt you. In a very “fuzzy” way, you can share it as a very safe variant to fall in love with such a person – he will surely not just play you and then throw you away, right? An stranger could do just that.

If you happen to fall in love with your close relative, do not “die of shame.” Behind such love lies a blend of misinterpretation of feelings and fear of believing to strangers. Relax a little. And even someone with whom you have not grown up can provide you with security, a haven and a very nice relationship. Look around and you will soon find someone you like and with whom the relationship is legally and biologically acceptable.

In love with a Relative

It is not at all impossible to fall in love with a person you definitely should not fall in love with, and even less to be in relationship with her. One of the particularly unpleasant situations is if you fall in love with someone you are in close proximity. Some might have wondered if it is possible to fall in love with a close relative when we were all taught that love affairs with close relatives are simply bad and that this should not be the case (later we also know some of the reasons for it, such as is to marry someone with whom you are close to being unlawful so that your children could be deformed and that your environment would most likely rejected you as a kind of freak).

You can fall in love with your relatives, even with the closest ones, especially if you have not grown up together, with whom you have a little contact with each other and you simply do not feel like your relatives. Such love is also possible between, say, step brother and step sister – imagine that at the age of 15 you find that you have a step sister or step bother before you even know they exist, it’s hard for you to look at them immediately as a brother or sister and so love them assuming you like it). Should you feel guilty? No, because you do not choose who you will fall in love with. Love does not go by “this is the right person to fall in love” principle, the heart chooses who it wants. There is nothing wrong with that and its not your decision.


However, you must be aware. One article can’t change or tell you how to behave, but it would be good to be aware of how much the relationship with such a person would be problematic, how much negative reactions and condemnations would have come across, and if that connection persisted, you would not be able to to get married, and it would be extremely risky for you to have children, no matter how much you love the other person. It might be useful for you to consider what you liked so much about that person, so you can later look for some similar features at another person and with whom you are not related – then you’d have a lot more chance to have a happy relationship. If you are interested in similar topic where I explained “Is it normal to have feelings for your cousin”, you can read HERE.

Related Questions:

Can Cousins have a Relationship? Legally it’s not wrong. But you have to think about how much it is actually moral or “immoral” in today’s environment. Also, one very important thing is that your children may have genetic problems.

Is it Bad to Marry a Cousin? Yes, in a lot of countries this is considered a wrong thing by law as well as in the moral way. The consequences can be most felt by your children of the next generation, so I think this is a very good reason why you should not enter into a relationship or marriage with a cousin.

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